Helloween - The Chance Lyrics

[Music & lyrics: R. Grapow]

We're living in a constant fight
Too much pressure everywhere
And all around

Don't let it pull you down
Hold on tight
Cling to your dreams

Don't you depend on someone else
Think for yourself and win the race

The chance you got comes never twice
Do your best, (and) do it right

Time will come but don't you hide
You are on your way

You're led by God but you're not a pawn
Should live your life, don't care 'bout any scorn

Just let them fool around
No need to cry
Don't give up

Try to be as smart as you can be
I know you own so much ability

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Helloween The Chance Comments
  1. Caco Fernandes


  2. Agus Prabowo

    the chance you got comes never twice

  3. Zestky maivia

    I cant understand how it was one of the failed albums.. it's really underrated.. it was great!

  4. yutin102


  5. Anderson Lima Canella

    Classic Melodic Power Metal

  6. Patrick knoll

    i was 16 and now im a rocker^^

  7. Klayett

    NEVER gamble with things in your life that you'd be afraid of losing!

  8. Vitaliano De Petrillo

    I did my best...maybe I didn't it right...but hell...o...we...en...

  9. Vicktor Mota

    This song and March of Time are my favs from Helloween.

  10. Omar Argueta Pereira

    Esta cancion me ha ayudado tanto, es pegajosa, cuando se me metian a la cabeza esas putas canciones que solo te hacen deprimirte o te llevan a lugares donde no quieres ir, pensaba en esta y ufffff, adios mal rollo, gracias Roland por escribirla, Kiske por cantarla y en fin, todo Helloween

  11. Bacalhau da Noruega

    I tried, Mr. Kiske.

  12. Wladney Alcântara Oliveira

    Mr. Roland Grapow \m/

  13. Sharccatakk7913


  14. yerko cornejo

    obra maestra !!

  15. Anakin ITA



    381 L, 4 D...

  16. FScorpion678

    My favorite Helloween song.

  17. Patrick knoll

    wie geil keine 0 votes das soll erst mal wer nachmachen

  18. Harpa Vintage

    the first album i bought

  19. Boogaloo

    Underrated as hell, I love Pink Bubbles go Ape

    Heavy Metal Hippie

    True. Not what many fans were looking for, but strong nonetheless.

  20. Patrick knoll

    der refrain macht mich immer weider weich der kann so geil singen

  21. kobolwald

    la mejor canción del disco

    seba torres

    kobolwald el disco no es malo mezcla entre heavy con tintes de hard rock ; la portada no le ayudó mucho


    Cierto, no está a la altura de los keepers claro, pero tiene algunos temazos como este

    seba torres

    +101279303521379408577 la portada las cago , el que sigue , debio ser solista de kiske

    seba torres

    +kobolwald​ makind ,the chance temazos , your turn temazo , este tambien

  22. Erick Labrada


  23. Linus Eriksson

    i like helloween

  24. Hendra Yadi

    helloween my favourite band.

  25. Hendra Yadi

    i like helloween

  26. Hendra Yadi

    i like helloween

  27. Patrick Sarađen

    awesome song!!!!

  28. sisyphus9787

    Take a lesson from Helloween? Hell yeah I will: look how far they made it! This song is SO HELPFUL for me as I am going through a rough spot in my collegiate career.

  29. Angeles Colman

    perfect song!

  30. Juliana Anselmo


  31. Fabrizio Marrocchi


  32. Son Gohan

    The chance you got comes never twice~