Henshaw, Samm - Doubt Lyrics

[Samm Henshaw:]
I ain't been sleepin' for weeks
Searchin' for my independence, manifested in weed
My old man, see he invested in me
Another penny in the well though, oh well so
Oh brother
You don't need what I need
The thing you take for granted, that's a blessin' to me
You don't see what I see
I run to work, run a marathon
And in the end I'll still come second to me

But it ain't too high to touch
And it ain't that deep to fall
See, faith won't pay the bills
But doubt won't save us all

We alright
We alright, we alright, we alright
We alright, we alright, we alright
She alright, he alright, we alright
We alright

[Wretch 32:]
My grandad used to say we could've been born left
Haha, but we alright, yeah

I could've really fell
I could've been in prison, could've been in hell
I could've been in heaven, I could've been on bail
I'm from Tottenham so I could've been Adele
Nah I couldn't be a girl
I had a pastor but he couldn't really help
My papa didn't preach and my mama couldn't tell
I had my back on the wall
With my Vans off the Wall
MJ off the wall, on the wall
Show me I'm possible, on the ball
I move Messi but I'm tidy
I had to clean up the Grime scene
We were bumpin' the underground
Now the fees over pricey
To the bank LOL, never take an L, this ain't Dave Chappelle
Cheese, Babybell for my baby girl
It's my baby's world
And if you win like you knew you won
You won't come second to anyone
Say "the sky's the limit"
But we've got her here with us

[Samm Henshaw:]
But it ain't too high to touch
And it ain't that deep to fall
See, faith won't pay the bills (oh yeah)
But doubt won't save us all (oh no)
Ain't too high to touch
And it ain't that deep to fall
See faith won't pay the bills (oh yeah)
But doubt won't save us all

[Samm Henshaw & Wretch 32:]
We alright
We alright, we alright, we alright
We alright, we alright, we alright
We alright, we alright
She alright, he alright, we alright
We alright, we alright
We alright
We alright, we alright

[Samm Henshaw:]
But it ain't too high to touch (high to touch)
And it ain't that deep to fall (oh-oh yeah)
See, faith won't pay the bills (won't getcha paid now)
But doubt won't save us all
Ain't too high to touch (ain't too high)
And it ain't that deep to fall (oh yeah-yeah)
See faith won't pay the bills (yes it will)
But doubt won't save us all (oh somebody save me)

We alright
We alright, we alright, we alright
We alright, we alright, we alright
She alright, he alright, we alright
We alright

We alright (my papa told me, yeah)
We alright, we alright, we alright (my baby told me, yeah)
We alright, we alright, we alright
She alright, he alright, we alright
Huh, we alright
(It shouldn't be about people, it should be about change)

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Henshaw, Samm Doubt Comments
  1. Pou Atanoa


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    YouTube suggestions, thank you very much!!!!

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    Beautiful Expression

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    this isnt sausage party bathsalts scene

  5. Theodore Paul

    The chorus makes me smile and laugh I freakin love this song it makes feel so good inside!!!!

  6. Soul Equaliser

    Lyrics are stella! maan so is the animation. :)

  7. KaykayQueendom

    I feel like the reason this guy is underrated is because he actually teaches u actual life lessons through his music in unique ways. But no one has picked him up yet cus they only want sex,violence,gangsta,and trash in music not actual things that can uplift but bring down and that's why he is underrated.

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    Wished my dishes washed and put themselves away because the dishwasher been broken and that's 1 less bill I've to pay for...Love this jams:)

  21. TheLastOneToFall

    This day was pretty sad... until now. This made me grin :)

  22. Writer Kaz

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  23. The Nervkid

    this song gets me thru rough times. dont know if anyone else feels the same. the video helps as well. 😊 love it

  24. Leelieidjfushw Lee

    Hi guys. Every time I listened to Sam Henshaw's songs, they always sounded hymns to my ears. And I made a shameful mistake to me today (don't worry, it's not a crime). I avoided that I was shameful to myself, and I was shamelessly enjoying Youtube but I felt my hands headed for this song.

    After 4 minutes and 2 seconds of pressing the play button, my face shouted with tears and shouted and called out to God.

    Why am I crying with one such mistake?

    I'm a 26 year old thymic cancer patient. This cancer has a 30 percent survival rate. When I was diagnosed with this disease, I already had all the arrogance that a person could have. And I thought I was meeting God and washing my old sins, but that was my big mistake.

    Why did God play this song on me the day I made the 'one such mistake' ? Only one thing is clear. Sam Henshaw's song is that it can heal people. (And thank God for this song!)

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    Ruins song

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    The song is powerful but the dont sleep on the visuals. They're just as powerful. I get it.

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    whom is gay?

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