Hepburn, Alex - Pain Is Lyrics

Pain is being lost
It's being me
Losing the ones I love
Pain is watching my mama cry
Just can't stop her tears
It's what I inflict on myself
Pain is how I feel
Can't keep pretending it's gonna be alright

Cause I don't need this love
When it hurts so much
I don't need this love
Sometimes it ain't enough
I feel abandoned
Lonely won't you wake me
From this dream

Pain is
Losing hope
When there's no way out
And nobody's home
Pain is just part of me
Feeling helpless inside
It's everything that I believe
When I've got nowhere to hide
Can't stop the emptiness even if I try

Cause I don't need this love
When it hurts so much
I don't need this love
Sometimes it ain't enough
I feel abandoned
Lonely won't you help me Mama
Mama won't you wake me from this dream

Does anybody hear me
Can anybody hear me
Cause I don't even know which way to go
Can anybody hear me
Can anybody feel me
Can't keep pretending it's gonna be alright

Cause I don't need this love
When it hurts so much
I don't need this love
Sometimes it ain't enough
I feel abandoned
Lonely won't you help me Mama
Mama won't you wake me from this dream

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Hepburn, Alex Pain Is Comments
  1. Hawa Coulibaly

    Une performances vocales incroyables ..! Des paroles touchantes

  2. MasKNullards .Philing


  3. Laura Szypuła

    March 2019?

  4. Mohamed m. s. s

    You best song

  5. Erik Alejandro

    Amazing Song and Amazing Voice!!!

  6. Amal Ennaciri

    my fave

  7. Pamela silva dos Santos Silva dos Santos

    Janis é vc? Perfeitaaaaaa! Voz maravilhosa

  8. Robert North

    ......stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! topppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The Artpentist.

    j'entends pas du janis joplin désolé, elle a une très belle voix rauque pas semblable à celle de janis ^^ sinon cette chanson est très belle !

  10. the B noone

    This song, that voice deserved better video i think!!! 🤔🤔

  11. Aoi Awata No Mahito

    2018 🙌 April 26

  12. Brett Unger

    this song and circumstance rekindle memories....and evoke some long untouched emotions...spectacular....

  13. roxann m

    I love your voice and the heart you put in to your lyrics. Listening in Texas!

  14. Ghislain Sanchez

    Love your world ;) ...

  15. Skye Boschee

    I love the song under I hate how its not on Spotify

  16. Jenny Sarmani

    J'adore j'aime love y ou Alex your voice is amazing ❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Ju’ Lie

    Love your son !

  18. Pamela farias

    Q voz perfeita ❤

  19. Samuel

    2:30 . That hipster though...

  20. LastSoulMan

    Her voice and music like this gives me hope for music of tomorrow

  21. Mikesdailyjukebox

    You can feel Linda Perry's influence here, great song!!

  22. Heartwave

    This voice is just incredible. Please KEEP DOING YOU THING!

  23. Harsh Varsh

    Love your voice alex hepburn and love your song

  24. Ahmad Sheikh

    Janis Joplin mix with P!nk 😍
    Just wow

  25. Аноним Анонимус


  26. turbostewi

    ...the French word for "bread".

  27. Nature trucs et astuces

    C'est quand son retour ?

  28. Mailys Josse Denhez

    je t adore beaucoup je m appelle Maïlys je n'ai que 8an je t'aime très très très très fort fort ta voix et trop belle 💙💗💖💙💗💖💙💗💖💙💗💖

  29. Spappy Monno

    love love love

  30. leandro Olivec

    Mas que mulher linda; Mulher bem feita. s2

  31. Samanta Zviedre

    Alex pls come back....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Zyrixy123

    Amazing voice.

  33. Mark Sofranek

    Amazing voice.

  34. Natalie Rodriguez

    This song is painful real heartbreaking and soulful and I love it so much

  35. Joshua Labrada

    I was listening to this then I had to piss. Then I sang."I have to piss, cuz it hurts so much, to hold it IN!"Because I was singing and that just came out of my mouth

  36. Christian Jumanus

    J'aime trop .... quel talent !

  37. MAHA q.m

    thanx alex

  38. Cool Game Plays

    One of the under rated singers

  39. jémi delo

    mais toujour aussi belle!!!

  40. jémi delo

    bas pas under !!!!

  41. jémi delo

    moi aussi!

  42. Bruno Vanthournout

    j adore cette chanteuse love

  43. виктор мазилов

    She took my breathe away!

  44. Mac Ryan

    Stumbled on to this. Do you still make music? I effin hope so.

