Helloween - Warrior Lyrics

Blackened sky a final flash
Death is in the air
Warriors without a face
Destruction everywhere


Silent falls the hammer
Noone hears the cries
No escaping from this hell
Your prayers won't be heard...so die

Brainless cruel commanders
Sending death and pain
Soldiers only robots
Fight for their life in vain



Die now die warrior!
Die now die warrior!

Somewhere in the shelter sit the men
Who hold your fate in hands
Playin' chess and you're the loser
You're a small pawn in their game

Somewhere in the shelter sit the men
And they don't realise
A war without survivors is a fight
That's never won...so die!

Barren land desolate waste
Destruction is complete
Survivors creeping thru the ruins
Decaying flesh and meat

Somewhere in a shelter
Some pigs are still alive
And still they play the game
They don't give a damn...so die!


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Helloween Warrior Comments
  1. AsiA I.

    IndiA tiger says germany bestmedal for heavy metal  there is also acknowledgement forscandinavian countries too you are very enthusiastic and good at what you dowhether that be job or hobby.

  2. Martin Baurmann

    Nichts geht über die alte Zeit! Aufgewachsen , geprägt und immer wieder........

  3. h1e2x3

    The worst decision of Helloween was to hire the vocalist. The best was first short LP and Walls. The rest is not so good.

  4. Marco Polo.

    Que geni🎃 el hij🎃 de puta de KAI HANSEN. ☄

  5. Matze

    00:47 Silent falls the hammer
    No one hears the cries
    No escaping from this hell
    Your prayers won't be heard...so die !!!

  6. Trash //


  7. tf2sno

    This is sooo good

  8. Shawn Kernen


  9. Ivan Hernandez

    Great song 🤘💯

  10. Shodan lov3r

    pure energy!!!

  11. Enrique Fuentes

    Im 24, this is my dad's favorite Helloween albums. Luckily as a kid he let me listen to it. This is true music!!!!!

  12. Claudio Verdugo

    Terrible disco .!!!!!

    juan andres cordoba murcia

    Claudio Verdugo Estas sordo?

  13. Sajjad Shafin

    Those riffs are insane!

  14. BulldogS3

    ...So Die !!!

  15. Bernt Sunde

    This is fantastic, very gloomy but agressive. The music fits very well the horrific theme. I would say this song is an often forgotten gem among the excellent Jericho album.

  16. Roadhouse Blues

    Heavy Metal Tarihindeki en azılı, en güzel parçaların başlarında yer alır! Kollarındaki tüyler ürpermiyorsa bir şey hissetmiyorsun demektir!

    Cem Biçer

    Ne güzel yazmışsın be üstad

  17. Blasphemus 666

    sin lugar a dudas uno de los albunes mas brutales de la historia

    Fang Face

    Blasphemus 666

    Helloween best album!

  18. kezzirt

    Kai Hansen rules :D

  19. Moren Kl

    Oh god !!!

  20. TheFenzakosu

    0:26 Man , that mini-solo is so catchy. I can't get it out of my head , not even if I wanted to .


    It's fun to play on guitar as well

    Kile 188

    I want to learn guitar just to play this


    It got so stuck in my head and i looked for every song of the album lol...just found it

  21. Michael Holmgaard

    You could really hear how great a match Hansen and Weikath was on that album, Hansen´s row power metal riffs and fast rhythms, combined with Weikath´s dark, mournful signature-sound and sad atmospheric lyrics. Just amazing! It´s sad that Weikath, due to illness, couldn´t contribute so much to the following album. not that Keeper 1 is a bad album, it is one of their best, but if you look at the style and atmosphere on the two albums, I prefer Walls Of Jericho 

    I think "Ride The Sky" is really significant for Kai´s way to write, and "How Many Tears" is extremely significant for Weikath´s usual composing. Therefor, I think that "Cry For Freedom is the song that mostly proofs that they were great together, you can really hear Weiki´s influence in the epic beginning and end, while the middle-part is typical Kai.     

    Kutay Kerimoğlu

    @Mickey Holm I kinda wish they worked on more albums together though, this was the only album they both contributed much. Keeper 1 was Kai's, and Keeper 2 was mostly Weiki's album.

