Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow Lyrics

You heard about, "be your own man"
You talk a lot and loud
Illustrate the obvious boy
You're mentally endowed

Watershed year comes
You're flush with fever
The richest junk dealer

Honestly, a book you read once let you
Think in rhyme. The old extreme sits
Pale and molds now for the
Millionth time

Wilma's rainbow of peaceful colors
The richest junk dealer

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Helmet Wilma's Rainbow Comments
  1. Maverick Communication

    Great song. But what a horrible video.

  2. Grabbler


  3. Gonzalo Iván Vázquez Jiménez

    This video with an acid is OVERPOWERED strong, don't try it.

  4. Pavel Rakyta

    Love this song, love this album, the best Helmet album. First heard it in 1995 when I was 15, and I am still listening to it now.

  5. Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian

    a swans clone that ruled

  6. # 9

    "I think like this is what your butt looks like from the inside" -Butthead

  7. NAC

    Yep, thank you Beavis & Butthead! \m/

  8. DreaminMachine

    Aw man....this song means so much to me. It was one of the first Helmet songs I heard, and those lyrics and instruments really stuck with me as a new kid in high school. Just saw Helmet last night and this was such a fucking awesome song to enjoy....their still killing it years later..


    Got to see them back in the day. Good times!

  10. Vince Sanity

    Beavis and Butthead brought me here

  11. gunfuego

    fuck you I'm listening to good music.

  12. John Monroney

    Richest What Dealer?
    lyrrics i lopked up says ' junk" i think itd drug dealer, yhe video is trippy but what do i kmow

  13. Terrell Dunn

    I went to the 2015 ‘Betty 20th reunion show where they played Betty in order in its entirety. It was a very small venue. They came on stage, plugged in and hit that first riff and almost blew the doors off. Helmet can move some serious air! Can’t wait to see the ‘30 year’ tour next month.

  14. godlike46

    Compressorhead played it better

  15. Kirill Zlobin

    I dunno why, but CGI effects reminded me Spider Man Jetix series

  16. Paul Murphy

    Damn!!.........Havent heard this tune in like 20 years!...........Fuck, I'm old!!!!

  17. Corey Thurman

    I love you helmet

  18. Michael Gorny

    Heroin is the richest drug dealer

  19. Saturday Morning


  20. KoRnBaKo

    Beavis and Butt-head brought me here, uh huh huh huh huh huh

    Bought my ticket for their October show here in Dublin. Can't wait!

  21. Reverend Benzo

    This song makes me feel like I'm on drugs which I am.

  22. PoliticalTalkAbout

    One of my top ten all time faves.
    Helmet is ingenious.
    -Page Hamilton forever!

  23. Dale Corner

    Okay, I will share a loved memory of mine. I was about 13 and my dad had just gotten out of prison. He bought an old 70s all black Ford Bronco and put 4 15 inch speakers in the rear and smaller mids and tweets throughout. Rockford Fosgate throughout. So, here we were rolling around Seattle and the first song I heard was from Helmet, I believe it was the strap it on album. That was also the first Album my dad gave me when he got out, that and a set of Koss headphones with a Koss tape player. Some nights I would fall asleep listening to the album. Thanks for being part of my memories Helmet. It just would not have been the same without you.

  24. Emmanuel Aulis França

    Page Hamilton + Tommy Victor (Prong) + Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) = Lendas. Pais de todos os guitarristas dos anos 90 e 2000.

  25. Marx ist

    Es lo más esta banda! HELMET

  26. Holden

    Impossible not to headbang when the guitars kick in after that intro.

  27. PastoralScarf12

    I has a seizure now

  28. Nicholas Copeland

    These could play!!!

  29. Stoned Heavy


  30. Ryan Hill

    Vocals are just horrible

  31. BrutalDeath007

    Fuckin love this song

  32. Frank Cramo

    I feel so lucky to have grown up in the 80s-90s...the best music ever came from the grunge era hands down...the list of bands just goes on and on....
    I actually feel bad for millennials as they think good music is a guy pressing buttons on a box and pumping their fist in the air .

  33. Jesse Lavon

    Ahh the 90's when the bass was usually in the mix with the guitars

  34. Jo-e Su-e

    grunge is the best rock

  35. Travis Lamb Lamb

    The best, worst band ever!

  36. Milena

    90s rock was the best

  37. Mariana Araya

    This just never gets old

  38. sad but rad

    0.75 speed = better

  39. Nick Bauman

    Love the drum sound.

  40. Diego Oliveira

    É noiiis brs

  41. Diego Oliveira

    É noiiis brs

  42. sqnx

    this the song

  43. shrew

    love the eggs in the bg

  44. Whisper Signal

    I used to crush Mario 64 to this album. Fond fucking memories of a better, happier time.

  45. Whisper Signal

    Look at all of that orange cauliflower!

  46. marky 6

    They don't make snares like this anymore 😒

  47. Nyosh

    Glad I only listened to this once

  48. Hugue Bouchard

    estie de fuck out the christ de bon clip.phycadelique.

