Helmet - Beautiful Love Lyrics

Beautiful love, you're all a mystery
Beautiful love, what have you done to me?
I was contented 'till you came along
Thrilling, my soul with your song

Beautiful love, you're all a mystery
Beautiful love, what have you done to me?
I was contented 'till you came along
will my dreams come true

Beautiful love,I've roamed your paradise
Searching for love, my dreams to realise
Reaching for heaven,depending on you
Beautiful love,will my dreams come true

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Helmet Beautiful Love Comments
  1. Gonzalo Ivan Gil

    Does anybody know what kind of jazz this is ?(characterized by the type of soloing, rhythm an its particular tempo displayed here) I am trying to find more like it but find it difficult to find anyone playing at this tempo etc.

  2. Jeremiah Haubenreiser

    What they did here is perfection...
    Then... The devolvement.... Such
    Luscious contrast... GR8 stuff......

  3. Aight Den

    This scared the shit outta me I was chilling to jazz then just noise appeared

  4. Andrew

    "Lowe's truck runs red light" brought me here


    I don't suppose you're inclined to expand on that reference, I'm actually curious.

    Frosty Wasp

    @jambo2685 here ya go mate

  5. Troy Murphy

    Who's that girl?

    Tom Rodriguez


    Chad Dickhaut

    The physical embodiment of this song.

  6. Tim Zilar

    This is where jazz started...and then fell off a cliff, landing in the town below and crashed through the roof of a garage full a of acne-ridden teens who then then started screaming bloody murder as all their equipment burst into flames....Perfect. Job Well Done.  

  7. mdprice24

    Helmet will always be a favorite of mine, but I will also never understand the noise rock style.

    Brian Hartnett

    from Page himself: It's a song from the Thirties. But I was turned onto it through hearing the Bill Evans version. I also thought it was a great title that would stick out on a Helmet record. I'm a jazz nerd, but the other guys, I had to trick them into doing this a little bit. Back then John was reluctant to do things that he deemed uncool. So I went into the studio and pretended we just getting some levels. I said, "We need to hear the drums. Do that shit you do in sound check. Play the whole kit." He did his thing and we recorded it. Then I did the same thing to Henry. I took those pieces, put them together and overdubbed all this shit on top of it. Then I spliced it into the song. I basically fooled the guys into doing free jazz.

  8. nmdunkel


  9. SatanaInSensoCosmico


  10. Merlin Erdogmus

    the best cover ever, thanks for the upload