    Michael Holmgaard

    @Kutay Kerimoğlu Agreed.
    But Keeper 1 was meant to be Kai/Weiki, but Weikath could not contribute that much on Keeper 1, due to illness. Kai and Weikath then made the decision, to kind of "give" Keeper 2 to Weikath, so that he could show his skills ;)
    But still, if Weiki write something, and Kai write something, you have a masterpiece :o

    Kutay Kerimoğlu

    Well as I've read from the Keeper of the Seven Keys collection interview, they wanted to give Keeper 1 to Kai because they did not want their sound to change that much from Walls Of Jericho(since they had a core fanbase from those times) and Weiki's new songs were softer and more melodic. So the rest of the band wanted Kai to compose for Keeper 1(much to Weiki's dismay) because his songs were faster and harsher. Also Hansen had lots of doubts about Keeper II because he had no idea what Weiki would do, but all of his doubts have disappeared after Weiki showed up with Eagle Fly Free

    Michael Holmgaard

    @Kutay Kerimoğlu Well, that could be the case.
    But I talked to Tommy Hansen once (Helloween-producer) and he told me that Weikath was unable to contribute to Keeper 1, except for "A Tale That Wasn't Right" which he had written a long time before. He didn't even play guitar in the album -the only thing he payed, was the solo in "A Tale That Wasn't Right".
    The reason that Weikath basically was the mainbrain on Keeper 2, was that Kiske had joined Helloween, after Weikath and promised him that he would write more melodi songs -Kiske never was a big fan of Kai's more brutal style. 

    Alex Peralta Bermudez

    Michael Holmgaard, cool story, bro.

  22. Apoptoza

    to je to...

  23. UHS Xtreme

    Holloween is so cool

  24. UHS Xtreme

    Helloween is so freacin

  25. edgarocker128

    Que album por Dios!!!!

  26. The Crimson Fucker

    I'm pretty sure you don't understand sarcasm.

  27. davorrmad


  28. g3rrar1

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  29. CreepyBeast


  30. Geezer Butler

    He was being sarcastic bro...

    João vitu

    Black sabbath is the best

  31. Oscar Mejia

    lml >_< lml good old times !!!

  32. Slowy

    yes. There's no band that plays this kind of style that the old Helloween played in the first EP and in WoJ

  33. josh p

    i just jizzed in my pants ..


    kai to vocal mam 42 siedze w metalue kai na vocalu zajebiscie

  35. kalmah0202

    Guitars and drums are pure thrash metal. Sounds just like early anthrax.

  36. V3ntilator

    Helloween was a pop band when Kiske was the singer, but not now. Helloween is more metal now than when Andi started to sing.

  37. Doomer13GR

    Its speed metal, basicaly the same thing just more melodic.

  38. Leon Roshkar

    It is. But many don't see it.

  39. Leon Roshkar

    This album is underrated as fuck. Every song on the album is great. I think the album even better than keepers part 1 and 2. Melodic thrash metal lol :D

  40. ManchildGames

    I once fucked doggy style to this song. Hard to hold the beat.


    ROFL this comment made my day

  41. Aguijon1982

    The new Helloween has become a fucking pop band!

  42. rotvalo

    This sounds faintly like thte singer from Grim Reaper during the high pitched scream parts! =O

  43. metall1can

    Looks like thrash metal!

  44. raphael gagnon

    my cat close his eyes in a sign of hapiness when he hears the mid solo

  45. raphael gagnon

    7 Weak dudes

  46. raphael gagnon

    top 5 helloween albums
    1-walls of jericho
    2-walls of jericho
    3-walls of jericho
    4-walls of jericho
    5-walls of jericho

  47. Bravilor

    "but 'still cool' song" ... there shouldn't have to be any question, no need to mention. That together with the fact that the picture is of the CD leads me to believe that this uploader is otherwise a man of modernness :)

  48. Charles Taylor

    What a violent intro...Fucking awesome!

  49. darknaet

    @ViolenceIsGolden1990 or just retarded...

  50. XCMikeMyers26

    @DDKPDK troll much kid, this is called power metal! Judas Priest is good, this is power metal though

  51. Vel

    @DDKPDK no, Helloween, Finntroll, Windir, Mayhem, Burzum, Coldworld and Carpathian forest!

  52. deathseba666

    Dumbs up if you think Kai voice sounds eeevil

  53. evermetal2

    @ComrnanderShepard Too bad Mr.weikath thought it would be good to turn into Pop Metal at some point.

  54. Zodiak13

    FUCK YES!!!

  55. Felipe Aldemir

    Muito bom.

  56. MarcoLucien

    No Iron Maiden, this is/was speed metal.

  57. thrasheus annonymous

    @MiZaNtHr0pE First time I hear this song, pretty good, but I my favorites r Judas, Heavy Metal (is the law). I must say this album kicks ass !!!

