Hendrix, Jimi - Once I Had A Woman Lyrics

Lord, I had a woman
Lord knows she was good to me in every way
Yes, I had a woman
A real woman
Lord, she gave me loven both night and day
My sun shine
Whoo hoo
For my woman
Or else or else
Its going to take me one more day
If it takes me
She went way down in dallas
Way down in texas land
Lord she had me wrapped around her wrist and around her finger baby
Like a ring wrapped around a finger of a severed hand
I'm lookin' for my dallas honey bee
Who can you be
Who can you be
Oooh hoo hoo help me
Help me look for her
Oh yeah

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Hendrix, Jimi Once I Had A Woman Comments
  1. Mr. WILSON

    This song is so overwhelming. It wraps you up without you even noticing

    Bay Reef Fishing Charters

    It really is

  2. Samarth Grover

    Would a great song really be great if it doesn't receive some dislikes here :)

  3. Agustin Acuña

    El mejor

  4. LaWarren Pickens

    Thank You I've been looking for this version for sooo long

  5. Wulf Saieko


  6. Scott Basal

    Flying V?
    I may be able to look this up but does anybody know what equipment he's using guitar amps effects Etc?

  7. Fredo Vargas

    Best of Best

  8. ReeseMac

    If you're a fan of Hendrix "Jimi Hendrix: Blues" is a must to own. Highly recommended.

  9. T T


  10. RedElephantStampede

    “I’ve never seen a guy play guitar like that.”- Neil Young

  11. Armando Mauricio Cubillos Caceres

    Uff thank bro, you'r big!

  12. Edison Mora

    Gracias, gracias, gracias, al fin otra ves.. 😊

  13. juan ramirez

    1:23 tho

  14. Pedro Ribeiro

    Thank u so much!

  15. Evi Sinaga

    this is 1969?? oh my god he is a God

    frank zappa

    No, year 2000 compilacion, de trozos de solos hechos por jimi, lo hicieron para vender en realidad eran versiones de ensayos nada que hendrix queria sacar por falta de calidad...


    Why is this shocking

  16. juliandescobar

    Gracias! Por fin otra vez se puede admirar esta gran canción en youtube. que sensibilidad, que melancolía jimi!

    frank zappa

    Es curioso a mi me gusto todo el album pero jamas fue hecho por hendrix, fueron trozos armados y producidos de extractos de ensayos...hendrix hubiera sido el primero en oponerse...

  17. Steve A

    Thanks for posting this version. Others posted had too much distortion which screwed up the groove.


    searched prior only bad copies and oscure badly recorded crap


    @Samarth Grover yeah that Janie hendrix is a cunt. They took down those two hour remastered bootleg machine gun posts. At least issue them for sale. Don't deprive the world of great artwork.

    Samarth Grover

    @vaccinesRUS you said it.


    @Samarth Grover i had posted the original version as well but it pretty much got taken down the second I uploaded it

    Annie Dawson

    @TheDreday1993 can you explain to me what this song is all about I can't make out some of the words to the song. I had a guy to tell me that this song reminds him of me. Thanks in advance.