Hellogoodbye - S'only Natural Lyrics

It's only natural
They're looking at you
Like you must not be from here kid
Better move on up

Night in the city
Its getting in me electricity everywhere
And I'm falling in love

They wanna hold you
Pin and control you
They won't control anything
But they never give up

They want you quiet
Not too excited by the natural energy
Of falling in love
With everyone and everything

Its only natural
You wanna live downtown
Where you can be a little louder
And you're still just getting drowned out
Its only natural

Its only natural
You wanna live downtown
Let your freak flag fly a little higher
I like it when you let yourself lose control

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Hellogoodbye S'only Natural Comments
  1. Ruri Yi


  2. Dillon Harricharan

    Sigh listen to this when it came out, here a year later and still only 59k view!!!! wth!!!! We need 59m 😭 keep it up forest!

  3. J J

    Forrest you were my crush when I was in highschool !


  4. Gilberto Garcia

    I’ve been listening to hello goodbye for years

  5. Cheddar

    I'm getting Neapoleon Dynamite vibes from this haha

  6. Dylan Morgan

    Love ya🥰

  7. Madeline Madness

    Bruh wtf

  8. Gianna Youpel

    I'm late to the party but I'm so glad i showed up omg so glad to hear you guys again

  9. cherryblossom0426

    Man he only got sexier since camp

  10. The best bass

  11. Gabe Payne

    s'only criminal how little exposure this song has received.

  12. Catplop


  13. kate

    Can’t believe how underrated this band is 😭 i LOVE this song and the whole album it’s constantly on repeat. I’ve also noticed the version on apple music is slightly different from this

  14. うきょおにおん


  15. Todd Marshall

    I haven't enjoyed a Hellogoodbye album since Would It Kill You. I guess like a sad married couple we've grown apart rather than together. I want a divorce.

  16. J B

    How am I just discovering that Hellogoodbye is back? This 70s groove is everything & Forrest is still cute AF 😍

  17. Mark v

    I cant stop listening and watching this video! Much love c:

  18. Charlotte


  19. phantomkick

    this song is so liberal, so i threw away my clothes

  20. Desirae Rizzo

    Hellogoodbye has been my favorite band since I was 11, and I'm now almost 21
    First song I ever heard was Bonnie Taylor Shakedown and I've been hooked ever since 💙💚💛
    So hyped to see Forrest back at it!!

  21. BobbyCarr57

    Love the album, but disappointed that the CD version of this song, is not the same as this.

  22. Susan 3

    Didnt realize yall dropped something new!! Always looking forward to new stuff and theres a whole album! One of my favorite bands of all time. Never disappoints. The hipsters can eat shit with their dusty ass nobody fake ass opinions.

  23. publicThings

    How can anyone NOT like this? Amazing!

  24. heyd universe

    sorry . but i love your old song .such .oh, its love . when we first met. etc.

  25. Rose X

    show time is short (about 3 min., early 21C)

  26. Robert Czajkowski

    I missed the point, when HGB lost their Power Pop sound :( In fact, it's still amazing, well writed and produced.

  27. honey.

    my still bestfriend and i were 7 years old when here in your arms came out and we blasted that shit nonstop on my virused little windows vista shit-swamp computer and roller-skated around the house pretending to make music videos to it and now here i am, happy as ever to still be so in love with each piece of music you create. i’m really sorta in awe bro because like it’s so wild that your music has been a constant in my life since childhood and even my ‘happy’ songs i resort to when shit is super tough and !!!! i’m tempted to buy some roller-skates to fuckin groove it to this song for old times sake. just... everything about this is fucking beautiful and touching. thank u for this. nearly-perfect is the best that anything in this universe could ever be and i think this is that.

  28. Elizabeth Gray


  29. Gabe Payne

    I only listed to one song of yours and that was the poppy one like 10 years ago. This came up on my release radar randomly and I said 'why not' and gave it a listen. I was absolutely floored. That funk and soul in every song really hit me in the feels. The album is so good that I regularly recommend it to anybody and everybody that I know who likes music. Just dropping by to tell you that. Take care.

  30. Queen Q

    Wow! Great song and video!🔥🔥🙌🙌

  31. Andy_since1991

    okay but why is this so underrated and why is Forrest so sexy?

  32. C. Babs

    this is it, chief.

