Hendrix, Jimi - Red House Lyrics

There's a Red House over yonder
That's where my baby stays
There's a Red House over yonder, baby
That's where my baby stays

Well, I ain't been home to see my baby,
in ninety nine and one half days.
'Bout time I see her,
Wait a minute something's wrong here
The key won't unlock the door.

Wait a minute something's wrong baby,
Lord, have mercy, this key won't unlock this door,
something's goin' on here.
I have a bad bad feeling
that my baby don't live here no more.

That's all right, I still got my guitar
Look out now . . .

I might as well go on back down
go back 'cross yonder over the hill
I might as well go back over yonder
way back over yonder 'cross the hill,
(That's where I came from.)

'Cause if my baby don't love me no more,
I know her sister will!

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Hendrix, Jimi Red House Comments
  1. John Righteous

    This is a better cover IMO with video https://youtu.be/L5MV7F-t0pM

  2. Dirty Rollers

    Bingo! this is fucked up, new it wasnt jimi....

  3. Phyoomz

    wtf is this shit?

  4. helder sufiano

    NICE,.....but certain things are sacred, JIMI HENDRIX,s red house is to be left alone....NO living soul can pay justice to this song.

  5. Jonny Vokuhila

    Thought this sounded weird. And it is not only weird but shyte sound o.k. though.

  6. Giorgi Apkhazava

    Wtf !!! What a fake !!!

  7. Кирилл Бородин

    not even singing

  8. Anderson Cooper

    Fucking horrible

  9. Ricardo Ferreira de Carvalho

    Você não nem a caricatura do Jimi Hendrix

  10. Mark Smith

    Decent COVER but as people below note add the word COVER

  11. Robert Roberts

    Down voted. Sorry. Your not Jimi Hendrix. You should put your name and cover in the title.

  12. Kip White

    Fuck off you cheap fucking asswipe.

  13. Kip White

    This is not Jimmy Hendrix you fucking asswipe.

  14. Proplex Osha

    This fucking cornball isnt jimi hendrix!!! Hate all this fake cover shit!!!!

    Yall take down all the original Hendrix music, and flood YouTube with half-ass cover songs! Dude's vocals are horrible! It's called Blues! Pour your fucking soul out like Jimi did when he sang! Wtf🤨🤔🧐🤫

  15. Enrique La Cruz Alvarez

    Disliked for the clickbait

  16. Tim Chen

    Awful ! Pl stop doing injustice to Jimi Hendrix - misleading tag title

  17. Bassman

    Asshole you ain’t jimi

  18. ycr .lhur

    Mauvaise imitation !!!!

  19. Adrienne Yocina

    U did awesome

  20. Vox Iohanan

    ouais... pas ça

  21. Elite Dangerous Club

    What a pile of shit... You are a troll.

  22. Jordy Anthony Paredes

    3:08 not Hendrix

  23. The Necromancer

    This isn't Jimi Hendrix, it's some liar trying to get likes. Fucking pussy faggot cover "bands".

  24. SnapLord

    Love this better than the original

  25. opeth blue

    Fuck you

  26. Malcom Sazon

    This is the most aurally mind blowing, hypnotic guitar I’ve ever heard from him. Little Wing was my fave until I heard this. 😲

    kris guilbault

    Don't forget Axis bold as love the song. That's killer too. Almost like that track better than little wing :o

    kris guilbault

    Almost ;)

  27. David Sundquist

    I was looking for the correct drum notation and bass chording like on the hit version the only place I found it was on your work here! great job! great recording." Early Rolling Stones tribute Mick Believe" - youtube

  28. Manny from Atascadero

    cover...an’ I ain’t happy
    bout it...goddamn greedy bastards up there at Renton

  29. Verdugo6 P

    This guy fucking sucks. Go be a garbage collector

  30. Matt Schieder

    There's a red house over yonder, that's where my baby stays.
    There's a red house over yonder, baby, that's where my baby stays.
    Well, I ain't been home to see my baby in about ninety nine and one half days,
    'bout time I see her.

    Wait a minute, something's wrong.
    The key wont unlock the door.
    Wait a minute, something's wrong, baby.
    The key wont unlock the door.

    I got a bad, bad feeling that my baby don't live here no more.

    I might as well go on back down,
    go back 'cross yonder over the hill.
    I might as well go back over yonder
    way back yonder 'cross the hill, (That's where I come from)
    'Cos if my baby don't love me no more.
    I know her sister will!

  31. Ram Ganesh D’silva

    For fuck sake this is not Jimi Hendrix.

  32. Claudia Quinn

    K now I'm curious lol

  33. Claudia Quinn

    Makes me smile for sure

  34. Martha Stephens

    Jimi died on this date .. what a genius !!

  35. John Shirley

    also vocals are weak

    Robert Grinage

    Your face is weak

  36. John Shirley


    Robert Grinage

    I put this up 10 years ago and if you read the description of the video, it cleaely states this is a cover. I also put pictures of myself in the damn video. Maybe you should learn to read? Plus I love playing guitar. So I do what I want. Ha

  37. Kevin Olivieri

    Wrong title for views? LAAAAAME

  38. Amiram Trandares

    Monaaa kini aku datang kepadamu mona mona mona 😄

  39. Sweet Love

    Nice cover Robbie, whoever says this sucks is full of it. I wonder if they could do better. I came here for Hendrix but stayed because you nailed it.

