Hendrix, Jimi - Voodoo Chile Blues Lyrics

I'm a voodoo chile, lord I'm a voodoo chile.
The night I was born, lord the moon stood a fire red.
Said the night I was born, the moon turned a fire red.
My poor mother her cryin', she said "The gypsy was right!"
And she fell right dead.

Hey, and he said "Fly on, fly on!", 'cause I'm a voodoo chile, baby
voodoo chile.

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Hendrix, Jimi Voodoo Chile Blues Comments
  1. Super Duper Paratrooper

    0:31 the greatest guitar riff of all time. Don’t @ me.

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  3. Bull Hurley

    We need the Newwww Newww World order! 4444 LIFE !!!!

  4. Paralelogramo

    How can someone compare this to Gary Clark Jr ?

  5. Alex Frank

    And then there are people who create those fucking ads.

  6. Samuel Jorge

    I like how there's a meme about Minecraft right in the middle of all the pictures

  7. Q. Esther Hamilton

    Play Jimi!

  8. enigmarocker

    My friend is developing a Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album with some VERY well known industry musicians...it's going to be an amazing album. They are currently going through a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise the funds to record and produce this album in the highest possible quality and caliber. My friend Bob Wolfman met Jimi Hendrix a long time ago in his youth and it was a life-changing experience for Bob; and it turned Bob into a life-long professional guitar player. Bob wants to honor Jimi with this tribute CD and to produce an album that would sound something like what Jimi might write if he was still alive to this day. Please consider donating to the Kickstarter to launch this Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album, as we are trying our best to get it funded as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration! :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bobwolfman/jimi-hendrix-tribute-cd-album-all-star-lineup

  9. Triple-D26

    What does it mean if this song gives me goosebumps even though it's my first time hearing it?

  10. Aymen Shabou

    doctor: you have 5 mins to live
    me: I'll watch this
    doctor: but it's 5:13
    god: I'll allow it

  11. Andrew Snowden


  12. Andrew Snowden


  13. arti cus05

    Arguably the greatest Guitarist of all time 🎸

  14. Altered Beast

    6.6k had their islands smashed by the edge of a hand

  15. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    (@0:28): ...looks like we're entering bat country -- someone wake up Hunter!!


  16. Kenneth Madragon

    Hogan's most badass entrance theme ever.

  17. Andre Cartier

    I'm going to be 71. If I live to be 101 , you'll see me with my " Walker" wearing a Jimi Hendrix " Tee Shirt". No rock song will ever come close to this,ever.A shame he was last at Woodstock ✌.

    Brenda Hawkins

    Andre Cartier hi my 17 year old grandson attempted this on acoustic guitar. Would love to know what you think https://youtu.be/xC2hcwXot-k

  18. Mik Janko


  19. Équinoxe

    Long live heavy blues

  20. GLEN Dooer

    The machine that molder heavy metal.

  21. The Dud

    EL capo

  22. John Gates Peele

    I thought hurricane season was over?

  23. T Toehz

    "Hollywood" Hogan NWO 4 Life 🤘

  24. Teaw Peepol

    fucking good


    2:33 - 2:49

  26. MizzoXXX

    wait wtf is going on at 1:43

  27. mary celaya

    Jimi Hendrix changed a lot of lives with his music... like mine.


    6000 down voters need 6000 bongs smashed over their miserable fucking melons 😁

  29. Jack Burton

    "I stand up next to mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand"

    That legit might be the most badass rockstar thing anyone's ever said

  30. MoNanChaeRene Seulgi

    Still Searching comment of Music Is Win

  31. lucas mendes

    Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Angus young and David Gilmour , The best guitar players of history of Rock ...

  32. Esteban Ramz

    Okay I don't usually say shit. But 6.6k people disliked this? What in the actual fuck?

  33. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    👩‍🎤 *WHO'S LISTENING IN 2020?* 💜

  34. James saint

    No better time than right now with all of you great people.

  35. Nonyer bidness

    People can play impressively fast and people can play what other's have created but.......... pioneer genius gets my respect and very deep appreciation.

  36. S S

    This tune was made by Hendrix 4 Hendrix utter amazing 😉

  37. Jimbo Jones

    Who else remembers when Hollywood Hogan would come out to this in the nWo during the 90s

  38. Shane

    And thats when the music was over when Jimi went with with God

    Michael Nelson

    He´s playing on in a black hole; his music reaches us by gravity waves, just proven!!!

  39. Ian Aldridge

    My word this guy can play ,far out.

  40. peter hennig

    I bow down to the master of the guitar ❤

  41. Kam Nelson

    Black Hawk Down 🙌🏽

  42. Randy Edgar

    Sad that all the songs on here aren't from the '60s.

  43. Pitviper2005

    I got a wah crybaby and its the shit

  44. 2 Dark 4 U

    I wonder how many guys learned of hendrix's prowess via jojo...

  45. Robert O'connor

    i'm convince jimmy was god in disguise he came to showed us how to make amazing music and then he just went back to heaven

  46. ImaybetotallywrongbutI'ma...dancin' fool

    The lick at 0:37 is the greatest sound ever. Ever.

  47. wazzuper25

    BRB gonna go punch a man with my stand VOODOO CHILD and pull out their deepest secrets.

