Herman's Hermits - Upstairs, Downstairs Lyrics

Upstairs, mmmm
Downstairs, mmmm
Upstairs, mmmm

Upstairs every night
There's a boy listening to his radio
Downstairs just one flight
A girl waits patiently
Downstairs every night
Sits a girl listening from the floor below
Upstairs just one flight
A boy waits patiently
Each one knowing
That the other is there
Each one hoping
That the other will dare
To climb the first stair

Upstairs, mmmm
Downstairs, mmmm
Upstairs, mmmm

Upstairs in the night
The boy hears crying from the room below
He goes down one flight
And dries her tear-filled eyes
Upstairs every night
All is quiet in the room above
Downstairs just one flight
There's nothing to be sad
No more lonely
Girl and boy have met
The upstairs room is
Advertised to let
Now these two have met

Upstairs, mmmm
Downstairs, mmmm
Upstairs, mmmm

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Herman's Hermits Upstairs, Downstairs Comments
  1. MikeBlitzMag

    Blaze was the band's most ambitious album to date, with tracks like Ace King Queen Jack, Moonshine Man and this one showing early signs of where they were headed in the mid-1970s, when bassist Karl Green was front man and they recorded a series of superb singles for Private Stock, Buddah and Roulette.

  2. James Ernest Williams

    Great L.P.

  3. Rosa Rubiginosa

    I love this song! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Louis Wendruck

    Great song.

  5. Alan Elam

    WOW! Guess you might say that 'Blaze' was the Hermits' attempt at artistic credibility at a time when it was beginning to matter more than ever in the realms of Rock & Roll. And while they fell a little short, It is still a very solid album(Even their blatant Ripoff of "Taxman" called "Moonshine Man" had its charm), and I remember buying it used when I was 16. I still know about ever word to every song on Blaze.

  6. Jon Chapple

    I don't suppose by any chance any one knows the chords to this? I'm aching to play it!