Heavy D - Peaceful Journey Lyrics

[Heavy D - Intro]
Here's to you...
You have gone through struggles, suffering..
This one goes out to everybody in the world, but especially on the street level
Because I know where you comin from and some of the things you do, I can understand
So through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

What is a friend for? Through rich and through poor
Kinda like a marriage balanced on a different floor
A friend could tell you things that he wouldn't tell another
So in essence, a friend could be considered a brother
You laugh and you play a lot, you talk and you say a lot
But when it's time to feel the pain, you cry and you pray a lot
I'm talkin about you, you who have the time
A time to be my friend when no one else would be mine
Problems were nothing because I had my man to share them with
Hills were nothing neither, 'cause I had my man to climb 'em with
I'm really proud to say that I truly really knew you good
And oh, God's blessing from the entire neighborhood
And as the days drift, drift into the future
I laugh a little louder at the times that I was witcha
This one's for you and I truly hope you hear me
And through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

[Chorus 2X: K-Ci & Jojo (Heavy D)]
You'rrrrrrrre on my miiiiiiiiiiiind (You're on my mind)
And I wish you a peaceful journey (Peace!)
Brother I hope you hear me

[Heavy D]
In the corner, sits the little girl in tears
The shadow of a man overwhelms her fears
"Mommy, mommy, NO!", the words of a battered child
The wicked, wicked mommy has the sticks swingin buckwild
"Mister, mister, do you have a dime?
See, I'm hungry and I'd rather be a begger than do crime"
Sure - here's your dime, go make a big ten bucks
Now sneak around the corner, get your joints and go beat him up
A kid on the streets, doesn't want to be beat
So he hangs on the block 'til his pop fall asleep
Missing kids on the milk carton
A lunatic kills kids for kicks and gets pardoned
Baby girls run away from home, huh
and two months later, they're stars on child porn
Tracks on the arms of a minor
Suzie ran too, but she'll be dead when they find her
Kids on the street movin drugs, the thugs' growin up fast
Wouldn't stop when one gets plunged
Junior stole a Benz with his friends
But got caught, now he's doin time with twenties and tens
For the rest of his life, he learns to lean on the wall
And prays for the day when his number is called
This one if for you and I truly hope you heard me
Through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

[Chorus 2X]

[Instrumental for about 19 seconds]

[Heavy D]
Pardon me, mister warden, I'm askin for a pass
to come for some of my brothers who made mistakes in the pass
It's really not their fault, you see - times are HARD
and it was probably difficult for my man to find a job
Before he was forced, forced to make a living
by lying, stealing, and eventually killing
No one was born bad, we're all God's Kids
So who's to really blame for the wrong that he did?
And speakin about the law, what are they for?
To beat us with a stick face down on the floor?
You preach and you preach that you want crime to stop
If you want crime to stop, stop hiring crooked cops
So hear me brother man, hear my plea!
If you want success all you gotta do is suc-ceed
Love, life, pain, death
What else is left on the travels of life's steps?
In life, we lose, get bumped and bruised
The road you choose not necessarily a cruise
You giggle for joy, shed a tear for pain
There's a lot to lose, and a lot to gain
Though when you walk on the streets, try to walk on street smarts
When you see your man down, try to have a little heart
This one if for you and I truly hope you heard me
Through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

[Chorus 4X w/ ad-libs and variations]

[Heavy D]
Yeah, you're on my mind...
Hear me now brother

Stop your killing, stop your killing
Stop your stealing, stop your stealing
Stop your killing, stop your killing
Stop your killiiiii-ehhhhh-eeeeaaasah...

Take my hand, take my hand
If you need somebody, you can trust on ME!
Ha, you can lean on me
Yes, you can errrr-aaaaahh-yaaahyaah...

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Heavy D Peaceful Journey Comments
  1. columbusohio72

    That mj sample omg

  2. Adrienne Harley

    Wishing my Uncle Lonnie Harvey a peaceful journey..i love you Unc.

