Hendrix, Jimi - (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man Lyrics

The gypsy woman told my mother
Before I was born
I got a boy child's comin'
He's gonna be a son of a gun
He gonna make pretty women's
Jump and shout
Then the world wanna know
What this all about
But you know I'm him
Everybody knows I'm him
Well you know I'm the hoochie coochie man
Everybody knows I'm him

I got a black cat bone
I got a mojo too
I got the Johnny Concheroo
I'm gonna mess with you
I'm gonna make you girls
Lead me by my hand
Then the world will know
The hoochie coochie man
But you know I'm him
Everybody knows I'm him
Oh you know I'm the hoochie coochie man
Everybody knows I'm him

On the seventh hours
On the seventh day
On the seventh month
The seven doctors say
He was born for good luck
And that you'll see
I got seven hundred dollars
Don't you mess with me
But you know I'm him
Everybody knows I'm him
Well you know I'm the hoochie coochie man
Everybody knows I'm him

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Hendrix, Jimi (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man Comments
  1. D LaFont

    All these hidden gems

  2. Lynn Bain

    Rock it Jimi !

  3. Gooje Dooje

    1967sounds like BBC live studio mitch noel five string bass

    Daniel LaCroix

    It isn't the BBC version.

    Scott Emmons

    Noel never played a 5 string with The Experience. He did play a Fender Electric 6 in '66, a Gibson EB-2 (-I believe) as well as a Dan Electro Long Horn and in '67 Chas' Mustang Bass and of course the Hagstrom 8 string.

  4. manu vellutini

    Superbe version. Jamais entendu pour ma part. Qq un aurait il des infos sur ou quand et avec qui ? En tout cas merci pour la musique de jimi !

    Paul Roy

    bbc session a mon avis mais rien n'est sur

    manu vellutini

    Une indication avec le slide guitare qui te fais dire ça !?

  5. Scott Emmons

    Meat and potato drummer, could it be Buddy?

  6. Dbalx

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UPLOAD, FIRST TIME TO HEAR IT!!! IS THIS CD CONTAINS MORE RARE STUFF LIKE THIS? Who else plays on this version do we know?? Thank you once again!!!!!

    Daniel LaCroix

    You're very welcome. As i recall there was nothing else that wasn't available in higher quality elsewhere on that CD, just this unique gem. As far as musicians go, all is I know is it doesn't sound like Mitch or Noel. As far as the time, I really think it's in January 0f '68 before they left for the big American tour at the end of the month but It could be earlier though in later '67.


    Yeah agree maybe Alexis Korner in slide who knows there were so many known and unknown musicians that Jimi jammed :) Yeah one option is January 68 and the other July 68, when the Woburn festival took place. In the past you sent me some phtoos of Jimi "chrono pics" I still appreciate you too much for this! God bless you.

    Daniel LaCroix

    @Dbalx if there is anything I can do to spread Jimi's music I try to do that. His music is like the mountains and the trees, it is a gift to be appreciated. Have you seen the other videos on my channel?

    Daniel LaCroix

    In particular I did a pretty decent remaster of the LA Forum show 1970-04-25. It's the entire show.


    Yeah I've checked everything from you, and everything you touch turn to gold! God bless you!

  7. Kurt Max?

    Very very nice. Here's that Brian Jones thing you were talking about. https://www.facebook.com/kurtsclassicrockvideocollection/videos/2288763674480162/