  49. K Comm

    Stanier's snare sound is like Cinnamon Toast Crunch with ice cold milk......tasty.

  50. TheThrashzilla

    yeah; saw them live 1994 in switzerland...what a great gig!! sadly I lost my white Betty shirt a few years later:-(( but anyway, great times!!

  51. Bubba Zanetti

    Alex Winter, Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure directed this.

  52. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Are you haveing Sexual intercorse with a Shape shifting creamated Dead Woman, Than Call Condom Man! Cause I wouldn't want my mother to Catch some OUT WORDLY! STDS, Yeah not my MoMA sicko!

  53. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    I really don't know nothing about goast, so you could be my mom. Goast shape Shift huh!

  54. Rob Marina

    Wow 90s blotter art!!

  55. Load and ReLoad

    KoЯn's "Here to Stay" clip was influenced by this clip, lol.

  56. Prettybrokenspiral

    Good song but this video is hilariously awful..

  57. Plastico Flamingo

    Kings of Sludge.

  58. Shawn Hellman

    Motherfuking snares on point boy!😉love the sound, we need more of this in OUR SOCIETY today...😉😉😉😉😎

  59. Neva' eh's Natas


  60. Michael Berg

    I like the snare. This band had a sound that was definitely all their own. Love it.

  61. chupito ace

    These guys should be jumping and breaking something.

  62. Nicolas Campbell

    Helmet's signature sound is those sludgey distorted guitars,crisp bass,and loud snares in the drums

  63. Dee Taylor

    One of my fav bands

  64. Rob Watts

    I love Helmet since the first time I heard them.

  65. Sean Day

    Sounds like I'm 18 again

  66. Parasite

    why would anyone dislike this

  67. Dave the Dude

    Nice POP on that snare drum...git n it done

  68. gunfuego

    I have a fever... and the only cure is more snare drum......

  69. Luquitagl

    That solo just screams Sonic Youth. I love it

  70. Ian Chameleon

    The richest Juuuug deeeeeealer

  71. Najib Ramadhan

    that tempo in opening song is lil bit different with middle until ending song, if you interest, compared it 0:18 with 1:51

  72. Edge Razor

    For me genre of helmet is a smart rock.

  73. Duncan D.

    An unfortunate video. A gleefully psychedelic cinematic trip for an earnestly unpsychedelic band. Should have featured more live footage. Helmet is from NYC... Is this the gun metal grey antidote of East Coast hardcore for the Golden New Age West Coast bullshit??

  74. Evocative Arts

    Terrible solo!! Love this song tho 🤘

  75. Matts Vanderstank

    Pause at 2:23, funny face!

  76. Michael Gorny

    These dudes were intelligent, having the Mandelbrot Zoom. Infinite fractals.

  77. emilyrl

    Strap it on baby!

  78. emilyrl

    Page is such a giant 😍😍😍

  79. Hiram Abiff From Sirius

    I'm so old I call this Helmet's new stuff.

  80. Bishbashboshboshbosh

    Great tune but what a mess of a solo.

    Tom Towers

    Bishbashboshboshbosh They were like stripped down metal.

  81. J Shields

    You know your taste in music is leveling up when you come across this band. Awesome, so awesome. Love Betty and Aftertaste. Great band!

  82. Ash Mark

    Always had an unpolished raw sound , I think that's what appeals to me...

  83. Page Hamilton

    You heard about, be your own man - Music like this is still being made today, search up 'Take A Look - HeadAche (Official Music Video)'

  84. Ej Icon

    Linkin Park brought me here.

  85. deadinthewater

    Still have their first three albums.

  86. Justin Garrison

    Thinking man's music at its best and worst. Fukn classic.

  87. Lady snake84

    Wow, back when musicians used actual instruments I miss those days of 'real' music.🤘😎🤘

  88. 123WelshDan321

    Man, I love this early 90s neo-psychedelic post-hardcore alt-math metal sound.


    123WelshDan321 - now say that in English

  89. Bif McGuffin


  90. Kenn Dumais


  91. Dylan McLarnon


    ^^^ If you dig Betty-Era Helmet

  92. Paulo Fonda

    bom de mais

  93. Ryan Bergen

    Can’t believe I just got into this band. Amazing. Way ahead of their time. Much respect.

  94. Ezidio Alves

    Bons tempos de MTV!

  95. C Parks

    Nothing beats 90s music videos. People, this is what music LOOKS like.......

  96. simon mcdonald

    ....by heavens mahn .... how could you...........oh. i heard it said.... an acquaintance of mine had seven children.... - i said goods heavens a beating for each day of the week..... just to be fair........

  97. FNBerg744

    Helmet is just Helmet. Saw em twice in Memphis back bout '94

  98. NewJackRustler

    Thanks to John Stainer Jean Paul Gaster, and Tim Alexander for showing me how to play the drums.