Hendrix, Jimi - Hear My Train A Comin' Lyrics

Well, I wait around the train station
Waitin' for that train
Waitin' for the train, yeah
Take me home, yeah
From this lonesome place
Well, now a while lotta people put me down a lotta changes
My girl had called me a disgrace

The tears burnin'
Tears burnin' me
Tears burnin' me
Way down in my heart
Well, you know it's too bad, little girl,
it's too bad
Too bad we have to part (have to part)

Gonna leave this town, yeah
Gonna leave this town
Gonna make a whole lotta money
Gonna be big, yeah
Gonna be big, yeah
I'm gonna buy this town
I'm gonna buy this town
An' put it all in my shoe
Might even give a piece to you
That's what I'm gonna do,
what I'm gonna do,
what I'm gonna do

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Hendrix, Jimi Hear My Train A Comin' Comments
  1. Phil Courts

    ok! Ether doesn't exist - but you know what I mean. A hundred and forty thousand watt cable chopped by an axe....real power

  2. Cas

    💰💰 Money Train 💰💰

  3. F B I

    Hendrix Never Die

  4. Vic 89

    Intro sounds like speeding of hey joe

  5. Emily Osipov

    “Gonna make it bigger
    With all that's still in my heart
    Gonna be a magic boy ooh child”

    Yhae Jimi I’m sure that the lord will give you that gift when you arrived to the next world cause you worth it!

  6. Bluh Crih

    "And It's Rolling Around The Bin"

  7. Gary Hart

    Hmmm has influenced a hell of lot musicians, still the bees knees in my opinion.

  8. Duane Rivera

    This is some incredible sounds... Damn... Bad azzz !

  9. Rafael Rodrigues

    Esse foi um ET só passou e deixou sua magia e se foi...

  10. omelmusic

    Jimi is still the greatest because he didn't lied. He always played his heart.

  11. Clint1 Burnall

    Hendrix one and only forever rocking

  12. Dominick Scalplock

    Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Paved the way for the legend himself, the man, the Alien, Jimi Hendrix 🤘❤

  13. stripervince1

    Amazing music. Legendary

  14. Steven Baros

    Jimi the baddest set America off

  15. silver green

    Jimi had one thing all those brilliant guitarists in London didn't, black skin. He had to play the Chitlin' he had no choice. He came out with so many more :)

  16. Заяц ПЦ

    Жжот сцуко!!!!!!

  17. Aqeel Asif

    The electric blues. Then he turned into the coolest rock n roll, psychadelic rock n roll.

  18. michael Castle

    Simply the best to ever do it. Bar None!

  19. DeAnna D. Wright

    Jimi your train came too early. But you left great music and a Legacy that will live on forever.

  20. kingdonko

    One time I smoked salvia and after I got back to this dimension I played this song on a loop for 12 hours while I painted a portrait of Hendrix.

    Aqeel Asif

    Damn what a trip

  21. Alvaro Guarido


  22. Thomas Becker

    His train came to early!

  23. Telling Stewart


  24. Dreamers Rock

    Hell yes ,,🎸💯

  25. 坂巻洋


  26. Jari Kinnunen

    Jimi was shows the limits what can to do with electric guitar. Best was not enough to to him.

  27. Kip White

    Thank you for an original! Too much bullshit out there. There's only one Jimmy Hendrix.

  28. Dee Harris

    Im still listening to this man's music in 2019.
    Who's with me?

    Jeff Buckley

    always! music is only getting worse in my opinion

  29. Oliver.

    I can clearly say you’re psychopath if you wasn’t crying on the guitar solo

  30. Angus Davies

    Some guitars weep less gently.

  31. first name

    ჯიმსონ შე საზიზღარო რა გიჟი ხარ <3

  32. Litho

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMI...TODAY 27/11/19....77 YEARS OLD :-)

  33. kwik2hear


  34. Harry Larry

    Most believe jimi hendrix predicted his death via songs like this...claiming he could feel the end coming closer all the time and see the ending he was to be given. I've watched maybe 6 documentaries on him and I'll tell you right now, he wasn't wrong. I'll also tell you he wasn't just some junkie who OD'd, he was murdered for his involvement with the black Panthers and other black power movements at the time...the official medical records of his death (which were blacked out and unreleased to the public in full till the 90's) finds nearly 20 oz. Of red wine in his lungs...like hed drowned on it. Let me ask you this, do you know of ANY circumstances where you can breathe in an entire bottle of wine and not cough it all out at the START? Not to mention the entire rest of the bottle...then his gfs alibi is shit and faulty at BEST...it all points towards one of the biggest murders in history and yet everyone thinks he just...overdosed. problem is alot more complex than just a tragic rockstar death...that's just what they wanted us to think at the time.

  35. giorgio sanvito

    Immortale Jimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. slayer- ye

    Mitch played drums on this? Lotta power in the snare hits thought it was buddy

  37. Edgy Car

    0:18 geometry class flashback ensues

  38. Just LuvingLife

    Jimi! Awhoooo. LISTEN TO THAT GUITAR SING!! magical~and out of this world! 1of best

  39. Steven Lee

    0.5 rocks.

  40. Litho

    Jimi was the best because he had sex with his guitar, and was the same thing as its guitars, no one was and is now like him..

  41. stripervince1

    Rock God

  42. francoblu1

    The Immortal Jimi Hendrix!!!

