Henson, Keaton - You Don't Know How Lucky You Are Lyrics

Does he know
Who you are?
Does he laugh,
Just to know
What he has?

Does he know
Not to talk
About your dad?
Does he know when you're sad?

You don't like to be touched,
Let alone kissed
Does he know where your lips begin?

Do you know
Who you are?
Do you laugh,
Just to think
What I lack?

Do you know
Your lip shakes
When you're mad?
And do you notice when you're sad?

You don't like to be touched,
Let alone kissed

Does his love make your head spin?
Does his love make your head spin?
Does his love make your head spin?

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Henson, Keaton You Don't Know How Lucky You Are Comments
  1. BobbyJ1008

    When you know in your head they're not coming back but your heart refuses...

  2. Matysia Krawczyk

    Does he know who you are?
    Does he laugh, just to know
    What he has?
    Does he know not to talk
    About your dad?
    Does he know when you're sad?
    You don't like to be touched,
    Let alone kissed.
    Does he know where your lips begin?
    Do you know who you are?
    Do you laugh, just to think
    What I lack?
    Do you know your lip shakes
    When you're mad?
    And do you notice when you're sad?
    You don't like to be touched,
    Let alone kissed.
    Does his love make your head spin?

  3. Ruby Layton

    Omg she plays Stella from eastenders

  4. celeryg66

    I had to double check , but that is sophie thompson, so underrated

  5. AkuMTB

    Can i answer all these question? No

  6. shadwo xii

    This beuty and sadness.. Is there a movie sound like this,?

  7. Brooke T.

    This song shakes me to the core every time I hear it. I love reading the comments of people who view the lyrics and video as subjective and I agree. But I’ve always felt so closed off from love because of my dad’s death. I’ve felt like no one has ever known me as he did and no one ever will. This song moves me everytime I hear that “about your dad” line. I wish he was still here but I thank the universe that I have Keaton Henson’s music: so beautiful and important.

  8. Nani_ The_ Quiznak

    The longer i look at her the more beautiful she becomes.

  9. Shitty Reveluv :3

    I know I'm late but

    Is it werid that I cry with her?

  10. Czeylanica Legaspi

    Just watching her makes me wanna cry too.

  11. Frankenstein MatataZz

    Me, waiting for my mom.. but wait I forgot she six feet under. Now I'm alone once more. 😔

  12. Ioana Berbece

    Oddly, I want to hear this song sung by Matt Corby...or better yet, Damien Rice. Hmmmm.

  13. Amaranta Buendia

    Me lembrei desse vídeo enquanto assistia ao final do filme "Retrato de uma jovem em chamas"

  14. theberen11

    Is that Stella from Eastenders?

  15. Takam Job

    "I know he won't come back but I am still waiting and I'll continue waitin."

  16. Shan Fran

    Me imaginé una tropa mal herida del otro lado y como ella esperaba encontrar a alguien amado más nunca apareció... nunca.

    *Aquí casual el salvaje comentario en español.

  17. bookellenic

    That woman was in Harry Potter and that's why I clicked, but the song! 😍

  18. just chev is fine.

    yall i might have depression

  19. Roza Ray


  20. AsketchySkater

    I'd like to think that shes watching the love of her life walk towards her...

  21. Miss Ann Thrope

    Me when i was waiting for my dad to show up in the house when he actually died but still had a hope that it could be a dream

  22. ary

    :( this song hurt me so bad

  23. Abi Sullivan

    Camera man: just hold still don’t move think of something sad and cry

  24. Laura barros Muniz fofis

    This actress is wowwwww, amazing

  25. giannis walker

    End of fuckin 2019

  26. fds6

    0:50 perfect girl

  27. hemanth kumarvm

    Isn't she the lady who comes in Harry Potter deathly hallows part 1? When they go to get the horcrux in ministry of magic? Hermione becomes her

    Duquesa de Malva

    Yes she is

  28. Giorgi Kakidashvili

    403 unlike is too much for this song and for this acting

  29. Kim Tatahyung

    a simple yet a meaningful video. never seen such masterpiece 💜

  30. IlhaanBlueAce

    The actor though😭

  31. Brooke White

    I've never meet my grandpa and that just lives me with an if everytime, wish to know if he knows me or if he know how happy my mom is now but still get sad on Christmas. I just wanna know

