Henderson, Ella - Lay Down Lyrics

Won’t you lay down
And tell me the places you’ve been
Won’t you lay down
And relive your story again
If things could turn back around
I know I would do anything
Won’t you lay down
‘Cause I know that heaven’s waiting

Won’t you stay now
There’s so much that’s never been said
Won’t you stay now
Remind me to never forget
And I, I won’t break down
I don’t want to live with regret
Won’t you stay now
I’ll be by your side ‘til the end

And you’ve been to places I’ve never been
Built your walls so high but you’d always let me in
You showed me that love can build a home
But now I see that it’s time to let you go

Won’t you lay down
And tell me the places you’ve been
Won’t you lay down
And relive your story again
If things could turn back around
I know I would do anything
Won’t you lay down
‘Cause I know that heaven’s waiting

No, no
If things could turn back around
I know I would do anything
Won’t you lay down
‘Cause I know that heaven’s waiting

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Henderson, Ella Lay Down Comments
  1. EbukA Anyanwu

    This is beautiful 🙂

  2. Hope&Britney LPS

    “Won’t you lay down.. and tell me the places you’ve been.... won’t you lay down.. and relive your story again”

    Man.. that line hits different

  3. Leonie Scott

    One of my closest friends funeral song. First time I've listened to it since her funeral in March 19 as couldnt listen. Miss you always Kate 💜

  4. Jaime Sena

    As much as it hurts this reminds me of him.🤗

  5. Marie Cyprien-Taylor

    One of her best songs, I love it and she is beautiful and amazing 💖❤️

  6. John Robertson


  7. Yanni Miel Briones

    i love this song

  8. Xinli Jia

    I'm using this song for my contemporary recital and competition dance.👯‍♂️👯‍♂️

    Gaga Moli


    Xinli Jia

    Gaga Moli thanks🤗👍

  9. Gary Nicholas

    One of my favourite records - Beautiful - Very meaningful - My daughter sings this record too - It melts you.

  10. Teri LaFaye Pistol Poet TM


  11. Michael B

    So Beautiful

  12. Sean Uden

    Always makes me cry 😂

  13. Todd Eidson

    Now i enjoy your music i find you wonderful this song is great and for you to write this at such a young age floors me you are amazing ,thank you i hope you get everything in life and you and your family have a wonderful life because that is what life is all about having a wonderful life we just need to have great days and try to get through the bad ones i am excited for what is coming next in your musical career God Bless you

  14. Candi Fairchild


  15. Catsnmi2

    Love the song, the voice and Ella. Thanks a lot!

  16. Bobbie Rowland

    Cry !!! Can dead dad age 9 been he opposition very Best day sweet baby you're of do you very like to bed founder

  17. Bobbie Rowland

    Asked to six cat jazz song

  18. David Tyndall

    There must be a couple million singers in this world but there is only one ELLA.

  19. Lyndylou X

    Why don't we hear more from this beautiful Lady. I prefer her to Adele.

    bjd jfc

    wow do u know why don't we I love why don't we so much and i love Jack avery so much he is so cute and I love him so much I love all of thim but I love Jack the most and I love Jack and danial togther omg they make me laugh so much

    Erika Aleksandra

    Adele is way more better. But this song is better

    John Robertson

    new album out soon..YYESS

  20. Deni Rexhar

    this gives me so many memories but i don't remember what happened in them and i don't know why this song remindes me of them...

