Herman's Hermits - East-West Lyrics

East, west, over the ocean
Perpetual motion, traveling around
No rest, singing and playing
Night out and day in, doing the rounds
What a great life it must seem
(What a great life it must seem)

Swell joints, everything classy
Nothing that's passé, only the best
Lush girls ogling and eyeing
Crying and sighing, this is success
What a great life it must seem
(What a great life it must seem)

But when I hear young voices singing out
The bells at home come ringing out
When I think all alone
When I think of my home

Mom, dad, all 'round the fire
In festive attire, keeping the day
Aunts, kids, all the relations
Congratulations, this is success
What a great life it must seem
(What a great life it must seem)

But when I hear young voices singin' out
The bells at home start ringing out
When I feel all alone
Then I long for my home

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Herman's Hermits East-West Comments
  1. Farrah Teague

    One of my very favorite Herman's Hermits song. Peter Noone is the best!!!

  2. Colin Brown

    This is a change of style for Herman's hermit s didn't do to well chartwise but I like it

    10cc - G&C

    Written by Graham Gouldman (10 cc), the same guy who wrote No Milk Today amongst many other .

  3. ailtondossantos69

    Morrissey.... thank you!!!

  4. Eduardo Ponce

    Can't believe this is the first time I hear this song. I first hear Herman's Hermits through my father Vinyl records when I was a kid during the 80's and recently making a playlist for my 13 month old daughter I searched for the story of No Milk Today and learned that that writer had 2 more songs for the Hermits and that's how I found this gem. Immediately loved it and I know my daughter will love it too.

  5. Ben Hallums

    HERMAN'S HERMITS' "EAST WEST" Hits No. 27 on Christmas Eve 1966 for 5 Weeks on MGM RECORDS-Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

  6. Marty Jewell

    One of their best songs. Playing in a band and touring wears you down. So few songs like this. The Kinks had one too; Life On the Road.

  7. Black Swan

    I could totally see Bert from Mary poppins sing this. Why?? I don't know!

  8. Bert Spierings

    Nice song, and oh so beautifull that bells

  9. mraok

    THE most underrated song ever!

  10. Ben Hallums

    HERMAN'S HERMITS' "East West" HITS THE HOT 40 Billboard Chart on 12/24/1966 at No. 27 for 5 Weeks on MGM Records-Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

  11. Jan-yngve Bohlin

    Have this on singlerecord!!

  12. Tonithenightowl

    I haven't heard this in FOREVER and it's as beautiful now as then.  Didn't take but a few seconds to realize what it was. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


    1966 WBLS Chicago - heard this in New Orleans on that station - nice song, thank you for posting!! DAVEDJ


    @DAVID WOLF I lived in the Windy City from Summer of 1965 to March of 1967. I remember WLS & WCFL all too well. :)

  14. William Gilbert

    a good download> hear this Amazon?

  15. Happy Sunflower


  16. Kevin Brobst

    One of hte best from a group which made many great songs.  The lyrics to this one read like the story of a singers life on the road in the 60s.  Herman does a great Saturday afternoon show on XM (60s on 6) radio, tells a lot of inside stories.  I once heard he was a great guitarist, but was told that he was also a great showman, and that showmen were rare while guitarists were easier to find.     

  17. toastnmarmalade4tea

    Peter Blair Dennis Bernard Noone, What a genius!  What a voice!


    @***** Yes, that's Herman's full name.  The Tin Tin are actually from Australia.  However, Peter Noone is from Manchester England.  He was born November 5, 1947


    @***** I also adore Stevie Wright who sang Friday On My MInd!

  18. antonio alvarez

    what a beautiful song.  i only heard it a few times when i was young and wondered who sang it.  but  at last after almost 47 years i hear it again.  it is like reliving my childhood. now i can enjoy this song for the rest of my life.01 04 14

  19. The Sock Monkey!

    One of my favorites too

  20. ranapez

    I've just met this song by listening to "British invasion radio" and...I fell in love with it, even though I've known HH since I was a child. Beautiful!!

  21. Thanasak Nokkruit

    I refer to is 11111

  22. SuperNevile

    Now this is a record I have never heard before, also one by Graham Gouldman too, Supposed to gave been a hit in UK, but as I have said this is the first time I have heard it

  23. Léonard Michalon

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  24. David McGee

    Next to Ricky Nelson's "Teenage Idol," the most poignant song about the loneliness of stardom. Beautifully performed, wonderful arrangement, timeless in its sentiments. The Hermits' later, more mature work has always been underrated. This is a long way from "Mrs. Brown," and what a splendid journey it was.

  25. stitchesful

    I hear you! Although I wasn't an adolescent at this time and the music of these guys wasn't in my life, I also had a very unhappy and difficult adolescence. It was a few entertainers of the '80's that also gave me some happiness during that unhealthy time.

  26. Alan Batterman

    I also remember the terrible Winter of '66-'67. I remember this song. That Winter was so bad that my mother made a parody of a couple of lines from "Sunrise, Sunset" from "Fiddler on the Roof." Her version was, "One blizzard following another."

  27. Angelo Mercure

    I remember hearing this song every morning, at breakfast, during the cold Ohio 1967 winter, shortly before I make my way to junior high school......
    Music like this was one of the few happy memories I have of those difficult adolescent years.....
    Thank you for posting.

  28. preciousjey

    very smooth like a lullaby

  29. vampyros1

    I basically agree w/you, but I'd have the Zombies in place of Them. Also, the Hermits wrote relatively little of their material, and certainly none of their hits. That being said, I still love their music for the most part.

  30. toastnmarmalade4tea

    One of my total favorites by Peter Noone. Thanks so much for posting!

  31. paul john

    I grew up in the 60's and still remember this song. One of the best songs from that era. I wish someone would put on youtube "Gaslight Street " from this group. Another great tune!

  32. WhittanyBrittanyBskt

    I had this song on an old cassette tape of their greatest hits, and the tape wore out and broke on me.


    A rare waltz from the pen of Graham Gouldman.


    Gouldman also wrote their hits "Listen People" and "No Milk Today." Very under-appreciated British Invasion songwriter.

  34. gymnastix

    Certainly The Small Faces, The Searchers, The Pretty Things, The Moody Blues, The Easybeats, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Freddy & The Dreamers, Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas and The Bee Gees would likely be among those in the next tier, if not some of these in the first tier.

  35. gymnastix

    But seriously, I think most music critics would say the Top 10 British Invasion bands are: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who (in that exact order); then The Yardbirds and The Kinks (in either order); and then probably The Hollies, Them and The Animals, rounded out by The Dave Clark Five and Herman's Hermits.

    Popularity would be a factor in determining these bands, but more important would be level of musical sophistication & originality based on sheer output of self-written material.

  36. gymnastix

    I agree, a great song by the second best group of the British Invasion, the best group being The Rolling Stones!