  32. Osler Paypa

    I love this song

  33. NovaLea

    My eye was like ☺😮😟😦😢

  34. Elisabeth Masters

    I was waiting for the video to load as in the almost abysmal blackness of the computer screen I saw my furrowed eyebrows, my wavering lips, and my eyes on the brim of tears. A spark of deep foolishness just washed over me for feeling the way I do.
    See, there is a boy who has stolen my heart, my thoughts, and my sleep, but he does not know this. I have loved him ever since I met him 3 years ago; from the very first moment we met eachother's gaze, I knew that we could be beautiful together. Yesterday I felt tired of hiding my feelings so I decided to finally "rip the bandaid off" and give him a phonecall. He didn't pick up. I didn't leave a message. Many hours passed but he never called back. I was really hoping he would call back. I suppose it is my own fault for not telling him sooner, but still: a returned phonecall would have been nice.
    Now I fear that my worst nightmare has come to pass. Here I am with a gaping hole where my heart should be, and I still carry this burden of hidden love on my back. I am at a loss on how to proceed from this point. I feel enervated, tired, and empty. But when no one can understand, I know Keaton will.
    Keaton, thank you for taking the weightiness of my unwanted feelings off my shoulders for even just a few minutes. You understand me like no other and I am blessed to hold your songs and your art close to my aching heart.

  35. Layza Martins

    tudo nesse vídeo é perfeito.

  36. Gigi Fristachi

    George likes to read my YouTube comments and thinks everything is about him and that is a major problem badumbptum tst

  37. Larissa Gartner

    E é aí que choro pela ex que tá namorando kk

  38. Ikrame Kohl

    who's the artist please

  39. Noir R.

    Her face, the civil war attire, the music. Everything tells such a beautiful story...

  40. chry dov

    this gotta be the most intense feeling from a music - video i ever had...

  41. Sad female

    There’s something in my eyes ,it’s tears

  42. Patryk Piotrowski

    "danke" für "nichts" -

    Patryk Piotrowski


    Patryk Piotrowski


  43. Ryan Cervantes

    What never ceases to amaze me is how her emotions transition from a sense of hope in the beginning to a sense of complete loss at the end. It's absolutely amazing how accurately shes able to capture what a lot of us feel at some point in our lives. Looking at a situation we know is doomed but as naive as we are try to be hopeful and the more time goes one the more we realise we were right and it was never meant to be.

  44. Sea Bird

    I feel nothing
    I mean, I'm reading the comments and people are crying and finding meaningful things out of this
    But I just don't


    She’s looking for that one person that made her life feel complete.. until they farted and left behind what can only be described as a disgusting stink bomb of a relationship destroyer! She still inhales leftovers that are trapped within her nose hairs. She can’t get rid of them. She never will. Oh my fucking days!

  46. Goy Geghamyan

    I want to hug you both.
    Your songs are too private to be shared with others.

  47. Corri

    The line, “Does he know not to talk about your dad” hits me in my heart cause I can relate too much, my first boyfriend was pretty toxic, and I didn’t want to talk to him about my family. One day he was getting mad at me about it and I finally broke down and told him about my abusive father, a few days later I had to be hospitalized due to kidney failure and I found out he slept with my “best friend,” and he broke up with me saying that he “didn’t want some one who was broken.” It’s been two years and that still pains me to this day.

  48. Savannah Wade

    She had been waiting there since before the sun rose. He said he would at day break. He said he would leave his wife and they, finally, could be together. He said they would be finally happy and their baby would be cared for. He said many things except for now when he is nowhere to be found.

  49. Pablo Pablo

    If she don’t wipe the not off her lip I’m gonna cry

  50. Jane Everton

    Droplets. If you know, you know. It's been a while, but I always come back to this.

  51. Samantha Dunn

    Is it inappropriate to send this to my true first loves current wife lol

  52. Corri

    He didn’t know who I was...
    he never knew me in the first place

  53. Nino Gegenava

    She is so beautiful <3

  54. Jeanmar Tabaniera

    I feel this

  55. Lan Dao

    Hello i'm come from vietnam. Your song make me sad and cryyy :(😥 the words are bleeding in my soul

  56. Jackiedion

    Oh My God 🥺❤

  57. ensalada

    the line „not to talk about your dad” hits me so hard every time. my family is once again at a point where we just don’t speak about my dad at home, we cant, really, and saying that i’m going to see him always makes me feel guilty, like admitting to something i shouldn’t be doing.

    the line delivery is so powerful, it’s like the suffocating, void feeling i feel after seeing him has obtained a voice and is speaking to me.