  21. Todd Eidson

    On March 16 my friend Cindy passed away from Cancer I wish things would have turned around for her she left Sammy her 4 year old and I can't imagine how she going through life without her Mother this song is a perfect tribute to her thank you and God Bless you 🌹

  22. Todd Eidson

    My favorite song of yours its so touching my heart is forever changed by you I feel wonderful when I see and hear you ❤️ thank you

  23. david Wright2017

    This is good song and good video

  24. Todd Eidson

    I love this song I've heard people say( give up the ghost) is your best and yours is wonderful but this song to me is one of finest I have ever heard my life I have tears Everytime bi hear it your are an Angel Ella I know this song means a lot to you

  25. Todd Eidson

    This is my favorite song by you and I love it and you too I can't.even grasp on how wonderful you are and I started listening in November of last year and I have missed a lot but you and a couple of other singers got it for me but I feel something when your songs are playing I thank you I'm waiting for your next songs God bless you i

  26. Fiona A


  27. Todd Eidson

    God Bless you Ella

  28. Todd Eidson

    I like to say I watched your audition on the x-factor and it was amazing no wonder I love your music you have been wonderful for a long time,thank you

    Todd Eidson

    Your Grandfather must have been the greatest man my was too he was gentle and loving, thank you that song puts tears in my eyes and I've listened 30 times

  29. Todd Eidson

    I love this song it makes me cry

  30. Todd Eidson

    I find this song very personal and it must be for someone that you must of really loved and if that's the case I am sorry for love is almost as painful as death I believe this is so beautiful it deserves a video I almost want start crying but time heals all pain Ella you are a star and you should be gigantic I just love your music crazy I believe. You should brake out I hope part 2 to is coming because if it is look out world here comes the biggest album CD what ever, thank you for touching me it's been a long time and you and two other singers are my favorites

  31. Katye Donoghue

    I absolutely love Ella Henderson! I love her voice so much that I just had to do a cover. I did a cover of lay down if anyone is interested in taking a listen id love feedback. KD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e2HPD_FXh8

  32. Ashley Weitzel


  33. Todd Eidson

    There is heaven on Earth and it's in the one who you love more than your own life ❤️ I wish you everything you are a magical woman and I will always carry a part of you with me , God Bless you 🌹EH

  34. Simon Jackson

    I'm not sure but isn't she really famous in the UK and other places to.

  35. traceycullum

    i just love her music

  36. Sarah Mitchell

    My heart still aches for you 😔💔😔

  37. ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia

    Lovely Ella

  38. Suzie Furey


  39. Courtney Smith


  40. Graeme Glendinning

    Thats quality material from Ella, which is what she needs, best female singer bar none, that song has the emotion that got her noticed initially i think

    Zanica Geldenhuys

    Wake up and listen to her other songs. Where quite a few were No. 1. Her music is amazing all around.

  41. KID'S TALK with ELLA

    I need this song

  42. Margie Baez


  43. Maria Roberts

    Ella well done , on lay down song stunning xxxxx

  44. Robert Smith

    Beautiful xx

  45. Greg Wells

    Beautiful song Ella, such great young talent.

  46. Monds 52

    Yes MyCarol you were by my side till the end. If things could turn back around i know i would do anything cause I know that Heaven's waiting

  47. J Azar

    You took the two A from my name and family name put them together in your name :)

  48. Patricia Mcgraw

    Love this song.

  49. Robert Mitchell

    Truly beautiful!

    Bobbie Rowland

    Example but good day sweet

  50. maria jacobs

    Lay down beautiful ❤️

  51. Kelli H

    Beautiful 🌹

    Xinli Jia

    Kelli H I agree

  52. EVIL EYE

    I will stay when heaven is waiting ♥️♥️♥️🎄don’t let go!

    Bobbie Rowland

    Bearful girl

  53. Lorie Shedenhelm

    He will NEVER stay!

  54. Balinda Dodds

    Plz. Dont ket me go. I want u still. But i was fooled you are not even who, i fell in love with. Why did u do this to us.

  55. nilufar hussein


  56. Trinity Villanueva

    This song made me cry .. I thought about one of my friends who had an accident recently and this song explains exactly how I feel

  57. God's Disciple


  58. SCS Challam

    What a wonderful song n words also👌👌

  59. Taiane Camila Vaz

    i love it

  60. Supriatin 12345678

    Love all of her song, touching, calming,feel contented

  61. Iwona Boszko


  62. Roderick Warjri

    But now I see, it's time to let you go..... wow 😭it got me !!!

