H.E.R. - Losing Lyrics

My ambition is attractive
My aggression isn't passive
I promise with you
The butterflies in my stomach are active
They're dancin', I'm feelin' static
Wanna get closer like magnets
Your company, I've been feinin'
I think I've turned to an addict
I don't get high
But lookin' in your eyes, I'm lifted
Can we make this tradition?
Your kisses make all my doubts go away
Go away, yeah

You only show me love
When it comes to the music
It's like when I feel lonely
That's when you start actin' choosey
I don't wanna keep playin' them games
'Cause I feel like I'm losin'
I don't wanna keep playin' them games
'Cause I feel like I'm losin'
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
Let me know
Let me know
What we doin'?

Been on my grind
I know that my schedule is busy
But I always make sure I call you
When I touch down in your city
I'll make time because you're worth it
Fall back when you don't deserve it
And I'll start losin' patience
When my effort's bein' wasted
I've been tryna ride
Can't you see I'm on your side?
But it's killin' me
Tryna make sure that both of us survive
And love, I haven't got enough practice
All the ones before you were just a mistake
Or just a distraction
So tell me what's happenin'

You only show me love
When it comes to the music
It's like when I feel lonely
That's when you start actin' choosey
I don't wanna keep playin' them games
'Cause I feel like I'm losin'
I don't wanna keep playin' them games
'Cause I feel like I'm losin'
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
Let me know
Let me know
What we doin'?

What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?

Now I'll leave it up to you
Do what you gotta do
Like the watch I just got for you
I'll give you some time
I ain't gonna wait
I ain't gonna wait
For you, for you, for you
For you, for you, for you
What are we doin'? What are we doin'?
What are we doin'? What are we doin'?
What are we doin'? What are we doin'?
Tell me, what are we doin'?

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H.E.R. Losing Comments
  1. Hannah Cobero

    when the beat does that lil synthesized skiddaddle at 0:43 ... I felt that..... das my favorite part forreal.

  2. Olivia Morgan

    I wanna hear her with summer walker

  3. Barnone ITDONTSTOP

    My actions is a reaction on what your doing... However u move I move

  4. Suckafree FREE

    Love this song

  5. Skylarr Elder

    I don't know if anyone realized or commented about this but that, 'Let me know.' that H.E.R is singing is from the song Let Me Know by Aaliyah.

  6. Lamont Wright

    She is fire 🔥 straight talent Jane mone Mrs keys she can sing
    My vibe all 2020

  7. Evelyn Ebisike

    Everyone go to spirit and click on this song's radio. You'll discover a lot of good songs.

    Evelyn Ebisike


  8. GR8 GR8

    H.E.R. and H.I.M. need to do an album together

  9. Barnone ITDONTSTOP

    💁What are we doin let me no ?

  10. Dameris Kate

    Still listening in 2020 ❤️✨

  11. Amazing Amy

    The ones who cant keep their families together and Happy
    Cant keep a job
    Goes to jail
    Is a cheater
    Is a liar..... run bitch run

  12. Luis Monedero

    She sounds exactly like sza

  13. starberrilove

    Game Changer for the R&B music scene of today.

  14. TheeReal Danggtaylor

    Still my song in 2019 😫

  15. India Cruz


  16. lil baddie

    Been listening to her since 2016 never thought she would blow up and be on a song with yg fr💯💯💕

  17. Jamal Bynoe

    Who's hear in December

  18. Sam Colungaa

    Mi ambición es atractiva
    Mi agresión no es pasiva
    Te prometo
    Que las mariposas dentro de mi ya vuelan
    Y bailando, me pongo estátic
    ¿pegate como imanes?
    Tu compañía, he estado sintiendo
    que ya soy un adict.

    Pero miro tus ojos, me estoy elevando
    ¿Podemos hacer esto?
    Tus besos hacen que todo se valla si
    Vete, si
    Solo muestras amor
    Cuando se trata de la músic
    Es como cuando pongo easy
    Y ahora te pones selective
    No quiero caer en tu juego
    Porque siento que yo voy perdiendo
    No voy a caer no
    No no no no no no no
    ¿no caeré?
    ¿no caeré?
    ¿no caeré?
    ¿no caeré?
    ¿no caeré?
    Estado en mi rutina
    Lo sé…
    Y creo que voy perdiendo
    Mi pasión y todo lo que tengo se va
    Ven y déjame saber si..
    Esto puede ser una distracción
    Perder el tiempo
    Y no ser nada
    Pero todo lo que quiero siempre duele
    No quiero reir ya mas
    Basta de malos ratos
    Llorar por algo que no vale la pena
    Por no dejar el recuerdo allá
    La practica no hace al master
    Ven y déjame y luego vete

  19. Minie Miranda

    who else can see drake and H.E.R together?!!???

  20. Uwi Celi

    What does her mean?

  21. Rashundra Thomas

    At. V,l v

  22. Yuvette Singh

    Love you H.E.R

  23. Erin Diana Cathey

    Love you so much. Your voice is so soothing and enriching. Thank you for your soulful, beautiful music.

  24. Gary Brown

    My future wife . 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😍😘😘😘😘

  25. L B

    Usually I skip the hell outta these ads, however I'm sitting here folding laundry for 4 kids and a daycare jammin.. I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Colin Makota

    That's some real shit!! Mmmmhhh got me thinking

  27. Ana Cearre

    SZA, jhene, and jacquees 🤩

  28. kassidy don

    this hit hard hard ....💔

  29. Jasmine Edwards

    My favorite song was focus

  30. Sanai Park

    Need H.E.R, Summer Walker, and Jhene to get together and make a few songs please....

  31. Whitney Blockman

    We need a new album

  32. No one0000

    Who is here from Sean Lew?

