Helloween - Guardians Lyrics


We're living in our units
And one thing we can do is
Work for a life without a fate

We don't pay any taxes
But the state is the axes
Of our minds without love without hate

We have a higher order
No one needs to be a hoarder
Our society is such a glorious thing

In our centers we can dream of
Anything you never think of
You can't say we are puppets on a string

Our minds are kept so clean
Checked up on a screen
They're holy men, they're saints
Without them we might all fail

We don't know war and crime
Things of ancient times
We just see it if we put on video

The blue pass is for my life
And the red one's for my wife
It's the only thing we really need to show

There are still some without rules
But I tell you, they're all fools
The Guardians will find them as we've seen

We got banks where we freeze them
They get new brains screwed in then
And act contrarily to what they have been

With new minds made so clean
Checked up on a screen
They will be the saints
Without them we might all fail

Guardians of our lives
Protect security
They turn the key and they step in
Controlling you and me
Guardians of our lives
Take care eternally

[Solo: both/K/M]

Puppets on a string
Puppets on a string

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Helloween Guardians Comments
  1. Abi Khairin

    Old generation,metal forever

  2. André Luiz

    Fucking Metal!!!!

  3. Alex DeLarge

    Just imagine this album rerecorded with today's quality. It would be mindblowing.

  4. Nylon Nerves

    I've been thinking this for eternity!!!! Thanks for friends sister for pointing out that the chorus is actually Frosty the Snowman.

  5. V3ntilator

    Guardians of Time from Norway were named after this killer song :D
    Anyway. Kai Hansen on vocal here is just perfect.

  6. Dirk Amos


  7. nick v.s

    Right now, Gamma Ray is what Helloween would've been if Kai Hansen didn't leave the band.

  8. Duke unknown

    Great hino and santa chorus!
    We are puppets on strings

  9. Nepacom

    Best metal song ever !!

  10. Manuel Martinez

    Clasicazo de helloween que grandes fueron en los 80s

  11. Vector Volkan


  12. Jesús Cortés

    Severo clásico y obra de arte!!!

  13. Iris Alemán


  14. jj binx

    He sounds like sing along bear

  15. Kairu Otaku

    Personally I prefer Rhapsody's cover of this.
    Helloween still rock though!

  16. Andrea Bonsegna

    I love KEY ANSEN

    Vector Volkan

    Andrea Bonsegna kay Hansen

  17. Carlos Augusto Mares Dias

    The cover of Rhapsody is much better

    DirkAmos AmosDirk


    Emmanuel de Jesús Páez Herrera

    Really not..

  18. karen vasquez

    esta canción..

    Anonimo Inc.

    Hasta que una mujer sabe apreciar la musica!

  19. FLy, Super

    whoooohooooo, feel like i am 18 again :)

  20. kybalione


  21. budak degil

    Great lyric, bassline awesome and this song maybe talk about goverment... my opinion

  22. Juan M. Sandoval Nuñez

    Dat bAss!

  23. Felipe David Aranzaes

    una obra maestra

  24. Deivison Ross Archer

    Álbum clássico! Repleto de obras de arte!

  25. Henrique Gomes

    os cds do Helloween nao tem musica ruim

    Fernando Moura

    Henrique Gomes verdade

  26. Tamy Muñoz

    Poderosisimo!!! Verlos en el Pumpking United fue genial!!!

    Jorge Llancafil

    la tocaron???!!! :o

    Jotaro Zan

    @Jorge Llancafil No

    Jorge Llancafil

    @Jotaro Zan thanks 4 asnwer

  27. DeenGaming

    i wish Helloween make new true power metal album <3 i Wish u that Guys!

  28. Hands Gruber

    Anyone know the gamma Ray song that sounds exactly like this, at 3:30?

    larry dude

    land of the free maybe?

    Josue Garza

    Are you sure your not thinking about Eagle Fly Free from Helloween?

  29. fagner santos

    Insane Bass!!!

  30. Kakha Khmelidze

    Love this insane masterpiece...

  31. TCorporation66


  32. Wesley Bertolai


  33. MetalMistress888

    That lead break in the middle is fukking beautiful!

  34. MetalMistress888

    Love that bass!

  35. S4boteur GR

    3:59 is heaven! Amazing song!!!

    Toni Decker

    puppets on a string^^

  36. Chris Klingel

    yes the guardians protect us hail progressive metal!!!

    Mera Nixta

    No they were not. This is thrashy and punky old school metal. Which created the genre of power/speed metal. Get your facts straight...

  37. André Dolinski

    banda que mais amo nesse mundo!!! chega logo outubro!!

    Deivison Ross Archer

    André Dolisnki Helloween no rock in rio de 2019 também como atração !

    Luis Alberto Cuervo Zapata


  38. fabricio castelão

    Da hora

  39. fabricio castelão

    Da hora

  40. fabricio castelão

    Da hora esse som

  41. fabricio castelão

    Da hora esse som

  42. georg koetje

    kopzere muziek

  43. JEHG Animation

    vaya este debe ser kai hansen

  44. Dennis Zelaya

    ese bajo es de lo mejor

  45. Богдан Пухнатий

    один з кращих альбомів helloween

  46. Patrick PB4ng

    Best Song ever

  47. joshua owen

    One of the best power metal songs

    David Carlton

    Has a massive fucking Santa Chorus. Totally power metal.

    brogo ram

    ChessTauren it can be considered as early power metal. Is it necessary to call him 'stupid'?..

  48. Johnnie Bee

    fast doesn't have to sound like shit, good track

  49. beraldoyagami

    Dat catchy bassline <3

    Luis Alberto Cuervo Zapata


  50. Danilo Borges

    é farofa, mas amo essa música!!!

  51. Mildred Dover

    and one thing we can do is work for a life without a fate!\m/

  52. k boyden

    this was an album that introduced me to heavy metal. I was 13/14 and my bro was listening to judas priest, iron maiden and these guys. I love this album to this very day! along with kot7k, iwolive, and most of the earlier stuff

    Simon Wilkins

    k boyden I want out live or did you have something else in mind?

    Strider CZ

    Me too...old tapes at old tape recorder....pirate copy...