Hendrix, Jimi - Electric Church Red House Lyrics

Yeah it's about the time we'd like to present you to the electric church
And baby if you would you all listen to our notes
Here here in our seens, playin'
Instead of rappin' like I am now
Then maybe I'll well maybe this is good enough
What ya think we stick with songs
It's all freedom

There's a red house, over yonder baby
That's where my baby stays
Lord there's a red house over yonder, baby
Lord that's where my baby stays

I ain't been home to see my baby
In about a ninety-nine and one half days
It's about time to see her
Wait minute something's wrong, babe
Lord have mercy this key won't unlock this door

Wait a minute something's wrong,
Wait a minute something's wrong baby,
Wait a minute something's wrong baby,
Lord have mercy the key won't unlock this door

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Hendrix, Jimi Electric Church Red House Comments
  1. Mike O'Leary

    how could you think this was Jimi... Buddy did a great job.. love it.. but caught the difference even before he started singing.. Nothing against Buddy.. love the man..

  2. nick page

    Jimmi did not invent the blues he had influences too. example buddy Guy great version a little too much distortion other than that great although Jmmis version was a little tighter studio version

  3. Bruce Irving


  4. Jay Blue

    Horrible version here's a few dollars go take a few lessons

  5. David Williams

    Well, I guess that if someone wants to cover Jimi, Buddy Guy is the best qualified for the job.

  6. Walter Mull

    I think he does it as good as Jimmy

  7. Baow Lookgoo

    buddy guy ducking good

  8. orbsphere

    FWIW Guy's version of "Red House" is on the Hendrix tribute CD "Stone Free

  9. Marcus Reeves


  10. bellatrix m.

    Very good

  11. Bailee M0

    Old version,new version still the blues.W.T.F
    Gig Harbor,Wa

  12. Torrey Bauer

    Buddy Buddy Buddy!!! Please stop down in Southwest Florida especially Fort Myers!!!

  13. coldwar1977

    Buddy's cool too!

  14. Torrey Bauer

    It doesn't matter.. it is BUDDY GUY... he gets a pass
    .. do ya homework! This is a legend

  15. Sanity In A Sea Of Madness

    Yeah, I disliked this being labeled Jimi Hendrix. I gave it the thumbs-up nonetheless because I really like this version - thanks for posting it

  16. Ryan Ange

    This is awesome! I like it more than Jimi

  17. mais do mesmo MGTOW

    um brasileiro esteve aqui

  18. Walter Perkins

    but if my baby don't love me no more....I KNOW her sister will.

  19. Cristian Barrientos

    Temón !!!!

  20. flor wast

    Buddy Guy/Jimi Hendrix... they both shred this song... Thanks for posting it...

  21. Kenneth Nichols

    This is Buddy Guy's cover of Little Red House. It was on the Stoned Free tribute album. Ice T's band Body Count did Hey Joe on that album too.

  22. Joel Barton

    way better...he taught jimi how to play eric clapton calks him the best to ever play!

  23. John Rule

    A geat tribute!

  24. Enajite Pela

    the end is already here

    Enajite Pela

    and so is the beginning

  25. Raymond Curtis

    Sorry - Buddy Guy! Keep it classy out there people ;)

  26. steve lyons

    awesome version by buddy guy !! wow this rocks

    Raymond Curtis

    corrected the title! thx

  27. Mossy McSharry

    It's Buddy.

  28. rocksandturtles

    Buddy Guy's Version

  29. ruukasu0808

    It's Buddy Guy, why post it as Jimi?

    Raymond Curtis

    honest mistake! corrected now.



  30. ShyRaztafari

    this isn't Jimmy Hendrix, this is Buddy Guy's version of red house

    Raymond Curtis


  31. John Olmstead

    people need get there chit rite no jimi Hendrix

  32. Alex Murray

    Este NO es JIMI HENDRIX, esta versión pertencece a BUDDY GUY. (this version belong to Buddy Guy, is not Jimi Hendrix.

    Raymond Curtis

    Gracias! fixed

  33. Joel Nunez

    This is NOT Jimi Hendrix

  34. ctyuang

    This is Buddy guy. The guitar tone and the vocal, you can tell immediately.

  35. faxcapper

    It's Buddy Guy at the Hendrix Tribute concert

  36. Riku Suomela

    This is fake

    Raymond Curtis

    Ya report the poster for sure

  37. John Roberts

    nice interprentation Buddy must have ben blown away...it had to come out..just by hearing the master. you know who He is

  38. Mr. Green

    who's version is this it's not jimi but I still like it

    Raymond Curtis

    Turns out its Buddy Guy

    Mr. Green

    Raymond Curtis no going to lie I kind of like it more

  39. Tim G

    the fuck it sounds like Raymond Curtis not Jimi.

    Tim G

    Illuminati confirmed

  40. Beats by Payday Monsanto

    You fucking moron.

