Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter Lyrics

Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter
Girls as sharp as her are something rare
But it's sad, she doesn't love me now
She's made it clear enough, it ain't no good to pine

She wants to return those things I bought her
Tell her she can keep them just the same
Things have changed, she doesn't love me now
She's made it clear enough, it ain't no good to pine

Walkin' about
Even in a crowd, well
You'll pick her out
Makes a bloke feel so proud

If she finds that I've been 'round to see you ('round to see you)
Tell her that I'm well and feelin' fine (feelin' fine, ooh)
Don't let on, don't say she's broke my heart
I'd go down on my knees but it's no good to pine

Walkin' about
Even in a crowd, well
You'll pick her out
Makes a bloke feel so proud

If she finds that I've been 'round to see you ('round to see you)
Tell her that I'm well and feeling fine (feelin' fine, ooh)
Don't let on, don't say she's broke my heart
I'd go down on my knees but it's no good to pine

Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter (lovely daughter)
Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter (lovely daughter)
Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter (lovely daughter)
Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter (lovely daughter)

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Herman's Hermits Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter Comments
  1. Henry Freeman

    Because of this song I came to like the banjo☺

  2. Henry Freeman

    The British invasion allowed for some mediocre music yet still this little diddy for a half a minute was entertaining.

  3. Alicia McPhee

    im 13 years old and i grew up listening to this song in the sauna with my dad when i was little girl and woah this song is hittingg. its 2020 now and i listened to this song 2009-2016

  4. wonderful christmastime

    The early sixties were something else

  5. Patrick Lanny

    Pee Wee Herman circa 1965?

  6. Shawn D

    Peter Noone looks like Justin Bieber. Lol!

  7. Kelly Conroy

    Looks like justin bieber...lol

  8. Jack Spencer

    This is kinda traditional English music hall style from the turn of the last century. It still worked for HH

  9. DriftLightning14

    I remember this in the green eggs and ham show on netflix

  10. YI EN WANG

    This song was written by Trevor Peacock alias Jim (no,no,no,no) of Vicar of Dibley

  11. Daniel Day

    For the naysayers: it's just a fun, melodic pop song. It's well arrranged and performed. So sod off!

  12. Johana Schwartz

    look at the dimples and grin at 1:25

  13. Johana Schwartz

    800 Brown kids didn't like being serenaded by this beau with the chubby face

  14. Johana Schwartz

    The Younger Brown down voted this video but maybe the elder brown liked it for the flattery

  15. Harry Nelson Jr

    My favorite Herman Hermits song . The Beatles opened the flood gates of music and the English invasion was on ! How do I know ? I was there during the 1960s I was a kid ! This event I will never forget .

  16. Jim Wade

    Notice the muted guitar , makes it sound like A BANJO !!

  17. david evans

    not only Mrs Brown yeah lads come lads cool


    I was 14 the first time I heard Herman Hermit’s. Where have those 50+ years gone😞😞

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Time flies by. But I'm still teenager in my mind.

  19. Nathanial Ponn

    Love it! Simple yet good.😁👍💯

  20. Go#sand

    “Mrs. Brown, you’ve got an ugly daughter!”

  21. Taylor Armour

    14 year old on that song came out I still remember it so many memories

  22. Chris Kelly

    Misses brown ,you’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.some prick said they were bigger than the Beatles.


    I hate to admit that that's funny ....

  23. QuickPitch

    Why the Hermits have to be in the dark?

    Chris Kelly

    Because they are shit.

  24. Crow

    Kids stuff.

  25. Chuck Wilburn

    Mrs. Brown You've Got A Chubby Daughter

  26. Julie Gogola

    I did NOT grow up when this music was popular, BUT, I like it, I had always thought that THIS song was sung by The Monkees, yes, THAT Monkees. I grew up in the 70's and 80's, mostly the 80's music was popular with me since I was a teenager then, I liked metal music though, I hadn't watched the Monkees show either, BUT< I think they'd used THIS song somehow, IF NOT I am sorry, I have NO clue why this song makes me think of them.

