Herman's Hermits - Rattler Lyrics

Don't know where I'll be tomorrow
Riding on some northern railroad
Left some setting suns behind me
There's be many more before I'm through
Rattler take me home to my baby
One way ticket
Bringing me back to you

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Been away for such a long time
You've been on my mind the whole time
I've changed cities like an old coat
Train a rollin'
Don't know where I am
Friends I'll never meet again
Memories drifting by like grains of sand

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Rattler moving on down the line
Dreams to carry me through the night
Country lanes sweep by before me
Friendly stars to light my way to you
Rattler take me home to my baby
One more town
Journey's almost through

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Hmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm

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Herman's Hermits Rattler Comments
  1. Robert McLernon

    I can't find Herman's Hermits "Saturdays Child" Someone post this great song, please !

  2. robert Last

    I prefer this version over The Seekers'

  3. Joseph Forest

    I sang this song to myself very softly as I spent over 3 months wondering around Europe, some of the words in this song , are so true ,strangers that went out of their way for me. Also some days , I could not even recall where I was.

  4. William Fitzgerald

    Fantastic. Herman's Hermits was an underrated band, for sure.

  5. Patti Sullivan McHugh

    Really, really good song. So sad that it was overlooked! They had that problem with a lot of their stuff. But this song is my favorite.

  6. spy4863

    I've always loved this tune! Definitely very folksy! I'll have to hear The Seekers' recording of it! Now, at the risk of sounding very stupid I have a question-I'm from the USA, and here a "rattler" is slang for a rattlesnake. (We also call them "sidewinders" but that's beside the point.) I'm assuming that in England "rattler" is slang for a train. Is that correct? Just asking.

    Beth schneider

    It's true! Bruce Woodly said that in an interview

    Robert Stevens

    An old wooden train.

  7. kevin heming

    Written by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers.Prefer their version but this is the best cover I'e heard.

  8. TheMichaelpaul64

    Thank you so much for posting! Wonderful song.....

  9. Joseph Buckley

    This is such a great cover and  Peter's vocal is  perfection.  This is a cover of the 'Seekers' original tune.  The Hermit's did it justice and more.

  10. sed9590

    Why is this not on their all time greatest hits CD ? Simon and Garfunkel wish they could have done as well.....well done HH and Mickie Most.

  11. Serenitynell

    Pleased to see this good quality version uploaded! Nice image, too!