  40. idisli keyt

    they warned you, im flagging, hope it gets removed

  41. Clint Jones

    Fuck you

  42. jo blo


  43. G T

    what a bummer

  44. Vincent Carson

    Not Hendricks -_-

  45. blues man

    Where is the studio version of red house at on the internet???

  46. Elijah Love

    This video is also proof that Haters in life might seem like they're a lot bigger, but really, they just Talk a lot, and loudly. That's why this video 3200 likes, and 982 dislikes, yet almost all comments are ragging about him. Life is like that. People who Hate shout their messages, so it seems like that's the majority.

  47. Elijah Love

    Ah come on, give him a break - Did it really inconvenience that much? You all listen to all this music for free anyways. A lot of you haven't ever spent money on a Hendrix album, you have little right to criticize. Not like you can't tell within the first 2 seconds its a cover. Let him do his thing!

    Keep it up dude. Learning to play your soul is a lifelong lesson.

    Robert Grinage

    Thanks man

  48. ILike Zappa

    Jimi Hendrix after someone stomped on his hand ?

    ILike Zappa

    @Elijah Love Not this week then ..................

    Elijah Love

    @ILike Zappa only if 3200 is a number smaller than 985. And if it is, you are likely deluded from a peaceful world.

    ILike Zappa

    @Elijah Love If popularity was the key to whether music was good , Justin Bieber would be a better musician than JS Bach amigo .
    No offence but your title is clickbait . I wanted to hear Jimi,not you .

    Elijah Love

    @ILike Zappa u think this is Me O.o ? Sorry bud. Im just sayin what i think would honor JImi. Who said anything about the music being good? I think love has already overcome power in this video, in that more people have shown love, than hate. Also, if you want hear Jimi... BUY THE FUCKING ALBUM or just STOP BITCHING ABOUT FREE MUSIC. - With Love.

    ILike Zappa

    @Elijah Love I have all his albums !

  49. Wayne Cameron

    You got a lotta nerve.

    Robert Grinage

    Of course I do. Its called being alive and doing what the fuck you want to do while on this Earth. Life is short. You think Jimi Hendrix really gave a fuck about what people thought of him? You know how many haters he had before he got famous?

  50. Prenna

    I wish people on this site would label their shitty covers properly.

  51. Glenn Jones

    Where's the beef???

  52. Chris Bradshaw

    I am a guitar player of 25 yrs that dude can fucking play. Hendrix is my God but I was looking for the real version

  53. Stin

    get fucked dude. you arent him, stop advertising yourself that way. This is the trash section of youtube. Why would I even listen to a known liar?

  54. green gorilla#1

    U suck. Fuck off

  55. jordan smith

    Dude wtf this isn't Jimmy you sound nothing like him vocally the guitar is alright but I don't respect your decision to make a cover and to intentionally put red house in the title.... grimy move

    Robert Grinage

    Why don't yall read the description of the video. So fuck you

    Captain Quirk

    @Robert Grinage : You have a lot of attitude for someone who has been caught putting a dishonest misleading title on his video.

    Robert Grinage

    @Captain Quirk my attitude is I can do what ever the fuck I want. What you gunna do about it? You probably never did shit in your life, because of you did you wouldn't have time complaining about what the fuck I'm doing with mine lol.

  56. claudio monteiro

    you are nailing the Hendrix version of this song on the guitar,,
    Dishonest title. YOU NEED TO ADD "COVER".
    Yo your playing sound great but add cover on the title next time love.

    Robert Grinage

    read the description of the video

  57. Michael Miller

    *could be made into a monster

  58. Aditya Gurung

    Chetan blogs hereraa yo geet sunauni yeta hajir garmnata hahah😂🤘

  59. jehovahuponyou


  60. Tequasi Ke 40

    Then wonder why y'all get charged extra at Detroit's music fest STFU culture thieves no one feels sorry for you.

  61. Mytube777

    Why the heck am I such a target for clickbate, fake news, and plain old lies. Thank you, I will now kms😉

    Robert Grinage

    Why don't yall read the description of the video

  62. Rick B

    This is definitely not even close to Jimmy Hendrix

    Robert Grinage

    Why don't you read the description of the video

  63. gommie404

    Who the cock is this muppet..

  64. iplayloud2

    Dishonest title. YOU NEED TO ADD "COVER".


    You need to read the description of the video Ass Hole

  65. John Webb

    I am 68 and white and that was GOOD! Guitar solo was the best. I knew her sister could!

    Robert Grinage

    Thanks brother.

  66. Truthful Robot

    Damn cover bands

  67. Gallant Entertainment

    Use your own name and add it's a cover pal, having good effect pedals doesn't make you Hendrix

    Robert Grinage

    Why don't yall read the description of the video. You're a dumb ass

  68. Mrlz56

    No one has the studio version? Smash hits album?