  45. Kelly Hilliard

    je t'aime Alex

  46. ettolrahcecila

    I saw her live, she seemed so shy

  47. Алексей Омельченко

    Я люблю этот голос ))

  48. Alabor Dage

    elle a vitfait disparu

  49. Jade Debard

    elle est bien mais je prefere under!!!😊😊😊

    jean christopher blandon ceballs

    je suis d'accord

  50. mynameisvampka

    she and hozier should make a song together - that would blow our ears, mind and heart as well, I'm totally sure

  51. mentle gentleman

    soldier was like : i am painis cupcake

  52. 23 anomaly

    I see a wolf head under that hood & A WARRIOR in that COAT....soldier boy...CRANK THAT...HA!!

  53. youcef mansour

    Like me

    23 anomaly

    +shippuden naruto Lick if ya like ruff ruff from the TOP GUNZ CREW!!

  54. Jane Blog

    Ah mais quelle voix ! Alex est vraiment merveilleuse... Mais ma préférée reste Under, elle, elle est imbattable ! ;)

    Mailys Josse Denhez

    s est vrai mais moi je les aime TOUTES

  55. Roberts Gaa

    Great voice!

    23 anomaly

    +Roberts Gaa Ladt gaga...haha!!

  56. Michał H

    Janis Joplin is happy

    23 anomaly

    +Michał H Janis Joplin is a BADASS... MIGHT as well JUMP if u r HOTTIE 4 TEAcher!! sorry/not sorry-with all my love from above!!

    23 anomaly

    Mom's know when their babies need them but it tears us up when we can't give them what they deserve.

  57. jessica martinez

    Su voz, me recuerda a Janis Joplin♥

  58. Alejandra Cruz

    Que linda cancion!

  59. Seth Whitlock

    Soldier: Painis!

  60. Fatoom Jarrar

    Big like

  61. JoeTheGamer

    say Pain is Fast and loud in class you will laugh!

    23 anomaly

    +JoeTheGamer penis fest!! haha

    23 anomaly

    +JoeTheGamer Penis the VEIL!! ALL HAIL 2 the KING!!

  62. Sophia Machado

    <3 love you alex

  63. thybo falcou

    J'adore !! 😯😯

  64. cindy cardinal

    Janis Joplin, c'est énorme! Juste classe ;)

  65. Arhoz Mayer

    tt a fait juste 

  66. Alexandra

    Tu me manques tellement!!!!

  67. renata svobodova

    I hear Janis Joplin ............. great voice 

  68. Corcer urmer

    Quelle voix <3 !!

  69. Roberto Di Sena

    La vidéo n'a rien à voir avec la chanson. Dommage! Mais la chanson est géniale.

  70. Lucia Díaz

    Sos una genia cantando alex *-*

  71. Jean-Luc Antoine


  72. ady hernandez

    Expresive voice, inexpresive face...

  73. Nathalie Hollenweger

    just happy to hear you next tuesday in Colmar!!! <3 just my greatest pleasure!!! BIG great voice!!!! I'm so in stress but good stress <3 thanks to come in my city :*

  74. 내일이없는사람

    Love your voice ♥

  75. Ioan Pana

    white macy gray   :)

  76. Alexis Alvear

    Je t' Aime  <3

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    Mooie stem !!

  78. 이혜인

    Love your voice so much

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    Amazing voice and beautiful. Double wow. 

  80. KeithTheGamingNerd


  81. Méli Clt

    tu es toujours aussi jolie tu as toujours voix aussi rock mais le rytme je l' aime moin

  82. Tammy Graves

    i love your voice, you have a awesome voice, you have the looks, you do remind me of Janis Joplin as well hun keep it up, i would like to know if you are ever in The United States, i want to see you perform.. :) i would love to here you sing  in person, on stage, you are now my favorite singer, what a voice you are amazing dear beautiful soul of an Angle, also you pick people up, in your words, they feel you here you believe you, relate to you, thanks for all your lyrics you sing, looking forward to everything you have to sing about your truly Tammy AKA Tigerwild.... on fb 

  83. Olgica Bozinovska

    It reminds me a lot of Janis Joplin....and sure that it is a good thing

  84. Samuel Kaštan

    Má taký krásny hlas že to neni možné

  85. emilienne berry

    trot belle est elle chante trot bien putain je la conne pas mai je la dore <3

  86. Dominique CROIZIER

    Trop bien !!!!!

  87. brossier aurelia

    sa voix et magnifique

    brossier aurelia

    ta pas de gout!!!!

    Lucas Roche

    Si mai moi ces pas mon style de chanson

    brossier aurelia

    chaquin ses gout !! <:

    Lucas Roche

    Oui sa ses vrais

  88. j - l de pauw

    trop belle voix