Hermitude - Stupid World Lyrics

I don't come from a pretty place
And I get mad when I don't get my way
She can't stand it when I drink
'Cause I say whatever is in my brain

And I have burnt some bridges
But may the bridges I burnt light the way
I have burnt some bridges
But may the bridges I burnt...

Light the way
Light the way
Light the way
Light the way

I can't help it, my IPA
Makes it easier to get through the day
I don't think that my GPA
Says anything 'bout the way I think

And I have burnt some bridges
But may the bridges I burnt light the way
I have burnt some bridges
But may the bridges I burnt light the way

I have burnt some bridges
But may the bridges I burnt...
Light the way
Light the way

Yes I just stay in this stupid world
Yes I just stay in this stupid world
Yes I just stay in this stupid world
Yes I just stay in this stupid world, oh

Light the way

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Hermitude Stupid World Comments
  1. Darrin Ray

    Marcus Braggs is the dancer in this video if anyone is wondering 👍

  2. Some Weirdo

    This song gives me strength. Love it!

  3. Ryan

    the song is amazing this video is garbage

  4. sprints12

    I am obsessed with everything about this. The vocals, the production, the lyrics, the dancing, the cinematography, the fucking SOUL, wow wow wow thank you for this masterpiece. This has instantly become one of the most important pieces of my life ❤️❤️❤️🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Elvis Ros

    Trap Nation Radio

  6. Henry Velasco

    How is it that they show how technology has consumed our souls yet we need technology to see this video 🤯

  7. Marek Kera

    Hermitude stupid world,very very good

  8. casper1989

    this is the reason why the music industry is stupid, this shit is too beautiful and deserves so much more

  9. Cassandra

    t h e b e s t

  10. Marek Kera

    Supid would very very good

  11. Lace Connor

    Hey love the song do you have an instrumental version I could listen to?!

  12. Real One


  13. Hermitude

    IG https://bit.ly/2Hmwosi

  14. George Chilufya

    Been a while since a song touched my soul , perfectly done 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  15. Jin Oh

    Lil Wayne whe u at

  16. Marek Kera

    Hermitude,stupid woeld on hea lugu.

  17. Anthony Rametta

    I could cry, laugh, smile, scream, hold those close to me or throw them away to this song. Hence this song ticks my boxes. Amazing.

  18. Num Bat

    I Love The Mystical Herm.

  19. Mr. Appreciative


  20. Asif L

    Bibi is a breath of fresh air is music industry

  21. Ben Slatter

    wow thanks Triple J

  22. Lux Æterna

    This is AMAZING, i never knew this was Hermitude, GODLY, i felt the same with 'Presets - 14u+14me', it wild tune yet not that many views, I REALLY hope when i see Hermitude in a few months plays this!!!!! HYPE

  23. ailane islam

    👀👁️👁️‍🗨️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 👅👅👅👄👄👄👄👄💘💘💘 Bibi

  24. Ash Banan

    How can he dance like that

  25. Tre Wild

    HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that this did not even make the HTTST 100 countdown?? Blew me away!!!

  26. Lil StreetGhost's


    i say nothing more..

  27. Marek Kera

    mulle outsalt meeldib vaga laul stupid world kelleks on hermitude aga laul on nii hea et seda kas voi jaagi kuulama.

  28. NomiThe _64th

    * breathes in * *WHY IS HERMITUDE SO UNDERRATED?!?*

  29. lasha archvadze

    Only 77k views? Teriible!

  30. xIceman_Z7

    I miss the old hermitude :/

  31. Laura Ruiz

    Hermitude is amazing! Always putting out soul touching music!


    Big love!

  32. Phresh K

    The vocal synth in this piece of music though

  33. stan BTS yall

    that walk is fabulous

  34. Hollowlujah

    The day I dance like the dancer is the day the world ends lol

  35. freezeme360

    Everything about this is incredible, I'm so thankful I found it. Great dancer and video, beautiful singer, potent lyrics, and of course AMAZING production and work on the vocals.

  36. Blinky Bill

    You beauty

  37. Driver #009999KIT

    Where have you been so long? Missed you guys! You really got me into electronic music four years ago and I still love your style! :)

  38. DonnyBear

    Guys this is seriously amazing. You brought an amazing song down from the mountains! :-)

  39. visualhatefuck

    i see Bibi Bourelly, i click.