  58. Marta Rożak

    soo sad and beautyfull ❤️ very beauty ❤️

  59. Carlee Copeland

    "Does he know not to talk about ypur dad?" That hit different...

  60. emerica4u


  61. Gabriele Sicuranza

    Holy shit this video

  62. AltoPatrao Gee

    He is singing to his widow😔😏...Bitter sweet track❤

  63. Chloe Hefner

    I just don't know how to put what I'm trying to say I words. Basically, beautiful. Im 100% in love with that woman. I really just... wow.

  64. lisa joe

    Just need a good close up,and all is good

  65. Erika Weasley

    I want to share all of Keaton’s songs, but I’m jealous of him at the same time.
    He’s not like the others. He’s... Keaton.
    Not everyone would really understand him.

  66. Marie CSW

    i don't know why but adter listening to this from time to time for years now i think it feels more and more like this song wakes up deep ment to be hidden memories of past lifes inside of me

  67. Nino Gegenava

    this woman is super beautiful <3

  68. Melissa Demidov

    OMG, what an amazing song! Sorry it took me seven years to discover this lovely treasure.

  69. go go existential dread

    If hands are just feet for your arms, why do we measure our feet for shoes but not our hands for gloves?

  70. Tzara

    This song is my ex's script that he will say to me whenever I fall in love again, and exactly why he's a ex.

  71. Victoria Lemon

    You don't know what you have, until it's gone. That is the realest thing i've ever heard and this song, i feel, is signifying that.

  72. Luigi Arantes

    *Brasil love you* 🌈 😭

  73. Arcoiris V

    I don't know if the song or the actress gives me more sadness 😰

  74. who the fuck tryna nut in my butt

    reminds of timothee chalamet crying. they both cry so realistically

  75. Nora

    Watching her cry is making me cry

  76. Taylor Robinson

    There's almost an innocence to this video. She's waiting for someone that'll never return. Just a speck of optimism that slowly turns into a realization that they won't come.

  77. jade

    This kinda sounds like Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie

  78. Abhilash `Nox` Baruah

    Keaton is master composer!

  79. kita

    beautiful! hits home so hard.

  80. Eliteleek

    I cried with her through the entirety of the video and well after. Truly, this is beautiful.

  81. chmielo82

    I wish to Mary that Lady i'm 37 I'm probably too old

  82. Ezra Leslie

    as if you know. sing along now!

  83. cosmicbeing

    Now im depressed...

  84. ØrPhÄn MüRpHy

    I feel like this every day.

  85. Malik Henriques

    This was powerful....

  86. no pe

    Always loved this song. The video reminds me of Gentleman Jack

  87. Grilled Pancake

    I wanna hug her :,,,)

  88. brak's mom

    "Does he know not to talk
    About your dad" really gave me chills because my dad died of cancer and ugh, I feel this.

  89. Talia B

    waiting and knowing that person will never come back....

  90. Talia B

    I feel her pain

  91. duke 123

    for some weird reason the video reminds me of withering heights

  92. Holly Hutton

    I absolutely love this!!

  93. N O

    This reminds me how my self destruction and lack of connection to other people is going to kill me in the end hahana

    Piers Nivans


  94. Skylar Oler

    This is both the most beautiful and most heart-wrenching thing I've ever seen. It's absolutely astounding. Her trying to keep her composure, and eventually breaking down completely, is almost frightening.

  95. N Chekal

    Such a simple, yet such a strong video

  96. Pheonix Rising

    The lady who gives such a poignant performance in this film is Sophie Thompson. She has starred in the comedy show The Detectorists and has also been in EastEnders and Coronation Street, as well as being an award winning star of the theatre too. What an amazing actress.

  97. Nervesia

    oh god ... as they showed her face i strated crying so much, she reminds me of my mum, my sad mum, who feels so alone and she waiting for someone to come to her life, to save her soul :( love you mommy, wish u all the best