  33. ProductG

    As a lifelong fan...you should.go back to some earlier roots nostalgia is soup for the soul

  34. Lyricsamillion

    There has to be someone watching this that misses the would it kill you sound as much as i do! please

  35. Jessica Ruby

    This song fucking slaps

  36. Rob Velzen

    GOODBYE ( to all my friends) solo gezongen door Bart van Velzen van de Amsterdamse band Vibrant Arm! Ook op het gelijknamige album. https://youtu.be/a2vYCXOceQo

  37. Федор Ларин

    I can't stop watching this!!!! Amazing song & video!

  38. 宮内


  39. maximuspatrolius1

    Way different than "Here".

  40. Shady Pikachu

    my poor poor wig

  41. Jeremy

    Needs more clarity in Forrest’s voice, with less effects! We all know Forrest’s voice is even sweeter than that bass.

  42. Munchii

    Fucking amazing

  43. Carly Zellers

    This is WAY too good. Can't wait for the full album. Wow. ❤

  44. Cynthia Rau

    Faster bop.

  45. ceara jennie

    Why no texas? 😔

  46. KitiNeko

    I just love how they made the video 😍 its so good so unatural btw i didnt know about the subscribe count gash dam 17k :( should be 1mil.. 😂 Time to advertise¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!

  47. Awesome_Name

    That track is so smooth. Perfect for painting.

  48. frankwilldo

    Forrest (&co), I so respect the new life you bring into each new album. I love seeing musicians that clearly have a hell of a lot of fun with what they're doing and keep stretching themselves and playing around with new sounds. Down for the funky disco; please come to Norfolk/Richmond sometime! I haven't seen you since 2007, my dude!

  49. nikinnkaty

    Ahhh!! I could not love this more. Funky Hellogoodbye is life. Xoxoxo.

  50. Ballsrog

    Awesome. Bout time y'all made some new tunes. Last two albums were amazing, to say the least.

  51. Celestial Draconis

    Hey everyone, I made a hellogoodbye discord server, if anyone wants to join: https://discord.gg/5ZMFVYh

  52. Tamiris Sales

    Please come to Brazil!!! ♥️♥️♥️🇧🇷

  53. Tamiris Sales

    Forrest Kline ♥️

  54. hellogoodbye8492


  55. TEPES

    forest you dog

  56. Bookwormbones

    We got Twenty One Pilots and a new Hellogoodbye album out on the same day. Cant wait

  57. PapaTimmy

    Missed you buddy love this

  58. NoCoffee

    Can't wait to listen to this Record on Vinyl! BTW: Are there any other Vinyl colored options in the future? Greetings from Germany ♥

  59. MThan

    It lookalikes random shit, I love it.

  60. Imperial Watch

    Boooorrrinng ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzzz

  61. A.C. Harrison

    Funky as hell, hell yeah, man! I dig it.

  62. David Ringlein

    Brain dead Kardashian commercial to kick this off. Tooo funny.

  63. Derk Ender

    When Old Navy Commericals are on crack.

  64. Marian Breton

    Una obra de arte ❤️.

  65. Sara H

    Yesss more disco please ✌

  66. ninjadude0

    Very different, but very nice!!! Definitely gonna be on repeat <3

  67. Kerri Marie

    Catchy, but it sounds an awful lot like Chromeo....

    Carlos Llamas

    Kerri Marie chromeo sounds like every 70s funk music

  68. Ghibli and Shoujo

    Ugh, that bassline though

  69. 1985Scrub

    I been in love with hellogoodbye since here in your arms... Memories that Will keep my hearth warm till my body decompose ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  70. canberk Aydın

    is jesus christ playing the bass?


    canberk Aydın dude I swear

    A.C. Harrison

    I'd actually be surprised if anyone was playing it at all, not that it's mind-blowing, pretty basic, but it's probably a computer loop or whatnot

    David Panseri

    Can confirm the bass is just as funky when they play live.

  71. canberk Aydın

    you sir are a national treasure I get goosebumps every time I listen to here in your arms. I haven't even watched this but I already freakin love it! ps SO SO GLAD YOU AREN"T DEAD

  72. truebass44

    Yo!!!!! Forest I missed you,great track!!!!

  73. Arron Greenway

    God I hope someone makes a bass tab for this..