  41. Bailee M0

    One of a kind ,Icon of the 60s
    The Best of Blues

  42. Ol' Scootz

    Buddy Guy ROCKS......

  43. Chris Johnson

    I can't find Red House studio version by Jimi anywhere on here. I'm pissed as fuck

    Raymond Curtis

    Its Buddy Guy, my bad.

  44. ForViewingOnly

    Kids, don't believe everything you see on the internet cos the internet is full of damn fools who don't know what the hell they're talking about. This is Buddy Guy's version of Red House taken from the album 'Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix'.

    Arthur Washburn

    Very good. At least somebody was able to clear this up.

  45. Steve

    wtf you doing here

  46. micheal green

    Fuck off.

  47. Hessel van der Wal

    This pales in comparison with Jimi's version(s)

    Ralph Phillips

    Are you out of your fkn mind!!

  48. Renato Ochoa

    esse cara aí não é o Jimi!!!

  49. Gary Weathers

    Buddy kills it, no he's not Jimi, he's Buddy Guy

    Raymond Curtis


    Still Bill

    Gary Weathers. In Buddy Guy's last book, Buddy said Jimi came up to him at a concert and said you were my teacher,
    Thats one great compliment. Buddy definitely has a right to play Jimi's music.

  50. Marlon James

    This is Buddy Guy, from the Hendrix Tribute album released in 1994

    Raymond Curtis

    Ah thanks, ill check that album out. Title corrected.

  51. david barry

    this is Buddy Guy, a nice version.

  52. Adam Willard

    It's buddy guy, one of the great covers of an awesome song!

    Ralph Phillips

    Noo kidding!! Love Jimi forever seen him. Buddy tho..phew!!..his version is so brazen.

  53. michel ebbens

    Almost Jimi Hendrix. I love this version, but it's by Buddy Guy.

    Raymond Curtis

    Almost... corrected the title!

  54. Bailee M0

    Buddy holly/LOL

  55. Danny Mills

    Buddy Guy doing Red House ! I don't know if it could be done any better !

  56. Stoned2072

    It's not Jimi.

  57. cinerama62

    There's something wrong here .... Wait a minute ,... It's not Jimi.

  58. jazzynet1

    fucking keyboard :D

  59. jazzynet1

    wow man in all my yers and all the albums i had including the famous Enjoy Cocaine with teh Coca Cola red and hite design ever knew this version eveexisted.

  60. Dr Mortis Lab punk rock

    hijo de puta no puede subir la version de jimi???? .|.

  61. Southward Music

    It is too nice and polished - like modern rock

  62. Michael Williams

    it's good..but it's not Jimi

    Raymond Curtis

    Thanks, corrected!

  63. muskcode

    Buddy Guy cover!

  64. Ice Boy

    this is buddy guy just for future knowledge

    Raymond Curtis

    Thanks, title changed!

  65. Fred D

    who is this? I love it, please. Tell

    Thomas Wagner

    Darude sandstorm

    Raymond Curtis

    (its Buddy Guy)


    It's smoke on the water by deep purple. Not many people can play it - it's très difficile, as the french would say

  66. Lewis Brown

    good try ...

  67. walterman jeje

    no way......

  68. Shawn Gunnison

    I'm pretty sure this is a G3 cover. Could be wrong, though.

    Raymond Curtis

    Buddy Guy

  69. Tor Strasburg

    Buddy Guy

  70. stevie beefheart

    Buddy guy

    Raymond Curtis

    yes, corrected!

  71. IFreakingEatPeople

    I was immediately like nope he would never play like that haha

    Lori Owens

    IFreakingEatPeople i like this song! i dont know that much about Mr. Hendrix but what music I have heard of his I like! 😊

  72. Sara Applegate

    I like how this is a blues song but still has rock tone to it.

    Raymond Curtis


  73. Nicola Elmini


  74. Andrew Deegan

    Definitely not Jimmy, sounds like Buddy Guy. Never heard this version before, though. I like it.

    Raymond Curtis

    Thanks, my favorite too. Corrected the title!

  75. Пахарь Трахарь


    Jacob Hoover

    Пахарь Трахарь cyka

  76. David Ferrara

    Not even close to being Jimi Hendrix. Nice try

    daniel tul

    Buddy Guy ranks with BB King as an early influence to young Jimi Hendrix! Open your ears.

    Dr. M. H.

    +daniel tul apples & oranges...bb king & buddy guy r so different

    General Cole

    David Ferrara he wasn't trying to beat Jimi, it was a tribute where buddy guy added his style to a Hendrix classic and I think it totally rocks


    David Ferrara
    Well, you've made yourself look a right fool. As pointed out Buddy Guy was arguably Hendrix's biggest influence in his guitar style. Especially with that fuzzbox style.

    Embarrassing for you.


    Don't you feel like an IDIOT! Buddy Guy was an influence to Jimi. Both were/are great. Why do you compare; just enjoy both or STFU!