  69. Adam Bingham

    Wow doesn't sound like Jimi Hendrix. Sounds more like s poor man's Hendrix! Maybe the video should be retitled to something more accurate!

  70. Tod Reverend Rock Price

    Robbie... Use the word cover... Your playing however... mirrors the original studio very well... makes me wonder... If it is you playing... ya got some talent son. Or you just trying to claim it...

    Robert Grinage

    Please read the description of the video

    Tod Reverend Rock Price

    @Robert Grinage You are so talented... I guess you should have taken it as a compliment... I read description.... thus the comment... I am not worthy! You rock!

    Tod Reverend Rock Price

    What I see is JImi - Redhouse... then a lower claim of a cover... just not sure on your perhaps misrepresentation or bait n switch... confusing... either say you are covering Jimi or say this is Jimi I am just claiming subtitles it is me!

  71. Ryanish Konk

    Bullshit idiot

  72. Raz El-Shabazz

    You motherfucker why the fuck wouldn't you add COVER I'm looking for the real song not some goddam cover. Clarify it you ignorant piece of shit. You really need to change the fucking title. If people wanna hear a fuckin cover they'll type it in. People looking for the original song not your fucking demo tape

  73. musashidanmcgrath

    Mate, you've fucked up a decent cover with a shit clickbait title.

  74. John Constable

    That's not Jimi Hendrix!! !:(

    Robert Grinage

    Why don't you read the description of the video

    John Constable

    Why don't you, suck my balls.

  75. Munkylaw

    If you are going to sing don’t whisper. 🤨

    Robert Grinage

    Um, I can do what the fuck I want, so how about you shut the fuck up

  76. Cut Off Your Head

    Real Jimi Hendrix is so fucking hard to find on YouTube. Wtf

  77. Esquire Moderator

    FUCK YOU ! CLICK BAIT People who were scammed by this fake description - pleased click "report" so this will be taken down.

  78. Sao Salazar

    Pos hang it up u duck

  79. catshavesouls

    THAT ain't Hendrix.

    Robert Grinage

    Why don't yall read the description of the video

  80. linnea michelle hermone

    Then dont advertise it as Jimis red house ...I just lost respect for you as a person...tricking people to click and improve your rating whether they listen or not.shame on you...the guitar was brilliant....repost under your own name...and then I might consider clicking your link.

    Robert Grinage

    Its not a fucking trick. Read the god damn description i put in the video. Fuck

  81. Frank Enstien

    How can people hear the same thing and there be such different reactions.? Some people say it's a disgusting attempt, others say it's great.Some people even think it's Hendrix and some people even say they love Jimmy Hendricks . I have noticed that a lot of You Tubers say that just about anything is good..And I know often times it truly isn't ...So why do YOU think this is ? Is it young people who don't really know yet? Experienced players vs inexperienced? ???Is it You Tube Shills? Like I said if you surf YouTube and you hear something bad,most of the comments say how good it is??? What's up with this? Enquiry minds? Maybe everybody is being polite????

    Robert Grinage

    How about I picked up a guitar and played my favorite song in my friend's studio and then posted in on Youtube 10 years ago. I dont give a damn if you think its trash. I'm playing my heart out on the guitar and expressing myself. Thats all that matters.

  82. Jorge Eli Feliciano

    I think was hendrix

    Robert Grinage

    Just read the description of the video

  83. Zack Duck

    This was not jimi hendrix

  84. mike schoemaker

    Obviously didnt put cover on the title to bait people to come listen to his garbage version of a great song.

    Downvote for skulduggery.


    mike schoemaker, same here. BTW great word skulduggery! Extra points for that!

  85. karl shikles

    You should label it as a cover in the title. This is purposefully misleading. Thumbs down!

    Robert Grinage

    You should get a life and do something important with yours instead of worrying about what Im doing with mine. Thank you

  86. Truman Burbank

    Fake news!

  87. Alex Glass

    great guitar, shit vox

  88. jw73

    You are good my friend. Ignore the haters. I got sucked in but glad I heard this👌

    J Shiner

    So good but is the original online?

  89. robert eatwell

    YouTube should take videos like this down. Save a lot of people a lot of wasted time.


    So I guess you never read the description of the video? Fuck face

  90. cunobelinusX31

    Cunts. This is not Jimi. Not even 1/4 as good. I could play better than this for myself

  91. Paul Revell

    A very inferior version. Whoever was singing it was obviously in a mellow mood and hadn`t properly listened to the original tempo. Nice attempt at Duping us but -- No Sale. I`ve heard better versions from Bands gigging in Pubs.


    I wasn't duping anyone if you actually use the eyes god gave you and read the description of the mother fucking video you ass hole

  92. Salatiel Jyrus Tumanan

    Couldn't hear the voice, but the guitar work is dope!

  93. sabbracadabra

    Worst singer ever.



  94. William Tate

    Don’t sound like Jimi. I’ll avoid you in the future.

  95. Gary THE CROW

    Rock on brother....