Hedley - Hiding Place Lyrics

You can't feel your heart beating
When you're staring at it on the ground
You can hardly even see it through the ashes all around
You can't run like your free when
You can't give up what's got you down
What if you can find healing if you let me in somehow
But trust don't come easy oh oh
It's never easy if you don't know
Just don't stop believing oh oh oh

If you fall I'll catch you
If the world comes at you
You can always run to me
I'll be your hiding place
And if the stars burn out of the sky
And your heart lost it's light, just never let me go
And I'll scare your fears away
Yeah I'll be your hiding place

You don't have to live bleeding
Who says you gotta carry all that weight
I'll be everything you need yeah your rescues on it's way
Trust don't come easy oh oh
It's never easy if you don't know


And I won't let you go
You gotta lay it on the line to know
You don't have to do it on your own


Yeah, I'll scare all of your fears away
I'll be your hiding place

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Hedley Hiding Place Comments
  1. Kylie Skiffington

    They've come such a long way since day one, yet they're still just as fantastically breathtaking and amazingly tearjerking. So proud of their journey and have loved being along for the ride! Hedley Hoe forever <3 Can't wait for their new album and tour!

  2. mia198725

    says video is unavailable :(

  3. Akira Mori

    that one dislike

    Annie Yu

    +My Name Is Kiwi 2015 Update: Still one dislike


    New Update still one dislike

    Ary Kitching

    2016 Update: Still 1 dislike (PS:To that person, I hate you with all my heart

    Epsilon Pax

    My Name Is Kiwi Now it's two dislikes.

  4. Nova

    I love this song!

  5. lesha bob

    not always :heyistayxo:

  6. heyitstayxo

    Hedley always has amazing songs. With amazing meaning. Will forever love them. <3

  7. Anik Adamali

    i think i need a hiding place

  8. pauline kinequon

    Not being afraid is what saved me and the ability to comprehend and learn about people never swayed my trust at all, thanks for SUCH a beautiful song, I know that this one is another chart topper because it came from a real experience like mine

  9. Megan

    I love how he sings 'hiding' in this. <3 This song is definitely going on my road trip mix CD. ;)

  10. Shelby Depko

    I'd let Jacob Hoggard be MY hiding place....!!!! :D


    Shelby Depko oh hell ya! he could be my hiding place any day

  11. Morgan Hamm

    Wishing a certian guy thought this about me :(

  12. Wolfgrowl524

    ... Thank you Hedley, I don't how but you're defining my life. Thank you.

  13. Ab Ahmed

    @LilWeezyRocks1995 even if my name is andy, y wuld i say it was on youtube?

  14. Joana Jacks

    @EENNLL15 great job on the video! I love this song!

  15. Tara Hannibal

    Favorite song on the album, all the way <3
    proud to have a Canadian bf ;P

  16. hvank

    in looooovve with this song!!! <3 <3

  17. YaoMing Olajuwon

    @bitchesbcrazy123 idk lol that's why i'm asking you. is itttt?

  18. Ab Ahmed

    @bitchesbcrazy123 i want her so bad... but it cant happen

  19. Ab Ahmed

    @LilWeezyRocks1995 idk is it?

  20. YaoMing Olajuwon

    @bitchesbcrazy123 is your name andy by any chance..?

  21. Dylan Colosino Martin


  22. Ab Ahmed

    reminds me of a girl i fell for, i liked her more then anyone i ever liked b4, she was and still is perfect for me. She and i r friends, but i cant tell her cuz i k she doesnt feel the same way i do, and we are close, and she comes 2 me sometimes for help, or if shes feelin down etc... life.... wow.....

  23. Hedley4life9

    ♥♥♥ love it

  24. Jacy Fullerton

    I freaking love this song, it's so sweet. :)))))

  25. Bailey Woloshyn

    I wanted to put my reaction in, but there was no "in tears" option. This song is so amazing that it makes me cry every time.