    I am

  33. Bangtan_forever

    This song is just💜💜

  34. TLC 93

    She’s like the female drake 🤟🏾

    Amaria Anson-Black

    Naw nigga. She can actually sing 😏

  35. Vân Nguyễn

    Focus losing and the best part are damn cool

  36. midnight

    Aaliyah vibes

  37. Tanya Bailey

    Love H.E.R ❤

  38. Courtney Africa

    no matter how cuffed i am, i will always sing this song and mean it

  39. bby qiuen

    when i first heard this song i thought it was a boy singing

  40. Nehemiah Gatlin

    I love every song on this album. I dont even listen to this song by song I listen to it as a body of work.

  41. Groovy Tony

    H.E.R. is a Hidden Gem! 💎
    Every song she releases is just pure! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Love the Vibes from this track! 😍😍😍

  42. Jordan Thornton

    Things that are impossble
    1) telekinesis
    2) time travel
    3) her making a bad song

  43. Re Nichole

    Her lower register is soooo gorgeous!!!

  44. Good Rose

    "What we doin" to my non existence boyfriend

  45. luiz arthur

    Eu nunca vou te perdoar sua fdp eu não fui pra ouvir música que eu nem sabia 😭

  46. Auni Lewis

    I knew her before she was H.E.R she has came so far⚡️

  47. Sum Sum

    If you put in 1.5x It’ll be fire

  48. lil Nunu

    My song 🔥

  49. Sum Sum

    I put it in 1.25x faster so it be fire

  50. Alandria Rivera

    Her and Ann Marie need to collab 🔥 and Ella mai

  51. Rich Okonkwo

    I would love to just sit down with her and have some quiet chill time with her, asking her questions, just focusing on the music, not really her as a person, but as the artist that has inspired me for the past three years, yunno?

    Lmao I didn't notice the her parts😂😂😂

    P.S: The slow down still gets me everytime😩😩🔥🔥❤

  52. Lui Sa

    Every time im hearing this im getin in ma zone without weed ^^

  53. Sandlasethu Ganya

    please come to south africa

  54. Tate Nyams

    Surely I can’t be the one who’s in love with that intro🤩😫

  55. Love Sanders

    3 years later and I’m loving this song

  56. Lianka Stark

    Collab with james blake?🤩

  57. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    good way to start the album off

  58. Yulani Reddock

    I just luv this songgggg .!!!

  59. Roderick Johnson

    H.E.R music has depth, substance, flavors all falling into the abyss of the heart. Layer after layer, emotionals waves and currents. A gem for us

  60. Delecia Walker

    i love your music

  61. Dianne Davis


  62. Vitoriia Ramalho

    P ✧ E ✧ R ✧ F ✧ E ✧ C ✧ T

  63. Miss Heiwajima

    Minhyuk brought me her and I'm so happy he did ❤


    Miss Heiwajima was he singing it, tweeting it etc.. could you link me? 😅

  64. Kaay Glock

    This just hit rn, I'm relating alllll too well to these lyrics

  65. Carolina Dias

    Minha 😍

  66. Cassandra Carboni

    I feel her pain

  67. The Literati

    Let me know.... My gosh... AALIYAH! ❤️😭😭

  68. lerato ratsiu

    Can’t believe it’s almost 2years since this gem was dropped

  69. Thandiwe Zwane

    wah shame when listening to her i feel like heaven on earth😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇thannx

  70. Chris easy

    My song definitely 💙💙

  71. Tia Evans

    Her and summer walker😫

  72. Liviaa

    H.E.R and Bryson Tiller would be that best collab ever😩😍


    They did, check out 'Could've Been'! (btw, my favorite song by HER)

  73. Byron Bean

    Who ever gave her a thumb down🖕🏾

  74. Keiona Person

    2016 and I’m just finding out...perfect timing

  75. Ale Jm

    she needs to collab with SZA. that would be fire

  76. Neek TrophyGual

    This ma shit😍🔊

  77. Arlene Waller

    There is a song for every human emotion. This one hits home tonight.

  78. Cassandra Carboni

    Omg I love her she's my new favorite artist

  79. Nombi

    16 M views only ??? wow what an injustice

  80. Gong's House

    so sexy voice

  81. Eboney Ross

    I don’t get high.. but looking in your eyes I’m lifted.

  82. jasmine Gyamfi

    Who else is getting away from hot girl and city girl summer for a little bit

  83. Jayme Neal

    I agree Ms.toya

  84. Jayme Neal

    I love her music,it's
    Got so much soul and class...

  85. Ashley Eastman

    She's underrated 🥺❤️

  86. Rikaya Partlow

    "Let me know, let me knoooow....what we doin." ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  87. tamara lee

    To everyone who is reading this: you have a good taste in music :)

    Gustavo Sifuentes

    Someone put me on

    Vyonne Mirara

    tamara lee Tenku mamas, so do you 🤝

    Ifrah Jama

    Thanks as do you :) fam

    Darrin Spears

    Tamara lee well thank you. Nobody wants to hear that killing and gangbangin shit all day.

    Briana BEASLEY

    From jump come on now💯💯🔥 🔥

  88. Stephani James

    2019 and this still hit ❤️

  89. Deshae Johnson

    Omg that break down at the end 😍😍❤️‼️

  90. Elyssa Mandanas

    Those beatssss😍😭

  91. •Gäłäxÿ• Gūrł•

    This song made me fall asleep

  92. harmony moore

    I came here after watching her performance on the B.E.T awards...never listen to her cd but i have heard a couple of her songs i liked...after hearing her cd it blew me away

  93. P S

    This scenario: he FINALLY invited you on a date night at a restaurant with candles and roses and slow music, and he still giving mixed signals and still dont want your ass as “something more”
    i hate it