Heaven Shall Burn - One More Lie Lyrics

Take your god out of my life
Your words mean nothing to me
Your messages are just lies
One word, one lie

One word, one lie, one pocket full of money
How can someone die when he never existed?
A cycle of illusions crosses the land
Burn it down

Your illusions kill your mind
Pay in the name of god or pay for nothing


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Heaven Shall Burn One More Lie Comments
  1. deadbluesky

    Well One More Lie its a song from Caliban so the version you have upload come from the split, i like the gong part !!



  2. Rock/MetalAddicted - Channel

    It's originally by Caliban this song, and given that HSB and Caliban are very close friends, this track appears on the 2000's Split Program. Not on the album Whatever It May Take ;) But, personally, I love the two versions.

  3. Miko Stax

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  4. Tim Repsik

    Go listen to Heaven Shall Burn some more. Its Most certainly Marcus.
    The only similarity is the occasional hint of the German accent. Im aware what album its from, its been a long time favorite.

  5. LuziferLP

    Actually it is Andreas Dörner from Caliban, Marcus Bischoff has a totaly different voice. If you don't believe me, check out the Song Deadly Dream from Caliban, the voice is almost the same. This Song is from the first Split Programm CD.

  6. bonza haja

    If I remember right, the Caliban version is the original. but i'm not 100 about it

  7. Tim Repsik

    well its not the guy from caliban

  8. LuziferLP

    I know.

  9. Tim Repsik

    I dont think it is, there is a caliban version also

  10. LuziferLP

    Actually this is not the vocalist of HSB, this is Andreas Dörner, the vocalist from Caliban.
    They should do another Split CD.


    LuziferLP this is Marcus Bischoff voice, its the split program, where these two Bands sings songs from the other Band. i could show you the original ;-)

  11. Djimmy Semedo

    This is drug to my ears!!! lov it!!!

  12. 123Massel321

    7 dislikes... the number of god. no further explanation needed.

  13. ash ten

    Nothing/ more


    lol gail

  15. Vladimir Andreev

    Heaven Shall Burn always pick great songs to cover !!

  16. Halts Maulomg


  17. matthew henry

    this song is just sick as fuck, i cant get enough of heaven shall burn.

  18. bad.rasta

    someone doesnt like HSB...
    someone should die...

  19. Iris Cristiana

    take your god out of my life
    your words mean nothing to me
    your messages are just lies
    one word, one lie one pocket full of money
    how can someone die when he never existed?
    a cycle of illusions crosses the land
    burn this cycle, burn it down
    your illusions kill your mind
    pay in the name of god or pay for nothing

  20. billy joe billy

    I think its pretty badass that HSB is all veegans lmao

  21. billy joe billy

    yea thats exactly how it went down because I really doubt anyone would intentionally dislike a good song

  22. lolzzzxp001

    6 people got an eargasm and cuz of that good feeling they moved a little and missclicked the like button

  23. csearles

    caliban took the worse road. HSB kept their quality :)

  24. kritischavrolid

    In their early days, Caliban and HSB made the exact same music. But they took different roads

  25. passang lepcha

    its was a split

  26. Corey Kenney

    This is heaven shall burn saw them live and they played it!

  27. Igo Lacoste

    It's not really metalcore... It's a bit bastardmetacore with a little deathcore. Anyway OP combo :)

  28. jacko oneil

    omg -.- 5 justin bieber fans were again too dumb to search for their music these guys need to learn so much things about ... everything

  29. CRazZz99

    I'm pretty sure it's death metal

  30. Gürcan Bolat

    This song from Heaven Shall Burn The Split Program album. (Caliban vs Heaven Shall Burn)

  31. SatanasDiaboli

    I think this isn´t Heaven Shall Burn.. This song is from Caliban... but anyhow a good song <3

  32. worldofbattllive

    The best comment so far.

  33. worldofbattllive

    let me gess... Fetish?

  34. jacko oneil

    xD idiot ! :D
    i think they liked it just too much and lost control of their body so they klicked just too fast and missed the like button

  35. devomotionless666

    one word,one lie..... the word + the lie= God

  36. Sören

    4 guys wanted to lie about their opinion to this song.... poor guys

  37. Kumpelblasefication

    dont like this song but wont dislike becuase de best commentarys are so creative

  38. kingmoe493

    this song is not from whatever it may take (album cover)

  39. wolle272


  40. Daren Rowinski

    thats such a bad ass cover...

  41. BeDtUnDy69

    Beide Versionen sind sehr nice, aber mir gefällt die Caliban-version ein Bisschen besser :D

  42. UnnOeTigerNoob

    Nice :) \m/ >.< \m/

  43. TheReaperProject

    like number 100 :D

  44. LuziferLP

    @BVBFanAliasMasterS20 Richtig , dieser Track stammt aus einer Split von HSB und Caliban (frag mich aber nicht welche split , Caliban und HSB haben meines wissens 2 splits aufgenommen). Die stimme von Andreas (Sänger von Caliban) kann man wohl schlecht überhören.

  45. BVBFanAliasMasterS20

    meines wissens nach stammt das Lied aus dem Album was, die befreundeten Bands zusammen erstellt haben. Verbessert mich wenn ich falsch lieg ;)

  46. Jan Schulte

    Wer hat den Song zuerst Interpretiert?
    HSB oder Caliban?

  47. Stefan Partheymüller

    @RungAaz Anyway, this song is so fucking awesome I can't even imagine

  48. Stefan Partheymüller

    @dragonsexxx21 Lol, but do not prejudice

  49. Mudvayne Neaera

    someone had a spasm and missed the like button

  50. DrPepper380

    awesome song