Hendrix, Jimi - Mannish Boy Lyrics

Mama hasn't... take one
Oh ooh yeah
Whoo ooh ooh yeah

Everything's gonna be all right this mornin'
Have mercy

Ow wah
Wow wowwa wowwa

When I was a young boy
Right about the age of five, I think
I had a certain kinda problem
Keepin' my folk alive
Now I'm a man, made 21
You now baby, we'll have whole lots of fun
'Cause I'm a man, spelled 'M'
'A' child, 'N' boy

Dididdy diddy
Dididdy diddy

All you pretty woman
Stand in line
I'll make love to you, baby
Always time
I'm not shootin'
Will never miss
The way I make love
Takes care of you
'Cause I'm a man
Spelled 'M'
'A' child, now
Oh me
'N' child

Doodoodoo doody
Doodoodoo doody

Uh uh an uh uhha

'Cause I'm a man


'Cause I'm a man, child
I said I'm a man, here me say
'Cause I'm a man, babe
I said I'm a man
Yeah baby


I'm goin' down south
To Kansas, to... bring back my second cousin
Little John the Choncheroe
'Cause I'm a man
What fun we had
Chasin' rabbits
In the sand
Hey hey hey

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Hendrix, Jimi Mannish Boy Comments
  1. Live Wire

    The description says it's an up tempo version of the Muddy Waters song. Sounds more like the original by Bo Diddley to me, considering that the famous Muddy Waters version was recorded at least 5 years after this.

  2. Official GeoSt0rm

    Doo Doo Da Doo Doo DooDooDoouuuuouuoo 🎶

  3. Danger Dave

    Yeaa! Listen to this and like a - (Mannish Boy) by Jimi Hendrix!!

  4. Lobo Estepario

    ♥sublime songs

  5. Eric

    so good!

  6. Roberto Gustavo Carranza

    27 November 2O19, feliz cumpleaños, Jimi, desde Argentina!!!!!!!!!

  7. Utku Kaya Işık

    Batu mutlugile buradan selamlar

  8. princeoftidds

    He's no Muddy Waters, clearly...

  9. kimmedavid

    Why the Release IT that late?

  10. antimnimoniakos

    Best of guitars

  11. Santiago Ayala

    I have always been a 70's hardrock psychedelic lover and I rejected Hendrix without knowing him.

    Now that I'm giving myself the opportunity to face it, can understand why he's a rock deity.

  12. Juan Liquin


  13. marc carter

    Always fresh, always well made!

  14. Hanad Ali

    2019 11 07 legends never die

  15. marc layne

    Who can play guitar like this, in 2019..? retired US Army......100% disabled, PTSD, from this era...

    Nordic Axeman

    John Mayer, has a style very reminiscent of Hendrix and SRV.

  16. Beth Koch

    Happy halloween yall! 2019

  17. James Graham

    Bootsy got his style from Jimi.😁

  18. Gary Clark

    peace in Mississippi all of crash landing is excellent never heard it on you tube.

  19. Gary Clark


  20. Trap Narancia

    This song makes me want to feed feces to a baby

    M Sabran Fauzani

    Its not related to stand right?

  21. Celine Garnier

    i've been loving Jimi's music for a very long time now and i don't think i wwill get bored of him. He was unique...


    jimi hendrix foorever

  23. Helen Bostock

    other men must have been jealous

  24. Helen Bostock

    wow is that too much

  25. 『 T e e n S p i r i t』

    I was having a nightmare, but I can't recall it.

    『Zipper Mom』

    Funny how things like that happen...are you sure you aren't going crazy?

  26. CaseClosedTV

    What in the farkk before i clicked this i could never imagine Mannish boy having such a funky edge. Only Hendrix could pull this off jeez.

  27. ObsidianBuddah

    Motherfucker man

  28. mario fabris

    Grandioso, meraviglioso chitarrista Jimi Hendrix

  29. Malfik Djuanda

    I love music jimmy .. like ♡♥♡

  30. Ventura Easy Rider

    El es el gurú ☮️

  31. Александр Бородин

    He is Genious!

  32. mario fabris

    Faceva cantare la chitarra mostruoso chittarrista

  33. littleclay

    i've heard this song b4, somewhere in my memory
    4 U's

  34. Paul Rose

    If only he could have had 6 months off from treadmill touring schedule his management had him shackled to. Just think where he could've gone on to from there. With the funk and fusion explosion of the 70s he'd have been right at home and blazing a trail. Tragic waste of an incredible talent and human being.

  35. Crepsecular Corvus


  36. Dalton Blair

    Just think Jimi never thought his voice was ever good enough! Well millions are so thankful he sang anyways!

  37. Sabaku no Gaara

    LALI HO !

