Hendrix, Jimi - Born Under A Bad Sign Lyrics

Born Under A Bad Sign,
Been down since I began to crawl
If it wasn't for bad luck
Wouldn't have no luck at all

Bad luck and trouble
Been my only friend
Ive been down ever since I was ten

Born Under a Bad sign
Been down since I began to crawl
If it wasn't for real bad luck
If it wasn't for real Bad luck
I wouldn't have no luck at all

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Hendrix, Jimi Born Under A Bad Sign Comments
  1. Chuck Morrow


  2. soulbrotherlegendary

    This BASS IS HARD!!

  3. Orpheus Black

    Click bate

  4. Raul Gutierrez

    This isn’t jimi

  5. Cyberdyne Systems

    Fantastic song.Great thing.

  6. Jay Doe

    2019 where you at bro sounds fucking great

  7. Nick Cortes

    The version on the blues album sounds awesome but when you’re high as fuck it sounds 1000x better

  8. paddy160160

    God Bless You and may he wake the angels every morning with Jimi!!!


    Advertise it under your own name & stop fucking people about! Your'e not Jimi fucking Hendrix! CUNT! I cant stand cunts like you! Fucking charlatan!

  10. Patrick Ellis

    This version sounds like shit

  11. TubeSpoker

    outrageous ...
    I wont even listen ... change the fucking title loser !

  12. sleepwhenyourdead

    Unfortunately I was born under a bad sign and only get bad luck.

  13. 468bbccapri

    Bait and switch for clicks, takes a real asshole to do that shit!

  14. Aldo Todo Música Aldo All Music

    Good Adam, Jimi looking you Happy with Big Smile , Nice Cover. Gut.

  15. Mike Patterson

    Shame shame I hate you tube tricksters can’t deny your skills though if it was jimi everyone in this comments section would be praising it and any jimi fan should know his family has copyrighted his work hard to find a jimi song that is not live

  16. ebsen raptzski

    suck city

  17. Kinni Wright

    I was for sure.

  18. PowerShot-x

    Could really like seeing the playing for learning purpose, Jimi's performance of this song deserve it.

  19. Kinni Wright

    I am born under a bad sign. I relate to this music more than any earthlings I know.

  20. buttmonkey

    this is great if you're a retarded failed abortion

  21. Hippopotamus

    good guitarrista

  22. swainson southern hot mess

    But this song. OMG what a freaking awesome song...just sit back and take it all in.... blows you away..

  23. Tony Stanger

    Great playing, just not anything different

  24. Tay Sampaio

    Wow man... you're talend

  25. JT8LMC

    ain't J.M.H. not even close

  26. Robin Potter

    Doing a cover of a cover. Forgot who wrote it, not Hendrix. Older than Hendrix.

    Kurt Baechler

    Albert King

  27. Nathan Sciarone

    nice riffage..misleading title though.

  28. Tony Dan

    Good drummer! But guitar solo was so dull.

  29. Gus Stone

    Sounds awesome !

  30. Ian

    Someone take the sticks off the fucking drummer! It's like someone witj cerebral palsy dropping a wheelchair down 3 flights of stairs

  31. Andrew Patrick

    Good morning rock and roll fans. This particular Hendrix track is a cover of born under a bad sign... Recognizable from mr. Eric Clapton and cream. I'm assuming it runs deeper as Robert Plant says someone has nicked it everybody Knicks it. I used to have this Hendrix version, it vanished from my collection . A couple of days ago, deep tracks on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 27 play this particular version. It is hard to say which of the many is my favorite Jimi Hendrix recording... This fellow guitar enthusiasts, I'm going to say is my favorite. To date. Enough drivel up about to the point... I cannot locate that particular recording which I know is Jimi Hendrix undoubtedly. Will someone kindly direct me to a link so I might be obtained this Gem of a recording? Anyone interested in assisting me will know exactly what I'm talking about and they will be happy to do it. So whoever you are and wherever you are... Thank you brother.

  32. Frank Davis

    Nice skill

  33. Jackie Kennedy

    but this is 100% true raw Jimi Hendrix at his best. sends chills up my spine

  34. adam rodriguez


  35. adam rodriguez


  36. hard core

    now i c u didnt hear jimi haha

  37. cordale contreras

    Texas flood

  38. Steve Chance

    Fake Jimi

  39. Adam Rodriguez


  40. Adam Rodriguez


  41. Adam Rodriguez


  42. Adam Rodriguez

    Thanks to everyone for all the positive and the negative, In regards to title, this has been attempted to be corrected with no success. It's a cover, I apologize for any inconvenience,
    There will only be one Jimi ever , and the rest of us are just fans left in awe due to the greatness of the late great MR. Hendrix. Hope you dig this tribute , this was done with humblest intentions. We are all brothers and sisters and feel free to share any of your interpretations of any of Jimi's work. Thanks


    Remove "Jimi Hendrix" from your video title please.

  43. Sixfoursoul

    I would have liked this more if you the title was not misleading

  44. Anthony Ryan

    Rodriguez killed it in his own fashion. All you haters obviously have not tuned your ears or brains to appreciate what Jimi Hendrix invented. Grow up.

  45. Robert Rainey

    Needs a thicker bass dude

    Anthony Ryan

    Then take out our ear plugs

    Robert Rainey

    There's always 1 asshole

  46. lessonslearned

    click bait!!! dont take the great ones name in vain!!!! not cool!!!!

    Anthony Ryan

    Maybe you should play your version and we can all see? guitar hero doesn't count Dbag

  47. Arturock Garcia

    Why so what he plays good. Haters you better play much better than this guy otherwise shut up jealous haters.

