H.E.R. - Wait For It Lyrics

Uber on the way, my phone is chargin'
He keep callin'
I wanna pick it up, but I keep stallin'
I feel some type of way
It's late at night, and babe
I ain't get dressed for nothin'
I ain't put on this dress for nothin'
So I'm comin', baby

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, yeah
I'm a need for you to wait for it, wait for it, wait for it
Baby can you wait for it, wait for it, wait for it?
Baby can you wait for it? Wait for it
Can you?

Yeah, I know you on the way, but now I want it
I can't take it
I'm merely tryna chill, but I'm impatient
Stay on my mind
Can't sleep at night
And I ain't get dressed for nothin'
I ain't put on this dress for nothin'
I know you're comin'

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, yeah
I'm a need for you to wait for it, wait for it, wait for it
Baby can you wait for it, wait for it, wait for it?
Baby can you wait for it? Wait for it
Can you?

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H.E.R. Wait For It Comments
  1. Сергей Комментариев

    Jill Scott pass the blessings to H.E.R


    It'll never get old😍

  3. Russell MiltonOk

    Ms H E R your music soothes the soul sensational 💖😊

  4. Vuyi J

    Floetry vibes💕✨🔥

  5. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    This was a good one too

  6. danda adnad

    So this is the way to sample and play homage to legends

  7. Ervin Brown

    🎤💙🔥🎶🎵 still my favorite song 🎵

  8. Jen Moore

    this is my jam i don't care how old this song is

  9. Elton Almeida


  10. Jinise G .


  11. Sujit Kumar

    coming from Flow with Adee

  12. Athqne x

    Why is this song so underrated

  13. NaturallyRae Travels

    come on now B! this aint better than say yes! lawd this generation is messing up the quiet storm

    Justine Lane

    No one said it was

  14. Olivia Moore

    Wait for it .. wait for it .. uhh.. can you?

  15. mpumi napo

    M gne need For u to wait for it...😍😎

  16. Shanell Green- Celistan

    Sounds and feels so good👂❤🎶

  17. W. Ray

    Floetry “Say Yes” best and H.E.R voice 😉😉😉😉

  18. Samod Amir

    I love H.E.R ❤

  19. Velvet Rose


  20. Niecy Kiss

    All you gotta do is say yes... <3 yea I remember that song!!!

  21. malakia christina

    Most likely this will be the first song I will have sex to 😩❤️

  22. lookatme919

    Shit knock sundown in the trunk goin crazy

  23. bigJ4real 03

    favorite song from her ❤

  24. Junna Reneé

    for my cover of wait for it including my cover of say yes ❤️❤️

    like and subscribe!


  25. Nicole Dubose

    H.E.R is so fucking dope🔥🔥🔥

  26. Anthony Simpson


  27. marshiie x jungkookie

    What does H.E.R. stand for

  28. Arainna C

    Doing the "Grown Up" all-night to this Yass! ....wait for it 😔

  29. Robbin Hatchett

    I wanna make Love to H.E.R.!!! I don't Care what Anybody says, Just let me have my moment.

  30. Danillas Costa Dos Santos

    Só Músicaoo 😍 puuts!!!!

  31. Ursula Rudison

    I'm loving the song but girl did you ask floetry for their music

  32. Roderick Carpenter

    this still an amazing song.

  33. ᄋ:

    Hyunjin from SK got me here 😖

  34. Leroy Jenkins

    just beautiful music wilddddddd and just so smooth and soft and hard wilddddddd and it's a Joy too hear this morning wilddddddd

  35. Julius W.

    Damn i wish this song was 10 mins long ughhh

  36. Lil Steff91


  37. Julius W.

    That floetry "say yes" beat lawddddd she is amazing 😏🎶🎶

  38. Alex Elliott

    This some sexy ass shit!!!💙💙💙✊🙌🔥

  39. Amani Jamal

    Why is this not on Apple Music anymore?!

  40. Tiffanie Adderley

    I’m loving her

  41. King_of _ct

    I'm an aspiring artist please check me out tried to put my own little spin to this

  42. Patrick Dillard

    There's only 1b thing that I hate about this song and that is it is not long enough

  43. Nikos Modjo

    Who can hate this track ?