  38. Libby Sanchez

    I'm going to dedicate to you Amazing artest gift for us you give all around the world , beautiful soltry man and talent Meusic we miss you and love you so much Jimmy Hendrix.turn it up louder.thank you.

  39. Nobody, Absolutely Nobody

    Wait! This is the original recording without any added instruments or voices?

  40. Sox


  41. _chary

    man sure is good aint it?

  42. Music School


  43. Derek M. Theriault


  44. pareq natiq

    that part at 1:20 always gets me

  45. Lovely Ann

    Anyone here know where on YouTube I can find Mr. Hendrix's version of Georgia Blues?? It's on spotify, but nowhere else 😢

    Bob Bob

    It on the album "martin scorsese presents the blues jimi hendrix

  46. Emperor Louis The Retard

    Lali Ho

  47. Reality4Peace

    Wow you can really here the Dylan influence on his vocals in this one.

  48. David D

    Sin duda me quedo mejor con la versión original de muddy waters <3

  49. Aldo Todo Música Aldo All Music

    Thank You Master " Jimi"

  50. TVkingOmega

    LALI HO!

  51. masterxk

    Wait. Is this a JoJo reference?

    Katie Lawson

    I found it

  52. TJ Hubbard

    WOW! Buddy Fuckin' Miles!!!! Total GOLD!

  53. Chris Horn

    When I feel gutted about not winning the national lottery...or being single...or anything that's dragging me down....this creation of God....lifts me to comfort and [email protected]!!!

  54. Rena Mccune

    Your missing 20dollar fine :-)

  55. Fritz the Cat

    Jimi Fuckin' Hendrix

  56. Luciano F.de Pinho

    Jimi Hendrix......e muito foda!!!

  57. Danny Singer for yall

    Fly high little wing



  59. cattycorner

    Love the pic of Jimi. Thanks for this track.

  60. Hopz

    Jimi new how important it was to play guitar with his teeth

  61. Big Smoke

    Going to smoke a J with Jimi at his burial! Stay blessed

  62. George Morris

    Jimi knew how important & about rythym guitar playing from being a side man ,the man could vamp

  63. Francis LECLAIRE

    Hendrix est le Mozart de la guitare. Grâce à YouTube, il reste immortel. Francis 93

  64. Elton Almeida

    O melhor nunca morre somente transcende .. de outro mundo..

  65. sergio Antao

    São um bando de filho da puta dizer que um som desse nao presta.

  66. 1952FMS

    Not bad for a kid from Seattle who played air guitar on a broom @ the age of 5.

  67. Joe Chuckles

    So good you can taste it...

  68. TheJuanka118

    Comment number 1,000

  69. Ejhecatzil Inukaze

    If Eric Clapton was God, then Hendrix was the devil ... And man! I wanna go to hell!!

  70. Roland Kobelbauer

    Typical Hendrix impro with mannish boy lyrics...that's all...nothing special...

  71. tellus inhabitant

    we love ya man!

  72. Toney Isaiah

    And slowly but surely grew
    from there.

  73. Toney Isaiah

    It was The Ventures that turned me on.

  74. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Hola tronko!
    Lo compartimos en "Neguri Rock Murcia"

  75. Hüsrev Hacı

    Come on dudes, let’s accept Muddy water version was much better! Let’s stick with fact!

  76. uncle bobo

    Great music

  77. Hank Jr

    This man is the I play guitar and a fender Stratocaster

  78. ari junior

    Eric Clapton o melhor da terra!
    Jimi Hendrix é de outro mundo!

  79. John P. Holstein

    Jimi FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  80. Angelo Manalo


  81. Duncan Robertson

    At 68 I will never tire of listening to Hendrix!....

  82. Malcolm Adams

    Hey Hendrix in the future there's going to be men acting like women just to get into their sport to kick their ass what do you have to say??/ Here's a song for that!!" No comment as per "Electric Lady Land Studios." ;)

  83. Amyis Johnson

    What's good my elderly people that I have to respect because I'm 14

  84. Kathleen Farrell

    Anyone here in 2020

  85. Trevor White

    This is really great, also the muddy waters version is really great too

  86. Soytu19

    Awesome! I had an unfinished studio version of this song and i thought it was never finished!

  87. MuraJJ


  88. Daniel Potito

    I'm proud to be the first jojo reference here, poor kekyoin.


    Poor mannish boy

    Hui Paul

    Mitzuro Calzadilla Lali Ho !


    @Hui Paul Loli hoe

  89. dostoithkov

    this is a real prophet

  90. Antonio Burcheri

    La superpotenza della chitarra!!!

  91. borat smagadijev


  92. Will Witown

    un dieu...

  93. Bzerk 45

    I'm a MAN. Still🔥 In 2019




  95. Oscar Providel

    El mejor ,,,!

  96. Johnathan Glickman

    I love the original one but this bit is morre funky

  97. gabriel Green

    No me jodan ,sigue vivo