  48. Daniel Nascimento

    Pqp esse cara era muito foda

  49. Bow Butler

    I maybe old but seen all the best bands live great times 🎸👍

  50. Scottie Lutz

    Wrestling legend Hollywood hogan and NWO brought me to this song

  51. Ban Rebel

    Idola aing

  52. SpongeBob McPringle

    Im manipulated by my sick mother like a VOOODOOOOOB CHIIIIOPLDD 🎸

  53. Knekten

    Hollywood Hogan !

  54. Renee A.

    This gave me life!

  55. Kitten Girl

    Probably the coolest dude ever.bo one compares

  56. Kitten Girl

    Guitar legend..you live on amongst us..we know who you are .we are old..and we are the voodoo child

  57. Tony Wijaya

    This song is on Hit & Run

  58. Soup Can

    I fucking need a wah pedal


    Get a Vox Wah.... It's the clearest....

  59. Pablo Martinez

    The Best acid rock 1969

  60. Jan Visser

    Are you god ?? What a masterpiece of art.

  61. Doug Pickerell

    Also keep in mind Jimi didn’t have a petal to use

    Scott MacLean

    Yes he did


    wah you talkin bout

    Scott MacLean

    @roygbiv who?

  62. Australia4031

    Long live Jimi Hendrix and the Strat played upside down by the left handed genius. Favorite song of all time.

  63. Jennifer Garcia

    When i was Born...The Moon turned a 🔥 Red🌌

  64. Marcus Oliveer

    Facão negro em perigo...

  65. Chris Tunstall


  66. Shinigami ジャッド

    nWo 4 Lyfe 🤘🏽🤘🏽

  67. Shinigami ジャッド

    nWo Hollywood Hogan!

  68. Make A Deposit



    This is what you call an axe! What you CAUCASIAN call a guitar

  70. OmegaTheWarrior

    2020 anyone?


    Éditions Chavirô No what?!?

  71. nicolas verdugo pineda

    es como un dragón retorciéndose en los fuegos del infierno

  72. MyMotherTheCar

    There it is at 1:55. The best guitar solo in rock, period.


    I mean it's without a doubt INCREDIBLE, but come on, free bird wins that award.

  73. Reggie Holder

    a video of this with the lyrics would be nice

  74. Marvin Bell

    Marvin Bell: I was 18 years old when I first studied this Supernatural Rock Indian legend. He had assembled several Indian tribes in an epic battle to defeat the " White eyes;" this tune reminds me of Geronimo.
    Whom many legend[s) descscribes Grenimo as a fearce warrior chief who could not be killed during battle.
    After one major battle many searched for Geronimo but could not find his body.
    A true American hero to many.

  75. Ben JayToken

    Jimi Hendrix was in fact, an alien sent here to inspire the human race before he had to move on to the next world, and he couldn't be late👽🛸

  76. RAD

    Devamrita Swami brought me here after talking about seeing Miles Davis and Sly & The Family Stone

  77. Big Al

    Cause when you're NWO, you're NWO 4-Life!

  78. Steve Blackburn

    Always amazed me how long his fingers were. No wonder he was so great

  79. Moe Gilly

    White Supremacist's love jimi Hendrix even hulk hogan's racist ass.


    Dumb comment...

    Moe Gilly

    @LostMyMojo100 Ok Your opinion really matters to me 😂


    @Moe Gilly ... That's your problem.... You don't know shit about Hendrix but pretend you do... Learn to play something besides the radio....

  80. Avonna Willingham

    2020 🤗

  81. Critica 77y

    This song makes me want to track down and kill four drug dealers with the help of a guy with anger issues and holes in his outfit and a guy that uses playing cards to spy on people.

  82. Beef Purple

    This has got to be other peoples favourite song while tripping too right..?

  83. Dovahkiin Dragonborn

    Every time I hear this song I always think about NWO Hulk Hogan!! Only the OG’S know what I’m sayin.

  84. Bebe Bubu


  85. mauy thai 3002

    Joe rogan 2020

  86. Dalton Bedore

    jimi not only bent his strings, he bent our minds

  87. MrDallman

    First heard this when some nerdie mate of mine lent me “Hendrix in the West “ in 1973 .....my life has never been the same since , it blew my mind then and has the same effect on me now.
    There will never ever be another ........


    I still have that album!!!


    I wish I still did .....

  88. Fairus Fithri

    Hulk hogan

  89. Respected Public Intellectual Yagne Goosh

    This guy stole that song from Stevie Ray Vaughan. No originality.

    Marc Castells

    Check your timelines, dude.
    Jimi was already dead when SRV started recording.

    Katrina Paton

    Well, three out of five aint bad...

    Royal Lioness

    No he didn't

  90. Mani Perazzoli

    6.6k absolute wankers 👎🏻

  91. Jj Ram

    He's Makin love to that guitar

  92. Dave Lo

    I know I posted like 3 comments I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time , but the drummer and bass player are fucking on point clean. 💯👌

  93. Andrew Holt

    Pure Jimi.

  94. TheEleatic

    An older friend lent me Ladyland and Ummagumma when I was about 11/12. That was a trip.

    Marc Castells

    Good friend!

    Barry Daws

    Love both albums, Hendrix and Floyd what a great to be young

  95. Rachel bryson

    The best


    The Shaman

  97. All In One

    *Now, THIS is music!*

  98. All In One

    Now, THIS is music!