Hendrix, Jimi - Midnight Lightning Lyrics

I get stoned
I can't go home
I'm calling long distance on a public saxophone
My head is achin'
Lord my mind is breakin'
Feel I got run over by Captain Coconut and his dog named Rover
Gotta keep on movin'
Gotta keep on movin'
To understand both sides of the sky
you gotta keep on groovin' yeah,
Good groovin'
'Cause you got your God and so do I
We gotta keep on lovin'
Good, good, good, lovin'
Make love on my dyin' bed
We gotta stop smokin', stop, stop,
I mean cigarette smokin'
Or else I cough myself to death
And to make love to you baby,
I wouldn't even have the breath
we gotta keep movin'
keep on groovin'
Understand both sides of the sky
Keep on movin'
Keep on movin'
You got your God and so do I.

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Hendrix, Jimi Midnight Lightning Comments
  1. jimmilansky187

    Blowing some top tier cookiez 2 this1!!!

  2. Laurence Holland

    Thought I remember hearing there was another guitarist used to complete this album after his death.

  3. Free Free

    Can't find the South Saturn Delta version ANYWHERE!!!!

  4. Jamie Couanis

    This album told Elvis where to go man.straight to the fridge 😂🙏

  5. Richard Hill

    recording quality is dogmeat but thank you anyway. x

  6. Agent Anderson

    classic master! rip jimmi

  7. George Washington

    Why was trashman deleted from youtube?

    boxman guy

    @George Washington cuz bullshit copyright

    Dave Schulz

    Janie .


    Midnight Lightning, Crash Landing, Nine to the Universe, and possibly Cry of Love are not official Hendrix Albums sanctioned by his estate which is controlled by Janie Hendrix. Midnight Lighting and Crash Landing have a lot of non-Hendrix guitar work, fill ins, and background additions that were added years later by Alan Douglas and not part of Hendrix's origional vision based on notes Jimi left behind. This is a big reason why these albums can't be purchased anymore or played on YouTube.

    Dave Schulz

    @numobudo I don't like Janie . We don't have Royal albert hall or the first Berkeley show yet because of Janie . Janie put out some bad Jimi Hendrix albums since she took the helm . She didn't hire Michael Fairchild ànd hired John McDermott instead who did not know much about Jimi's music / vision . We still haven't had a major hollywood film àbout Jimi . There has not been one hollywood film with Jimi's music because Janie won't allow it . We have films with music from the Doors, Beatles , stones and Bowie but no Hendrix . Janie is real sweet .

    Sophia Weston

    I know I'm missed, l hate community guidelines, this her ex speaking not her, that was an awesome song.

  8. Andrew Nicholas

    Why so few comments. Is it connected to his death? Utub who u collaborating with?

  9. Jazzinthecountry

    12 year old me 40 years ago just loved this album.


    @Jitc - Me too & its predecessor, Crash Landing as well. Lotta diehards despise then both but I don't care - I just dig the music on them.

    Kenneth Liburd

    I'm sure Jimi would of appreciated the female background vocals on this track.

    Ben Dream

    I was exactly the same......I was so skint I could only afford the cheapest of records and this was always along with C.Landing in the bargain section along with all those strange Superstar Jimi Hendrix curios supposedly with Lonnie Youngblood that I ended up listening to a lot on shrooms ha! Happy Days