  58. rrbSK8

    on of the best metal songs ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Jordan Berglund

    @flashaim Both of them are Heavy Metal, Helloween (especially in this album) is more Power Metal, but yes very similar.

  60. Anggra Wishnu

    ohh...how I miss old Helloween.... :'(

  61. rrbSK8

    BADASS FUKIN SONG, havent heard this in years!!

  62. Nicolas Masson

    Didn't hear that with manowar?? I'm confused who got inspired by who now :|

  63. sonnic1995

    @SurvivorsOfTitanic haha you are talkin about win or lose.... you are so patetic dude, are just fucking comments, dont read spainsh coments if you dont want, if a spanish fan comment in spanish its cause he want to meet another spanish fans...get it? so dont read spanish coments and thats all

  64. sonnic1995

    @SurvivorsOfTitanic you know that theres some spanish/mexican...well latin, fans of helloween, and they can read in both lenguajes, so if theres a comment in other lenguaje dont try to correct all the people

  65. sonnic1995

    @SurvivorsOfTitanic dude.... helloween dont read your comments, do you see weikath postin a comment here? no
    you dont make the rules... if he comments in spanish dont read it, let other people read it, and this isnt a "chat" so the lenguaje doesnt matter, go and learn spanish or just shut up

  66. masterofktulu11

    This is my favorite Helloween album.

  67. Ciuma Neagra

    metalica should quit

  68. EverythinWentCompton

    there best fkn album i got there patch from this album on my jacket u dont people with stuff from there1st album

  69. pankcopi

    @SurvivorsOfTitanic yes man yes man, i can understand... nevermind

  70. pankcopi

    @SurvivorsOfTitanic what is your probmlem man? I don´t understand your point... that discussion finish now!

  71. PauHayleyCullen14

    i fuckung kive this!!!!

  72. superocote

    suckers... metalica is good too dont discriminet another band of metal we must hate pop music not metal music -.-

    we are the lovers of hevy metal we must stay togueter
    every metal band have something good
    (iam argentine)

  73. ginnungagap3

    the one and only good helloween stuff... walls of jericho

  74. David Rivett

    I grew up on this!!!! I can't believe how good this sounds

  75. Thrash1904

    the best album!!!

  76. Alb20century

    Just the fact that everyone compares every single metal band to Metallica is pathetic, fuck who's better, they both play amazing music and that's all that matters.

  77. pankcopi

    el mejor disco de helloween sin dudas creo, para mi helloween de jo de ser igual cuando se fue kay, gamma ray es mejor que helloween

  78. Christopher Murphy

    because metallica is one of the fathers of thrash thats why we must bring them up

  79. Zach Johnson

    @sarbel23 Why do you have to compare? ....and Metallica is much better by the way.

  80. Se05239

    Never heard of this group, but I kinda like it.

  81. TheLord Fenris

    Why must everyone always bring up Metallica??? STFU!!!!!!

  82. James Sowell

    you young ones... still much to learn.

  83. karl arsch

    walls of jericho is a milestone of metal! it was the time of venom and slayer for the blacks, the time of destruction and helloween for the speeds and motörhead is everywhere..... AND METALLICA RULES IT ALL!!!

  84. karl arsch

    walls of jericho is a milestone of metal!

  85. Jesse Taylor

    I just finished a cover of this !! Such an awesome song !!

  86. jens123able

    @doobs102 dude they not!. Metallica are the best band 4 ever, and i dont wanna hear more about you f*cking crab okay

  87. sonnic1995

    someone have the tabs for the solo?

  88. Jesse Taylor

    Just Finished learning this song on guitar !!! Making a vid of it, such an awesome song !!

  89. DiabolicHybrid

    @doobs102 What??

  90. angel martinez

    my favourite of hellowen

  91. sarbel23

    Good German metal.Much better than Metallica

  92. juanmi Godoy

    @danielj45 me sorprenden estos tipos (@doobs102 , PhantonW3) sus comentarios son tan estupidos.. seguro que son esa clase de poser que prefieren escuchar maiden con dickinson en vez de di ano... que posers!!!!!!!!

  93. juanmi Godoy

    @doobs102 hoe compare two styles totally diferent... morron poser

  94. juanmi Godoy

    es lo mejor de helloween so idiota

  95. Daniel Viasus


  96. Sirigu

    @EndLessPain95 "Sad But True"

  97. Sup Mayne

    @FastWar I like Kill em All and RtL ... I dont really care for James singing on the later albums

  98. Sirigu

    @supmayne1 well said! i personally like very much ride the lightning and master of puppets too!