  40. Karen White

    He is an amazing dancer.


    First Millenial Star

  42. Stacey leigh

    Love this song right now far out !

  43. Alexander Mahlert

    1. you
    2. wannna
    3. know
    4. who
    5. the
    6. best
    7. person
    8. are
    the answer is the first line:)

  44. craziness

    23K veiws only what the fuck
    I love this songs
    Should be 10 million at least ...

  45. Cheyenne Hammonds

    This mesmerising to watch

  46. KOTA

    watching it on my laptop & on my TV -RAGE love it

  47. Jarrad Armstrong

    What do you think her favorite IPA is?

  48. Serena BERNHARDT

    I like 😍😍😍😍

  49. Laurence ssi

    Who ruined bibi's voice tho ?

  50. Grande Singers

    Amazing song, you will have a great future. :)

  51. Hector Tamayo

    Can’t stop listening to it. Love the video.

    Kate Davies

    Same...Omg..that and Changing by paloma faith...I do my partying EVERY morning..good start to day : )

  52. KAFF’FX

    Wow! ❤️✌🏽🙏😍

  53. princessnikita

    This is facking amazing

  54. CPalermo900

    This sounds VERY similar to the Clams Casino song I'm God.


    Ugh..No it doesn't. You're just saying that because of the one sound that features throughout the song (0:40-0:50) for example is the same one that Clams used. It's a very distinct sound, but the tune is completely different.

  55. Sugar-rush Sue

    I love this

  56. Γαh

    I need input for a contemporary dancer.

  57. Luckyfromsc

    This is pretty dope, glad they’re still pumping good vibes

  58. pbfamous07

    misunderstood in a stupid world!!!

    Teacup Toe

    Ty! Been searching for the real line. Lyrics websites had it wrong

  59. Resul

    that snare though

  60. BageutteetCheese

    listening to this on loop since I discovered on Laganja's story from gram


    what do you mean?

  61. John Black

    great dancing ¡¡¡

  62. Roman Cat

    Just because something doesn't have 1 million views doesn't mean it isn't phenomenal.


    Agree i give it 10 million


    I LOVE this comment. ❤

    Roman Cat

    @Silverwaters05 I love that you love my comment.

  63. Lisa Aidoo

    That dancer is incredible!!

    Cara Lawrence

    Lisa Aidoo like liquid in motion, absolutely stunning

  64. Damogron

    love it! now come to the US and tour with that new album :) <3

  65. Tim Levinson


    Kate Davies

    Fuck Yeah....Beyond Ripperism!

  66. Sarah Mallicoat

    30seconds in and already had to like it! Smooth beats niiiice!

  67. Jason Howe


  68. Chris Harmon

    Yikes...I'd been waiting on new Hermitude music FOREVER. Loved the last album, especially The Buzz. However, if this is the new sound of Hermitude, I'll pass.

    skinny slim

    Lol, yeah The Buzz was good, this is not that bad either.

    Carl Semets

    yeah this amazing beats and lyrics sucks huh

    Chris Harmon

    @Carl Semets if that's amazing to you, then that's fine. I just have a higher standard for what I'll decide to listen to on a regular basis.

    Brittnayy D

    @Chris Harmon music like most art is extremely subjective. but keep telling yourself that. you dont sound obnoxious at all

    Chris Harmon

    @Brittnayy D So many good things to respond to here, Kitty! Yes, it's subjective from person to person...but I was speaking only from my perspective. I really enjoyed the last album; however, this song isn't nearly on that level. That has to do with my taste in music and my opinion. I wasn't speaking for anyone but myself, so not sure why you are trying to tell me that I'm somehow wrong about my own opinion in music. Also not sure what to make of your "keep telling yourself that" comment. I don't go around talking to myself, and not sure what "that" refers to. But hey, at least you're first sentence made sense. I can agree that music like most art is extremely subjective. I can also agree with your last sentence, because you're right, I don't sound obnoxious.

  69. ChrisBAMW

    This is fantastic, thanks for the delivery :)

  70. Greig Burges

    Need a new album gents.

  71. Pisauce

    beauti full

  72. Lore Draker


  73. Callum Gibbon

    nice dudes i love it

  74. Rusty Red

    Instantly love it 👏👌✌

  75. Milchvieh

    finally <3