  27. David Barnes

    My have we as a Society come So Far in Music Creativity from ''MS. BROWN'' to ''BACK THAT ASS UP'' in the 21st Century.

  28. Mosko Gaming

    did they write this?

  29. Michelle Post

    I was in kindergarten then, but even so, I listened to those songs on the radio, and I heard that one as a new hit.Great memories...

  30. Captain Sunday

    Is this guy special needs?

  31. Jorge Gomez

    Dude that song sucks

  32. sd Mllr

    The DOORS movie bought me here 😲

  33. thomas Prior


  34. Fran M. K.

    Such a sweet, sad song

  35. Suzie Paris

    The innocence has expired

  36. Chuck Wilburn

    Mrs. Brown you've got a chubby daughter

  37. Darryl Denson

    This was my all time favorite by you and the Hermits Mr. Noonen. Thank you for a beautiful song.

    Andrew Matthews

    Darryl Denson innocent times Darryl

  38. Rudy Wilson


  39. Charles DeMelia

    This kid was great in the fact that he just remained himself...
    ...same for Peter Noone The Man😊
    Wonderful Spirit
    Great , Vastly Underrated, Tremendous Eclectic Talent.
    Great Musician..Singer
    A human blueprint as how to approach and go through life.

    Andrew Matthews

    Charles DeMelia innocent timed Charles

    Charles DeMelia

    Yes ...really..so true
    ..thank you for reminding..a happy time .

  40. Debbie Daniels

    Back in the day l roller skated
    to 🎶 music like this. (That
    was the best days of my life)
    Still listening to 🎶 music
    like this ... 💘 love it...(2019)

    Debbie Daniels

    I hope one day roller rink
    music could be like this
    again...don't you?

  41. Bill MCGEE

    Was back in the day she played an
    accordion and I played the guitar
    and I learned this for her !

  42. Gavin WJ

    Fuck I'd love to punch him out

  43. RDK860

    Hit The Top 40 On 4/17/65, Spent 3 Weeks At No. 1, On the Chart 11 Weeks!

  44. Sunspot Dawn

    Nicole RIP.

  45. Rod Mcdonough

    That's right... there was never a banjo. As you can see, the rhythm guitar player has a rag under the strings of his Rickenbacker 360. The rag has to be loose and close to the bridge, and if you do it right, you can make any guitar sound like a banjo. It works best on electrics going through an amp. The first time I saw that was in 1965 when they were on the Red Skelton Show.

  46. Andreas Hämäläinen

    Love his dance :-)

  47. Robert Mendez

    When Britain was British Anglo Saxon

  48. Elly Winterquist

    So much fun to see this old footage, I love it!!!!

  49. cioranjungfreud

    Justin Bieber of the 60s

  50. Judy Whittlesey

    Mrs Brown will always be my favorite. " a lovely DAUGH TER". Oooohhh! that accent!!! 🇺🇸 👵❤ 🇬🇧

  51. אורי כתב

    כמה טוב וכיף לשמוע את השירים הנפלאים האלה וגם את אותם ימים יפים

  52. Em R.

    I wonder why he didn't sing the "so proud" at the one part.

  53. Dylan Dog

    That woman's got her husbands gloves and a pair of her own.

  54. jungefrau

    Looks like a 60s version of Justin Bieber

  55. theshameofthesun

    he took the money

  56. war carbag

    Very little young Pete.....

  57. Gary Richards

    'makes a bloke feel so proud' Herman had a string of hits in the 60s and they were all great. the hermits were one of the talented bands that made the 60s & 70s such a great time to grow up in.

  58. Chris Kelly

    Hello hermits helmets.how are you,still doing shit songs.

  59. Phelps440

    Peter Noone ,,,  Stretford Grammar School ... Manchester ,,,  MUFC

  60. Donald Adams

    I wonder; would this be a good theme song for Millie Bobby?

