Heaven Shall Burn - Mandatory Slaughtery Lyrics

Do you still think you're innocent?
Bloodtrails leading to their face,
Telling barbarous stories
But you refuse to hear,
For our wealth they pay the price,
What do you think,
How does it feel to be an object of consumption,
To suffer endless torture for so little benefit?
Your behavior justifies the ethic holocaust,
The daily unseen slaughtery so far away from your eyes,
The cries so far from your ears,
But there should be resistance
The only way to walk without drowning in the blood of million innocent creatures
Difference between weak and strong must turn into harmony and respect for every
Living being and mother earth,
In this struggle a single one is not useless,
A hand is a symbol of hope
A million hands are weapons in the war for their peace,
All your imaginations and dreams are weapons,
We have to use them against the growing helplessness and fear,
Your eyes don't want to see what's going on around,
Swimming in the stream of blindness,
The certain way to drown,
This slaughter is a picture that is typical for our century,
Following generation will remember and they won't understand,
But they should also know about the people who judged the slaughters of the
It's time to set the signs they can't ignore
Slaughter of the innocent,
Who shares the pain?
Mandatory slaughter

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Heaven Shall Burn Mandatory Slaughtery Comments
  1. Saxon723

    loving the fifth element reference in the intro

  2. MaccaRoni83

    wahnsinn das lied... graulo sei dank (; "heavy metal never dies"