Hendersin - Be As I Am Lyrics

Say what you wanna say
Hear what you need to hear
But I, I'll be as I am
Go, if you wanna go
Stay, if you need to stay
But I, I'll be as I am
I'll be as I am
Be as I am
Be as I am
Be as I am
Be as I am

I'm not the type to respond right after you text me (text me, text me)
Yeah, but if you do the same shit, it will probably upset me (-set me, -set me)
Yeah, don't look for me to ever start a conversation (-sation, -sation)
Yeah, and how I'm feeling, well, I'm never really giving confirmation (-mation, -mation)
I'm hard to read, can't decypher the code
Wanna know the cost of love, like the price when it's told
And I love the time we spent, yeah, I like when it's sold
But my drive is hard to handle, like there's ice on the road
I'm swerving out of my lane
And y'all say I'm insane
I may kinda know five, yeah, I'm bringing the pain
There be rentals in this bitch, I'ma sing in the rain
Talk is cheap, pay you no mind, go and complain

Say what you wanna say
Hear what you need to hear
But I, I'll be as I am
Go, if you wanna go
Stay, if you need to stay
But I, I'll be as I am
I'll be as I am
Be as I am
Be as I am
Be as I am
Be as I am

I'm really not the person you should come to for advice (-vice, -vice)
Empathy wasn't meant for me, I'ma tell you that's life (life, life)
Yeah, 'cause I'm the type that really wanna run when they all walk (all walk, all walk)
Yeah, I got big dreams, I don't really have time for small talk (small talk, small talk)
No, I know that I sound like a jackass, Johnny Knoxville
Me against the world, yeah, always had that pop feel
People in Hollywood acting like they mad
Real talents filled with self promoters, I just call a Advil
I just need some pain relief
Fuck it, pain is brief
Honestly, right now I'm tryna train the thief
'Cause if there's one thing that you should take away
Your future depends on decisions that you make today

Say what you wanna say
Hear what you need to hear (yeah)
But I, I'll be as I am (That's why I do what I do, 'cause)
Go, if you wanna go (I know there's a higher purpose)
Stay, if you need to stay
But I, (Call me a jerk) I'll be as I am
I'll be as I am (An idiot, like)
Be as I am (Whatever you want)
Be as I am (But this is me)
Be as I am (Yeah, be as I am)
Be as I am (Be as I am)

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  1. Cory A2000

    I be as i am

  2. Marco

    This Piano is so awesome! I love your music!

  3. Roma Hernandez

    John Cena!!!!!

  4. C.U.L.T.U.R.E

    This is awesome, great message. Grown folks rap. 🔥🔥

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    Beautiful ❤️

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  7. Mohammed cool

    i like it when u add different sounds to the beat, its dope, keep going buddy!!!

  8. Ciege TV

    fire af

  9. Rhynovor

    Jesus , I remember listening to Hendersin like 4-5 years ago on Henny in ya system album , this dude still dropping fire till now. Much Respect

  10. bySuTiL

    1:10 is the lyrics correct? i'm trying to translate this song into spanish but i dont know what "five" means in this sentence and i dont know if you say "bitch" or "beach" :(
    "I may kinda know five, yeah, I'm bringing the pain
    There be rentals in this bitch, I'ma sing in the rain"

  11. Rix tole

    Keep going, You will hit the Moon SOON bro <3

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    the fucking master in weariness and how I would love to support my channel as support yours to death

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    Hola soy de colombia y diras que hago aqui pero te recomiendo no solo subir musica por youtube si no por emisoras me entiendes

  15. leonardo abreu

    it would be cool if you post the lyrics in the description! but rly good song thx

  16. f7 l

    Your songs are perfect 👌🤗😊✌👍👍

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    i really really like your songs!!! so good.

  18. BleinLine

    Epic Song!!!

  19. Fate

    i've been on your channel for aloooong time and i found it cause ivan b and thats also how i found abstract but im just here to say how good your music is keep up the hard work man love your channel :)


    and you are also reaaaally keeping up on your channel you upload every week other rappers take a while

  20. KXSilver & Rexo49

    I wonder why you are not famous still? You are great!

  21. Anne Auerbach

    My favorite daaate ❤

  22. Rik Louman

    Only fire here since day 1.... keep on going... you will make it🔥❤

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    solid bro

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    You are the best hendersin


    in love

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    #teamhenny Keep the good work i'm supporting u till death i love u !

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    I love this

  31. GingerNinja614

    This is great. You always release great songs

  32. Liyura Thao

    Thank you man... Ur lyrics are true... I just got broken up and this song really hits me hard so thank you...

  33. Joso MG

    Tu puedes bro!!! Sigue adelante

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    Lovely ❤__❤

  35. Kyrios

    Fucking love the song, relatively new fan. I'm glad to have found you.
    Here to stick to the end

  36. Dasmre

    🔥 as always

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    You never stop surprising me #teamhenny

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    Bro this is absolutely inspiring keep up the good work

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    Been listening to you for about 5 or more years. Don’t ever quit this Heny, you’ll get that bit break you’re waiting for, trust me brother


    Since you are a long fan, can you tell me the reason behind the characteristic high pitch voice that he uses in all of his songs ? :D

  41. Jairo Victor

    Buena canción amo tu musica bro

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    hallucinate From the second 0:56

  43. StilliAno

    Notification Squad ❤️, great song once again Hendo!

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    Love all the new music that's been coming at man! Huge fan, come to Columbus, Ohio real soon please!

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    *I am not speak english, but it's beautiful!!*

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    Yet another blessing💙 from #teamhenny hendersin

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    The Stormer

    la jitbacks He lives in Massachusetts


    The Millionnaire thanks bro!

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    joaco Maggio

    Y si jajajaj, che te parece que hablemos por WhatsApp o Instagram? Pegamos amistad jejej


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    joaco Maggio

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