  3. richard james

    Stilll Rockin......Great Channel

  4. Raw D

    Man this shoot me back. This album was fiyah

  5. jmb72390

    John Witherspoon 1942-2019

  6. Patrice Anderson

    rip Botham Jean

  7. Mikelon Mono

    28 Years old and still a banger, Jodeci in the back

  8. J-Man Stryker

    RIP Grandma I miss you very much

  9. Patrice Easley

    Jodeci sings the hook to this joint.

  10. strongholdstrugglez jones

    Is that kc and jo jo at tbe end

  11. strongholdstrugglez jones

    Thank you and r i p this song help me with ptsd after violent deaths of close friends and members this song got me though it ibusevto listen tovthis song then the phyisoghiogy

  12. Todd Sams


    Patrick Lawson

    Todd Sams Please stop ignoring and disrespecting who this is written for. R.I.P. Heavy D & Trouble T.

  13. richie anderson

    Heavy D. you left us way to soon, but thank you; for leaving us your legacy, by blessing us with your music

    Patrick Lawson

    richie anderson Don’t ignore Trouble T-Roy.

    richie anderson

    @Patrick Lawson No doubt, much respect to T-Roy, him and Heavy in paradise doing the same there as they did here on earth

  14. Neton Funk

    Quien en este año 2134 sigue disfrutando de esta hermosa canción ???

  15. Zee Wright


  16. Jay Bee

    My fav Rapper..way ahead of his time n was always about unity. R.I.P 🤲🏾🙏🏾

    Patrick Lawson

    Jay Bee No love for Trouble T?

  17. eseterik78

    Still the joint. The good die young. Always missed always loved. 🙏♥️☮️

  18. Korey Sylver

    Heavy D, I hope you hear me. #RIP

  19. Andre M. Thomas

    Heavy D was born 24 May 1967
    Happy Birthday in Heaven

  20. Curtis Whitehead Jr

    This track was NOT about missing the dead. It came out to encourage the living who were struggling. Thank you, Brotha Heavy D. ❤

  21. Cornell Waters

    ✌️ Music!

  22. Robot Pie

    Thank you for the Journey.

  23. Lashun Richardson

    Jodeci singing background. R.I.P. Heavy D Trouble T Roy

  24. alpha howard

    I still get the same feeling as if it was the first time hearing it #salute!!! R.i.p.

  25. Rok Rolla

    The end of the song!!

  26. Rok Rolla

    K-Ci &JoJo

  27. J-Man Stryker

    RIP Chyna, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, mean Gene Okerlund, ultimate warrior, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Grandma, Great Grandmother Lucille, Great Grandfather Albert, Aunt Joyce, Lori Doss, Vanity, Prince, and Selena

  28. azikwe kwaabu

    This song dropped on the radio after his brother was killed. That's my memory of this song...


    Nope. It was dedicated to the memory of Trouble T-Roy.

  29. Lasheen Boyd

    Love this song I have this CD. R.I.p. heavy D 😘😘😘🔥🔥

  30. bjej9613

    He should've won a Grammy

  31. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    this is for all of us to have peace right now,just pray and travelling mercies.

  32. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    the original excellent adventurer RIP dewight.

  33. Kasim 0wens

    right now I listen to this song on the regular reminiscing when rap hip hop was real hip hop rap Heavy D my friend Tupac Biggie Smalls did I say Tupac yeah that's my folks kicking it here in Oakland California with my best friend the governor Tupac was acting in the movie call Poetic Justice I was also Tupac's inspiration two songs play your cards right by Alice Myers and keep your head up lyrics by five chair steps just something I song I'm glad to know I should be in Black Asiatic history real talk far as I'm saying that Biggie Smalls was my friend cuz I met him in Oakland California at the Eastmont Mall I song a few songs and he told me I need to talk too puffy right now I'm kind of glad I did not talked with him because I might be Dead 2 I'm just saying P Diddy is not a good guy Suge Knight is not a good guy he lied about getting shot in the head for real and that's a lie because the doctor said that Suge Knight was has minor damages he went home the same night that means he's the Killer

  34. chuckchizzle

    RIP Stan Lee

  35. Mileek Wood

    SALAAM ALI 4 LIFE.....