  61. Ron Glaeseman

    Great hair!

  62. Aaron McGee

    Bieber hair!!

  63. Rusty

    In reality, he has a very ugly singing voice.

  64. DoinThupidThings

    Nice job, nice song

  65. Fer Kara

    What a silly and stupid song!

  66. Atouk

    The original Justin Bieber

  67. William Johnson

    My sister had this on a two track tape back when it first came out. Loved HH ever since!

  68. Chuck Wilburn

    Mrs. Brown you got a chubby daughter Chevy

  69. terry waller

    Wife and I have tickets to see him this August at the Apache Casino in Lawton Oklahoma.

  70. Jim Williams

    I thought that the guitarist was playing a banjo to get that unique sound. I read that he put a rag under his guitar strings to get that unique sound. After watching it I saw the rag, and confirmed what I read is correct ! 😍😁

    Geoffrey Taylor

    I also thought it was a banjo.

  71. Liam Mize

    I have this on a 45 rpm record.

  72. CallMeJoe

    i feel embarrassed for this group. just terrible. musically, lyrically. sounds like a song for nursery school

  73. Teresa 67 Factoid

    I always thought the lyrics were.....
    Mrs Brown you've got a lovely vulva. Who knew.

  74. Cheryl Loftis

    Peter Noone was the epitome of sexy!

  75. Dorothee P.

    I was 9 when this came out and I'll never forget this song because a boy used to sing this to me, but he wouldn't sing Mrs. Brown, he sang Mrs. [my real last name] and he would stare at me when he sang it. It didn't make me like him back, but at least I knew he felt warmly about me and that did touch me. His initials were C.S. (See I have remembered his name all these years!)

  76. Sara Smith

    He's 17 here and just adorable. This is not just a throwaway novelty song. It captures getting your heart broke for the first time. He's got the perfect plaintive voice and this song is harder to sing than it appears. You really have to belt it out hitting the right tone and there is no rest, you sing all through it.

  77. may ellen lafountain

    I was raised up with all this wonderful music luv it all ox

  78. Thomas Norton

    This reminds me of a dead Boys song caught with the meat in your mouth Google that one

  79. Oswaldo Castillo


  80. Christian Slate

    the accent

  81. Tom Cannata

    Had just got out of Marine Corps Boot Camp............yikes !

  82. Chuck Wilburn

    Mrs. Brown you've got a chubby daughter

  83. oscar Fernandez

    My first rock movie.

  84. Raider81 Black Hole

    I was 5 when this song came out.Great music.Not the rap hip hop crap of today.

  85. Cobb Knobbler

    I met Peter a few years ago at a party. Told him I dug the Hermits but that my mom was a superfan. He was super cool.

  86. Guadalupe Rivera

    En este año nací. Esta canción y yo tenemos este año en común

  87. willkittwk

    Looks like Justin Bieber here.

  88. Pat Downs

    He should have told Mrs. Brown he was Henry VIII. She would have put in a good word for him. Probably wouldn't have mattered. Love fades.

  89. Kathleen Craigie

    He reminds of the BRITISH version of "RICHIE CUNNINGHAM"... WHOLESOME.....

  90. Don Hancock

    It's Mr.Brown you have to worry about!

  91. Gary MCBride

    She's made it clear enuff ! Fukin Brit accent , luv it

  92. szaki

    Justin Bieber re-incarnated? LOL!
    Now we know from who he stoled the hair style!

    Top Turn

    absolutely, a good question!

  93. David Barnes

    My my my..Have we come a long way in Society when it comes to Music today..from ''Mrs.Brown you've got a lovely daughter'' to ''BITCH Betta Have My Money'' in 2019!!!!!

  94. 1mespud

    Love the towel tucked under the guitar strings to mute and make it sound more banjo like!!

  95. John Skelley

    I never knew what the word Pine ment or pining? Until figuring it out through Monty Python. And that's all I got to say about that