  63. Kristen Liles

    She has such an amazing voice!!love this song💖

  64. ali alishba

    And 1:48

  65. ali alishba

    I love 1:15

  66. Michael Dodds

    This has the same backing track as glass heart by Jason Chen.

  67. Universal Channel 7

    how you make wallpaper plz plz plz plz tell

    Bobbie Rowland

    Cool Michelle

  68. J Azar

    My kind of love

  69. R Tanayan

    Wow very very beautiful and loving and heart touching song.very very beautiful sweet amazing voice you have beautiful.wonderful video with lyrics.this song got me in tears thinking of someone very very special in my heart🐯💞🐯😢💔😘💖✌🙏☝@S if you listening to this channel.please just know my love and care for you @S and two kids always always [email protected] MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PLEASE STAY WARM ENJOY HAVE FUN [email protected] please takecare of yourself please beautiful sweetheart like I say it won't be to long @S 🐯💞🐯😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔🙏☝

  70. Rohit Thapliyal

    Hey Jessie I have a doubt , don't you get any copyright strike for these music that you use

    Bobbie Rowland

    City long ago

  71. J Azar

    I ll be by your side till the end

  72. J Azar

    I don t want to live with regrets

  73. Shaa Channel

    VERY NICE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  74. Jenny Army

    I dedicate this part 1:49 to BTS💜


    God's Disciple


    Jungkook's girl


    Gemma Kurbah


  75. Kim HanNelle

    I want to lay down but I cant it seems hard..😪

  76. Lea Joy Cordero

    I love the lyrics tho😘

  77. feifei zhao

    so light so moving

  78. S R

    Please google 432 hz music your channel would blow up if you uploaded all the songs in 432hz or 528hz

    S R

    @SuperbLyrics I just googled how to convert music Into 432hz you can google the same how to for 528hz there Is so many people searching for this just type in YouTube eminem 432hz or britney 432hz type any popular singer in YouTube to find it
    This is an under tapped market on YouTube your channel will explode if you converted all music into that frequency also I reccomend not to put the singers face on the music lyrics people dont like that when theyre sending that song to a loved one dedicating it to their gif or bf and the singer on the lyrics screen looks nothing like them http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.com/2014/09/how-to-easily-convert-any-music-to.html?m=1

  79. masuma BG

    reminD me to never forGet
    and Ï won't break down
    Î don't want to live with ReGretS

  80. Sandy Spears

    How can I get there now the garden is full

  81. Nonaa

    This is soo sad :,(

  82. Judy Atha

    Amazing song

  83. Cp Family

    Do a the lyrics for Helium by Sia thank you love your channel

    Cp Family

    cp family lol hi there

    Bobbie Rowland

    Happy famliy

  84. Hélia Alves

    I know that heaven is waiting <3

  85. Anonymous Superstar

    All these years and it still hurts the same

    Erika Aleksandra

    Here with you 😭

  86. Easy Esther

    Wow beautifull lovely song

  87. Sunil Rana official


  88. KID'S TALK with ELLA

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 am sheding coz so sweet

  89. zynkdina 7

    Subscribe me all who saw my comment!!! If not I'll go to your home tmrw 🤣😁😁😂

  90. Seleny Cruz

    Where’s my early squad

  91. Cqthrine Leeyen

    im 13.....it amazing dude

  92. Lak Mi


  93. Crdsa 2

    I really enjoyed it... Please like 🙏 my Comments 😍😍😍😂😂😂😁😁

    Emma Curran

    Honey I'd all this anxiety today even though I'm truly happy with you. I don't even know why thought my head was going to explode XXXX

    Bobbie Rowland

    Hi bobbie comments

  94. moonlight ze furry

    Butiful song and great video ur so good at making them