  36. Kasim 0wens

    Heavy D brother I love you man you bring the hip-hop that make you be proud of the good music that you used to bring just like Tupac you was a good influence to a certain extent because some of these rappers still talk about killing f****** a girls she's a s*** she's a hoe nothing good I'm happy had a chance to meet Tupac and kicked it with him and also I was Tupac's inspiration two songs play your cards right by Alice Myers and keep your head up lyrics by 5 chair steps my best friend is Tupac's best friend rap name is the governor from Oakland California the same day Tupac was acting in a movie called Poetic Justice in Oakland California also I have met John Singleton brother can't wait to see him again right now the governor is in prison for kidnapping dr. Dre's daughter over contract dispute right now I have a song with vellqwan 17 rounds I'm singing on the 11th round press like and enjoy thank you

  37. Dawn Michelle

    R.I.P. Dad! 8/15/18, the day that changed my life...I miss you so much!!!

  38. Denny Harris

    Truely beautiful piece of hip hop history right here rest in peace my man

  39. krichcoffee

    Shyad this is a #Classic

  40. Stacey

    Still jamming to it in 2018.

  41. susanfit47

    Samples The Jacksons' "Heartbreak Hotel" (1978), and the drums from James Brown's "Funky Drummer" (1970) and The Honey Drippers's "Impeach the President".

  42. Bonaventure Mutale

    2018 and still feeling the track!

  43. Vijayan Somasundram

    A clean rapper peace my man

  44. Anete Konjo

    28 yrs anniversary release date for this song today..

    mag notty

    And you probably still don't know who yo daddy is,but you know that.

  45. Ohmeohmy

    So beautiful 💖

  46. Mia Hammonds

    I honestly don't know which song is better, This Place Hotel(Heartbreak Hotel) or Peaceful journey. I like them both.

  47. Mia Hammonds

    This song reminds me of Michael Jackson. R.I.P to the both of you.

    mag notty

    Why did he touch you too...he was a child molester nothing more nothing less ...imagine when one of his victim's hearing his music...oh he was raped...naw he just a 8 year old hater....you people are the devil's shit.


    It sampled "This Place Hotel" by the Jacksons.

  48. Lolo Carson

    They will never make music like this AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Andre Collins

    This real Hip Hop/rap!!! When rappers actually rapped about current events. 🙏😢✌️

  50. Patrick Dosono Elamparo

    Heavy D. N da mf haus!


    HEAVY D got Jodeci dirt cheap on this one. lol

  52. Mark Brown

    Wishing all my friends that' pass away this week a peace ful journey my good pass today so I'm listening this song for him R.i.P

  53. Rena Ricks

    Beautiful song

  54. J-Man Stryker

    RIP Dennis Edward, David Bowie

  55. J-Man Stryker

    RIP Dolores O'Riordan, Chyna, Bruno Sammartino, Scott Weiland, Chester Bennington, Vanity, Christine Grimmie, Sarah Goldberg,

    J-Man Stryker


  56. J-Man Stryker

    RIP Grandma I'm miss you very much

  57. Boycke Johanns

    I was born in 1990 in the netherlands but i love late 80s early 90s hiphop from the U.S its the best ❤💚💛

  58. Boycke Johanns

    This song gives me tears. This album is great it gives me positivity and joy. But this song hits me deep in the heart. Because the world is messed up and death comes for everybody.

  59. Richard Page

    Miss Heavy D. R.I.P. Brother.

  60. Kima Hector

    Rip heavy d, Monique sealy, Lou Ann grant, selris lincoln, adolphus hector, nerissa hector, delroy miller, Joseph hill, sheron sukhdeo and many fallen soldiers of this universe. Peaceful journey to you all.

  61. columbusohio72

    Wishing you a peaceful journey Heav up there with trouble t-roy!!

  62. hulksmash54

    I wanna slap the lips off of anyone gave this a thumbs down.

  63. Marcos Rosas

    After all this time, your on my mind...


    Man, this was like the perfect song. Bad ass lyrics and a top-shelf beat. Heavy D and the beat producers of this song Barry Bonds this song out of the ballpark.

  65. Eulahlee Myers

    Miss you my Son

  66. YvungProject


  67. Chucky Eyes

    30 people are retards !