  74. loadthetoasterwithbread

    It's only natural that I love this!

  75. Christopher Biebel

    Forrest, please go slow. My body isn't ready for all these vibes!!!!

  76. Jerald bortle

    I love this! I love the progression from album to album!

  77. Noor

    I like it 💕💕💕

  78. emmanoodle




    Celestial Draconis

    emmanoodle I love your covers!


    EMMAAAAAA AHHHHH HIII 😂😂😂😂 dam its bin long i havn't heard of you sorry about that btw love your songs.

    Malin is not amused

    Omg it makes me happ to see your comment bc i found this band because of you <3

    The Reagan MooMoo


  79. Kaptain Klassic

    Sounds like something I'd hear walking into a Hollister

    Alyssa Mckee

    people still walk into hollister?

    Kevin Conley Sage

    I dance into Hollister

  80. Lyrra Fuchs

    Can’t believe it’s been 9yrs since first listening to “here in your arms” .. Loving the new beats. BUT, you should do a throwback tour for old fans 😉👌

    Luke Bogart

    They just did exactly that a year ago, where they played basically all of zombies and would it kill you for a huge set!

    Lyrra Fuchs

    Luke Bogart ah, wtf!! Missed it..

  81. Amplify Pluto

    hoLy hEll the gods are real

  82. Shannon Shaw

    Waheyy published on my birthday.
    It's been a long time.

  83. Lazy blanket

    I've been listening to this song on repeat!!! I can't wait for the entire album!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  84. silver surfer

    Track unavailable currently on Google play ??


    shouldn't be! https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Hellogoodbye_S_only_Natural?id=Byl3leqb7hcspnfkxgemdw37p5a

    looks proper here

    silver surfer

    Got it .. thanks ...

  85. silver surfer

    Thank you Forrest for making new music. .. I have been waiting forever .. love you HELLO GOODBYE .. my fav band ...



  86. ChaoticalRandomness

    I am so glad you guys are back! :D Please, come to The Netherlands some time :)


    would jump at the chance!

  87. Squad Battle

    come to brasil


    LIVING to!

  88. Joseph Pilarski

    sounds like everyone other song that they have playing at old navy. Really disappointing comeback.


    hehe. sorry to disappoint, i only worked really fucking hard on it.

    Joseph Pilarski

    not trying to megaflame I wish you the best of luck

    ACBuhay / Tonyfizzle

    people forget that others work hard on their shit. keep this vibe up, i loved it.

    Joseph Pilarski

    I know how hard it is. I love hellogoodbye and people should demand better from the bands they love.

  89. Kevin Zhang

    This is amazing but that poor guy really just wanted his pizza and you took it away and I am boycotting this album until he gets his pizza back


    i can attest, zach got the pizza!

    Kevin Zhang

    hellogoodbye okay I am unboycotting this album

  90. lilpeanutbutta

    this is a great new direction and a great new song! i've been listening to it non-stop and can't wait for the next one


    this week!

  91. Joselyn Canuto

    Happiness ♥️♥️♥️🌸


    eeeeeee, i know that feeling!

  92. Semir Ali

    Vocals are a bit too quiet in the mix!!!


    joe chiccarelli would disagree

    Semir Ali

    hellogoodbye I got my eyes on this Joe guy, something's fishy about this mix and I know ITS THE DAMN VOCALS!!!

  93. Dinda

    omg I didn't realize youre back AAAAAAAH :'D


    its okay bcz it literally just happened

  94. Tia scott




  95. Ryan Smith

    Pretty bland, really.


    Yeah. There are thousands of groovy songs out there like this. But there are NO songs quite like the adorable, heartfelt songs on Would It Kill You?. To this day, those songs are filling the void.

    Celestial Draconis

    @Jeremy Would it Kill You? was criminally pure, to be honest.


    Celestial Dragon I know! I need more of that in my life. I don’t know if there will ever be another quite like it!


    Funny you find it bland. It's wild how we have the same eyes and ears but view it so differently.
    I appreciated the statement this song and video make. It's not just auditory repetition (which some like and some don't care for. I find it to be soothing. Also, did you hear the bass?). It's art.
    Well executed and welcome back to the sceeenee Hellogoodbye! 😍


    my favorite was everything is debatable. classic stuff right there