Heaven Shall Burn - Thoughts Of Superiority Lyrics

There is a war!!! Battlefields of honour deep inside my mind, fighting for my freedom. My idols my ideas betrayed by your weakness, the stream you're swimming in aggression, born from pain, disappointed by your aims, knowing the solutions beyond your faculties.
Projection of your anger on others, the way you've chosen to square your conscience, to clean it from all guilt. From the top of the tower I see the dirty lies, the path to my position, too steep for you to climb, I see the slavery, I see the pain, I hear the cries, a war of thoughts.
Evils weapon is your weakness, the discipline that you deny, your poisoned mind will never be free, too many lies you want to believe in, these blinded eyes will never see the light. You dream about you're a prisoner of your hypocrisy, you don't believe but you carry on. Intoxication your mindless way of life, that poison fills the sky pollute the water in your rivers of happiness, it covers the horizon of your life, you'll never know what you could be, get back all your power, break free from your addictions, take this war inside your mind, fight every day to be yourself, I deny to be a link of this chain of indifference and sorrow, my thoughts of superiority are justified out of all possessions. A happy way of life, using all my powers, reaching all my aims.

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