Helloween - Reptile Lyrics


Coming from the sewerage creepin' thru the pipes
Born from modern chemistry a thing that is alive
Growing in this rotten crap at places no one wipes
Eating rats and stinking shit and all it needs to thrive

The scientists got no way to fight
For they can't find any weak point to get rid of it right
You live your life and you don't know what's goin' on
You just can't stop a thinking that the officials do you wrong

You're sometimes wondering what the hell bit your baby's arm
And the nuns at the holy mission can't keep the tramps from harm
Even thieves around dark corners too scared to leave the door
Frustrated businessmen needing a wank can't find themselves a whore

You won't believe 'till you know that it's real
From the pain in your stomach and the horror you feel
You need a shit so you head off to the loo
You're coming to the bog, now what you're gonna do!

There's the Reptile (Reptile)
Just see his eyes
Reptile (Reptile)
Can you see the beast arise

Reptile (Reptile)
Creeping up on you
Reptile (Reptile)
There's nothing left that you can do

[Solo: K/M]

And there's the Reptile (Reptile)
Hidden till now
Reptile (Reptile)
But now it's there you don't know how

Reptile (Reptile)
Just watch it grow
Reptile (Reptile)
And there's no more human being left but you


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Helloween Reptile Comments
  1. Ariel J. Rodriguez Gutierrez

    The bass is just beyond amazing.

  2. 81metalhammer

    You need a shit so you head for the loo. There coming to the bog, now what ye gonna doooooo!!!

  3. Ivan Hernandez

    That solo was insane !!

  4. Misael Alejandro Henriquez Henriquez


  5. Jesús Cortés

    Amazing & perfect bass!!!

  6. Pazoon god of Slam

    S E R I O U S L Y P O W E R F U L

  7. Flying V Martin

    Whoa,I love the advance of Marcus Grosskopf bass playing.

  8. Jana Bejckova

    Helloween judas

  9. kaliz Alvarado

    perfect bass!!!!

  10. alexander fernandes valu

    An old album, but i never get tired of listening to this. It is very powerful and heavy. Nice job by Helloween, as usual.


    Best german metal album from 1985 which rips garbage mediocrity like endless pain and infernal overkill a new asshole

  11. aiacos9991


  12. Ricardo Calle

    a mi me gusta mucho los dos keeper ¡!

  13. George Helloween

    dislike option should not be allowed for any track from "Walls of Jericho". Total masterpiece , pumpkins at their best

    Romulan Spy

    yep, after Hansen quit Helloween is kinda pointless


    Lol. I totally agree with both of you.

  14. robson fernandes


  15. MeteoraXV


  16. DAOR3194

    the song talks about drugs diseases, and the loominathy

  17. T- DAD

    This songs about heroin usage.

  18. reiner bergkamen

    sounds like judas priest

    seba torres

    reiner bergkamen hibrid iron maiden & Judas

    Fang Face

    seba torres


    Diego Ch

    Sounds like Helloween theres nobody doing metal like this


    @Fang Face Accept is shit lol, classic heavy metal was never germany's thing, leave it to the brits

  19. CrisRock

    temazo ctm

  20. Gilmer Fuentes

    Una de las mejores bandas del mundo

  21. Célio Azevedo

    This song is about the aids in the world.

  22. Jacek Kuberski


  23. Francisco Sanchez Beristain

    Epic bass!!!

  24. Luiz Matte