  44. Patrick Dillard

    I love H.E.R. She is amazing

  45. Naeshaun Wilkins

    Jill Scott floetry vibes

  46. Abenathii Mazwaii


  47. Kayla Bradford

    This with bass, driving while it's raining 👌

  48. Dionna Hill

    Biiiiiiitttttccccchhhh did you look inside my life with this joint

  49. how TwoBL

    Aww shit all my chores done cake in one hand drink in the other damn it's good day

  50. Viv Alv

    When this song is still relevant today ⚡🎶

  51. Tennille Genise

    I love the way she used Floetry "Say Yes".Yea I know you on the way, i can't take it.Im merly trying to chill but im impatient stay on my mind cant sleep at night and I aint get dressed for nothing and I aint put this dress for nothing.I know your coming Wait for it Wait for it Wait for it Yea!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Marvel Bound

    underrated album

  53. Saime Aysu

    Blees you Hyunjin baby ❤

  54. lele blah

    HER is Dope

  55. aliyah johnson

    The things i would do to this girl Lawddd😩😭😍😍😍😍😍 I ain't even gay but babyyy i wil-- let me stop 😭

  56. John Johnson


  57. blijah

    your voice is very beautiful

  58. Alex thegreatest

    Omg😍😍😍😱😱😱I love H.e.r voice🗣🎶💞 it's like she's singing to me in every song I love to hear H.e.r voice😍

  59. MRPIPPER1000

    This girl sounds so good... she sounds like kelly from Destiny child but with more harmony..... this is a church voice i no good music when I hear it you don't hear music like the no more neo soul sounds

  60. Honesty Blackshire

    Bryson Tillers collaboration a must now this is real 🎶

  61. Karettia Gray

    There is not a single to date that I am not in love with 😍😍😍 I love your music #lifted

  62. kelsey leigh shalabi

    In mY FEeLINGS

  63. Maãlík

    Floetry’s best song.🔥

  64. Blania

    Bless Hyunjin's spotify playlist for helping me discover this oof

  65. Delshawn Hughes

    Sounds way better playing at 0.75x

  66. Will Nance

    That first line of this song was the Killa. How many of us ever had ya phone charging while your Uber on the way?

  67. Baniyas S,B,M.

    9.7.2018. 😍😍😍😍😘😘👍🌹

  68. Baniyas S,B,M.


  69. Nicole aka Aprilbeauty

    I'm late my apologies. You got it going on. SALUTE 🌻🥀🌷🌸♥️😊💋🏵️🌹😙😁🎉🎊

  70. Dolls 4 life


  71. amber fords

    Think I only love it cause it’s floetrys beat on the fence with whether I love it yet

  72. y s 8111


  73. S Journey

    Nice, I'm feeling this one.

  74. Masi Masipa

    its 2020 and im still outcha

  75. krissi B

    How she slip under my radar like

  76. Kimberly Anderson

    like this

  77. Ervin Brown

    This a beautiful song an I like the Floetry that she used and plus I like Floetry say yes song

  78. Sha_bella

    This is one of the best playlist I have

  79. Joshua Lewis

    Just found out about H.E.R, heard the beat and had to search it up

  80. Malaika Mditshwa

    Say yes sample👌🔥🔥 She killed it💕

  81. Tamisha Holder

    sound like that Marsha ambrotious beat !! say yes !

  82. Dakinjara Brown


  83. Amira Phantomfire

    Her shortest songs are the best ones...am I the only one that thinks that?

  84. YRNP '

    Cruising late night n the streets of New Orleans smoking with my girl 12’s banging highs singing while the nights sky reflexes off the Chevys paint

  85. Road runnner

    Hot fire damn keep coming black music is beautiful

  86. Tuff Luck

    Omg this beat is just out of this world floetry say yes I definitely say yes to this

  87. Ka- John


    (What everyone was looking)

  88. duantorian coleman

    She going on tour with chris Brown and 6lack she blew up

  89. Beauty Workz

    <3 luv her songs

  90. CarlitoMalalos

    H.E.R is Gabi Wilson🔥🔥

  91. Winona Taylor


  92. Gambler 4life

    Im just now hearing this gal omg nice nice!

  93. 20 MIC


  94. DeAngelo683

    I’m glad I was the only one that noticed she used floetry say yes❤️❤️

  95. Andre Robinson