  48. Greg Armstrong

    One more thing this vid was made in 2012 so by now this cat is flat fuckin it up I bet its the shit live in a small venue!!!!

  49. Greg Armstrong

    Some people hating on you but never say your Hendrix, your tone IS golden for the song I can tell you love JIMI and this version of this song gives me hope that someone gets it, you got it bro, your distortion on the outro IS the shit !!!!! love it

    Anthony Ryan

    Me too!

    Adam Rodriguez

    THANKS, No one like Jimi, Had account hacked sometime back, cant access account anymore, Was meant to have cover on title, Sorry

  50. ramivalencia

    Had to add it to my Favs list.

  51. ramivalencia

    Ok, it's not Hendrix, but this track/cover is super groovy. I'm not even mad at you, but fuck all the others with their retarded track backing or whatever.

  52. Florence Beasley

    I like it but...........wanted to hear hendrixxx.....putzilla!!!...219

  53. jaycrall69

    drummer drags fucking hard

  54. Jimena Gallardo

    TOCAS muy bien!

  55. Jerry Jazzbo

    I don't give a shit. You lied!

  56. Sam Roney

    JH tribute?? Um, Uh..Thats nice, but Born Under a Bad Sign isn't even a JH song at all... (mmkay?) YouTube has no evidence, whatsoever, of any JH version of the song. As a popular blues standard, I don't doubt that JH may have jammed on it at some time, the idea of "tributizing" JH in a rendition of "Born Under a Bad Sign" is a kind of stupid, somewhat like tributizing Michael Jackson with a rendition of "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay". In case you missed it, Albert King wrote "Born Under a Bad Sign", it was made more famouse by Cream, and Jimi Hendrix was NOT a member of Cream. Maybe you meant to do a Clapton tribute?


    Sam Roney Dude, shut the fuck up. Hendrix indeed played this track. Just google it. You probably spend more time researching porn than fact-checking your retarded claims.


    Sam Roney Since you obviously don't know how to do a simple search.

  57. jjohn341

    lovin this , and you sure got some of jimi in yer , dig it .

  58. Dyelon Joyce

    No offense to whoever did this version, but this doesn’t not even compare to the version jimi did on the blues album. Go to the iTunes Store and buy the blues album by Jimi Hendrix....it’s worth it

    Lars Finsen

    It's a pretty good 'cover', I think. But you're right, it doesn't compare because they are totally different. Just as Jimi would have played it totally differently on another occasion. (I don't know if there are other recordings.)

    Anthony Ryan

    Its worth it. But I think Jimi would appreciate this more that he is keeping in legend alive! The sooner you grow up, the quicker you will understand.

  59. Andre Lopez

    Link to Jimi Hendrix version http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x579gf5

  60. builtonblues

    cheap shot just to get hits, shame on you

  61. Jonathan Martinez

    I was going to post this on Facebook and say, " this song picks at my soul" but the fact that I instantly knew this isn't jimi, my soul don't want to be plucked no mo..... they did try though, always a plus


    Jonathan Martinez I usually don't like covers, but this one is not just a lame copy. He added his own twist and touch. I love it. It's not the original, but it's a great interpretation.

  62. Wayne Nutter

    He can play at my birthday party!

  63. Wayne Nutter

    Not bad. I like it.

  64. Darkside Johnny

    Inspiring, dude.

  65. Robert Rene

    Great Cover fuck the haters

  66. Anonymous Advocate

    It's a cover and the video is lame.

    Anthony Ryan

    Nobody can rerecord Jimi's thoughts, but his guitar, maybe so! its close enough.

  67. Lynn Bain

    Wow Your Playing Is Out Of Sight Excellent Cover Thank You For The Upload

  68. Art Vasch

    another deceptive title, another thumb down.

  69. Adam Sherman

    Bad ass

  70. Política Chata

    i don't watch liars. Don't say you're Jimi, It's outrageous!!!

    Anthony Ryan

    He never said he was Jimi. As soon as you realize this, maybe you can appreciate the concept of keeping a legend alive. Post your rendition of Jimi and let all of us judge you. So your not the man you think you are? Hahahaha

  71. Johnny Begood


  72. Leo Van Vliet

    Brilliant Mate !!!! Good Work ! Bridgetown Blues Festival 25th Anniversary Nov 2017 !!! See YOU there !!!!

    Leo Van Vliet


  73. danimalplanimal

    except it's not Jimi...maybe put 'cover' in the title

    John Emerson

    Jimi's performance is the best. No question. King is great. Clapton really rocked it, too, better than King, but Hendrix buried them both on his Blues album.

    Adam Rodriguez

    account was hacked years ago, I have not been able to access this account for years, then one day someone told me that it had views, I apologize guys, There's only Jimi and there will never be anyone like him. I hope you like what I tried to do with the song. Didn't mean too offend anyone, please share any music , the world needs more music in it instead of the sound of bombs and death.Thanks - Adam Perez Rodriguez

    Lair of the Mastermind

    @Adam Rodriguez excuses mate....you've lost some fans here with your horrendous comments...shame because your a pretty good guitar player

    Gear Jammer

    @Sam Roney Hendrix plays an instrumental version on posthumously-released album "Blues"

    Jay Doe

    He sure did play this. Jimi Hendrix blues album. For godamm reason no one has uploaded the full track from the album

  74. Henry Gondorff

    little Half Time shuffle in the background. Send me a CD

  75. Henry Gondorff

    made my day bro. Fantastic

  76. Reclusive Ranter

    nice werk!

  77. Ja Sma

    Funky Drummer.

    David Walker

    yeah holy shit that drummer is badass

  78. Mudkicker11

    pretty neat guitar sound !