  43. Valeriy Blinov

    GREAT!!!! LOVE!!!!

  44. fryderyk nowak

    How few people know the music of Jimi Hendrix. He is one of the greatest music creators of the 20th century.

    Aqeel Asif

    And still to this day 21st century, the greatest guitarist sir Machine gun Hendrix

    fryderyk nowak

    I think so too, thank you

    Jeff Buckley

    ppl hear the name so much..they take the artist for granted...

    fryderyk nowak

    @Jeff Buckley; The work of Jimmi Hendrix is ​​one of the foundations of modern rock, pop, blues music etc.

  45. Juan Moreno

    I never had so many good deep breathes so quickliieeyyy

  46. Stoned2072

    "People, Hell and Angels!

  47. Agustín Milanés

    0:36 bruh... This gives me a boner every time

  48. Bruno Chirinos


  49. Four Q Two


  50. Kevin Jones

    We’re still waiting for you to land on earth again!

  51. Eric Pedersen


  52. shawn bopko

    hear my train coming you hear my train coming every morning wheres my train good song

  53. Robert Bosch

    OOH YEA I Just Love how you put this video so far out to have for all of us lovers of our brother Jimis' music Mucho Grasias I road the trains both in the USA and down in Ol Mexico Hope to see some more of your videos .. Peace train a coming

  54. Law Dawg

    I have heard them all...all of them...and no one stirs the soul like Jimi...no one. The greatest ever !

  55. West, TexasCG2019


  56. krrrruptidsoless

    Elephant music

    Humans hold a buried aajpot of an existence to reality

  57. Stale Baguette

    The 1.9k people who disliked must've not heard their train a' coming

  58. anthony dugan

    Great job on video, Thank You !! ✌

  59. Andra Oprea

    Amazing song...! Very powerful

  60. Татьяна Дождева

    Дух захватывает.


    Amazing!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  62. Boris Lazic

    This sounds more like Pow Wow then the blues

  63. Dušan Vukasović

    Video is decent and unpretencious exactly the way it should be.

  64. Chris Toy

    This sounds like my life

  65. Cari Midnightqueen

    This song reminds on my hometown.

  66. Mark Knight

    Mr Jimi Hendrix didn't sit around doing nothing smoking MJ all day he played and made. Greatness is made not given.

  67. Mariana Mawa

    What was it, i don't know, but i love it

  68. Gabriel Mealey

    weird the video is actually good and not a slide show

  69. Intelligent Evolution

    This is such a dope song. Love Jimi forever

  70. jorge cisternas


  71. Donna Fordham

    Love me some Jimi..the BEST!

  72. Joao Freitas

    The best music rock rithim blues

  73. Fernando Espinoza

    Imperecedero su legado. Tremenda pieza musical!!!.

  74. John McMahon


  75. dental floss

    Speed the song up to 1.5x and it becomes a country song instantly

  76. Copper Aboriginies

    He's still admired and loved by generations that only heard of him and are just listening to his music. Damn this powerful, even as he's R.IP. he's loved. I wished we the living can show show the same power of love to each other while we live. Thanks Jimmy Hendrix, Brother your truly a god among us all. Take his message don't be afraid to speak of love to those you know and to strangers Jimmy did it why cant we. Love ya'll

  77. jerry hayes

    this is a short version,there is a 13 minutes song of hear my train a comin on the jimi hendrix blues album it will blow your mind.

    Joaquin Tissera

    For real. That version is fucking impressive. I mean, like anything jimi has done

  78. Ron Morrison

    Master of the Stratocaster still riding that rainbow Rjm JMH.

  79. JP W

    the best.....

  80. rysiek ptak

    2019 still here, 2020 still here, Jimi? Forever

    Putu Indrayana


  81. Incognitoghost

    Damned fine...

  82. salva martin. rioja

    Thanks for the music ...

  83. Mike Manne

    super great !

  84. Cade Carneiro


  85. KingCooperHooper Has

    LSD + plus Rainbow Headband = Try hard Hendrix

  86. NeutrinoParticle

    Why every blue man should sing about train?


    Because the south of USA is full of trains

  87. Joseph Powell

    NO guitarist ever played a 12 string acoustic guitar EVER..except for Jimi Hendrix

  88. Riel Boire

    yeah that rocks google riel boire for music

  89. SpaceManDawn


  90. mishael dukes

    I can See Cayde-6 on destiny Fanning on his Ace of Spades Hand cannon at enemy Fallen and cabal to the wild western and bluesy song by Jimi Hendrix

  91. Abort ObamaCare

    This is such a cool song! God bless you Jimi.

  92. Troy Adamson

    To me, this just me. It is still a toss up between SRV and Hendrix for the #1 all time greatest. I think SRV may have been technically better, but, when you watch videos like this or just listen to Jimi, you wonder. One thing is for sure, Van Halen could not come close to this. Van Halens talent is too limited. Jimi will live on forever through his music.

  93. Vaclav Sulista

    Eternal classic, love from Czechia 😍🇨🇿🥰

  94. Ron Morrison

    When I was 12 in 1968 I got my first Hendrix album. Been riding that rainbow ever since. Rjm

  95. Dashiel Herrera Faúndez

    what album is that version of?

  96. Reuben Valenzuela

    Been waiting on this train a coooo minute

  97. Kapixplay TV

    Why is there so many variations of this song

  98. Charlie SideShow

    HUGE! Love it!