  68. Timothy Barnes Sr.

    Brotha from the Island, need we say more Peace peace Brotha much respect due. FIRE

    Timothy Barnes Sr.

    Yard boy true star real real

  69. Marquis Wallace

    Never gets old. Classic.


    This song reminds me of moms the times we shared and my best friend in NY


    This song is helping me deal with life right now Peaceful Journey to all R.I.P. Heavy D R.I.P. Trouble T Roy

  72. Donnell D Kearney

    Michael Jackson beat


    RIP Dick Gregory

    mac lee

    He was an amazing person


    mac lee And very intelligent too. He wasn't afraid of pissing off white people and telling them about the shit they be pulling. Dick Gregory opened the doors for comedians to express themselves through storytelling and using cuss words to get your point across = Eddie Murphy.

  74. Michelle Murry

    Always love the memories of you..Rip..❤

  75. soultheinterrogator

    Happy Birthday Heavy D

  76. The1baddman

    Happy Birthday Heavy D, Rest In Peace

  77. A & S Legacy

    I love this song!!!!

  78. Rena Ricks

    rip heavy d

  79. Margaret S

    love your songs heavy d and the boys! great to hear clean and good music,here i am 51 and came back to your music.

  80. Mc001Rem002

    Never heard this till rite now on Backspin (dish)... it's 🔥... 😂💯

  81. jmb72390

    R.I.P Charlie Murphy peaceful journey

  82. Nolano Jacobs

    Peace & love Hevster......

  83. LsOutDaLane

    This traxk is soothing I get high to this traxk

  84. James Kemp

    Feel it to all people that got a spirit

  85. Nino Brown

    Damn. What happened to life. Compare this to the shit we are forced to deal with today. Rest In Peace Dwight.

  86. Feelin Nice

    Peaceful Journey to Trent, Granny Mary, CJT and all those who've left us. One day we'll have to take the journey, and I pray for all it is a Peaceful Journey.

  87. Adrienne Harley

    I love and miss Heavy...peaceful journey

  88. Tramaine


  89. Mic Skot

    Jodeci on the background vocals before they took off.....dope af!

    Misscommentary Cleveland

    Wow....I didnt know nice

    TITAN A.Z.

    What?? See now I have to listen to it again 😁

    The ERNAL REAL ESTATE GROUP at Keller Williams Capital Properties-DC

    Interesting. I didn't know that.

    Geminis Twin

    ACTUALLY Jodeci had ALREADY taken off...thats why Heavy D had them on this song...Father MC had them before they took off on Treat Em Like They Wanna Be Treated.....

    M. Monroe

    @Geminis Twin yessss, I remember that.

  90. Clay P

    how could anybody be foolish enough to dislike this song?? LOVE Heavy D!! True Hip Hop Legend!

    Umbreon num1 subscriber 187

    I agree with you 💯percent!!!! R.I.P to the “Hevster”


    @Umbreon num1 subscriber 187 DON'T forget who this song was written for. R.I.P. Trouble T.

  91. Leo Miles

    TIMELESS! This needs a re-release in 2K16

    William Brewer

    Word to my city

  92. Ali

    Beautiful. Hip Hop is such a beautiful element. I still love her. Salaam

  93. flankenstein5000

    i got this album when i was 10, 17 years later and it still contends

  94. Thomas Hill

    Peaceful journey Hev you will always be my Road Dogg!!!!

  95. LaChant Tyson

    This was the truth

  96. Jonni Zeal Stetsa

    aye dope

  97. yoshluv7

    My Auntie made her peaceful journey this morning RIP Aunt LeeLee!!!!!!!

  98. Dina Marrow

    Happy Birthday 'Heav'

  99. Valerie Bradley

    Miss you Heav.

  100. packleader87

    Michael Jackson
    Heavy D
    Whitney Houston



    Don't forget Phife Dawg! Rip!


    DMore84 protege too homie. Lost a good few iately.

    J-Man Stryker

    RIP John Singleton RIP John Ritter

    J-Man Stryker

    RIP Luke Perry

    J-Man Stryker

    RIP Dianne Carroll RIP Rob Garrison aka Tommy of the Original cobra kai