Heaven 17 - Play To Win Lyrics

City clubland, theatre, dockland
Empty house, no audience
Smiles of fortune, no man master
Play to win and break the bank
Play to win
Turn professional, know your job
Be up to every trick
Make a breakthrough, strain your eyes
Have no secrets, hear no lies
Play to win

Have no secrets, hear no lies

One needs a great deal more than this
Make-up master plan
Tension mars the prettiest face
Sex in fairyland
Play to win
How can you improve your life,
Obtain the unobtainable?
Boost your health, a giant refreshed
Treat rough, get tough, 10-10!
Play to win

Did you take a backseat
When your kids were small?
Suit the movement to the word
Reverse and check the action
Play to win
Suit the action to the word
Make every minute count
Match in cunning, see the cars
Step on the heels of chance
Play to win

Have no secrets, hear no lies

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Heaven 17 Play To Win Comments
  1. Jacammo1

    A little backdrop here... The bass player, John Wilson, also plays rhythm guitar on this very track, and the drums are courtesy of the Linn drum computer. So there are 2 guys pretending to play instruments. When you play in a band, you get to rub shoulders with the big guys and find out a little of their secrets... BEF (British Electric Foundation) are Heaven 17 and the Boys of Buddha (synth horns solo) are also Heaven 17

  2. LLJay55

    One of the most best 80 pop funk.
    Listen again. :

  3. KennethBDone

    One of their best tracks. That synth solo!

  4. hovnanian

    This is real music.

  5. Jason Kennedy

    Always dug the whole looking/sounding like an estate agent thing.

  6. Marty Birkinshaw

    John Wilson's bass-line is an absolutely fabulous delight to hear, many thanks

  7. Alan Fox

    I saw the BBC four show Ian Craig marsh or the other guy either way I know it was not the lead singer with ana of scissors sisters about their favourite songs it like a playlist show.

  8. LLJay55

    Lovely (electric) funk... !
    PLAY to WIN !!

  9. Offramp Tavanipupu

    I wish the audience had clapped along.

  10. Ethan Bennett

    Saw them live on December 1st phenomenal!!!

  11. Eleanor H

    Pure class

  12. Wedginald Maboy

    # and then he said ......

  13. Joseph Devlin

    I never knew they did Top of the Pops in 1981. Great to see this.

  14. Jacammo1

    One of my all time favourite songs from H-17. But I find this performance a bit embarrassing with Martin Ware pretending to play the guitar as it was the fabulous John Wilson (the bassist here) played both bass and rhythm guitar and the drums were provided by the Linn Drum Machine..

    Johnny Natrium

    That's Top of The Pops mate.


    Jacammo1 I know this has happened with a band called Japan they did a performance in 78’ and on YouTube the song ( I’m not gonna say the title because it’s a form of child abuse but the band were only 17) was dubbed over and this is too

  15. Colum Rogers

    Penthouse and Pavement.... what an album.

    Gary Ranford

    I have it on vinyl... stored safely :-)

    Stephen Campbell

    @Gary Ranford Funky as fuck, very British too. Loved their class conscious lyrics too.

  16. Paul Williams

    Martin Ware , Fuckin Toothless Terror lol

    Great band though ;)


    Paul Williams he's gotten his teeth fixed since the 80's.

    Paul Williams

    ha ha

    I Know lol , i was taking the piss ;)


    My favorite Heaven 17 track! I also love Temptation, Penthouse and Pavement, This is Mine, Crushed by the Wheels of Industry, Flamedown,And That's No Lie, We Live So Fast and Come Live With Me.

    Ralph Jackson

    After they split from the Human League this was their second single I think,after We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang and before Penthouse and Pavement,the title track of the first album.

    Atif MIr

    @Ralph Jackson Didn't know that. Shows the level of talent originally in that group to spawn Heaven 17.

    Nature's Finest

    @Atif MIr Martin Ware and Ian Craig Marsh were the real reason why Reproduction and Travelogue were such great and intellectual albums. They were lucky to find a great singer like Glen Gregory to form Heaven 17 with after leaving the Human League. The Human League's music was great up until the Hysteria album showed signs of slipping quality in songwriting.

    Nature's Finest

    @Atif MIr look up an album called "The Golden Hour of the Future"....has early music and demo tracks by a group called The Future featuring Martin and Ian....along with tracks by the Human League featuring Philip Oakey. Very eclectic and interesting music.

  18. Andy JS

    Great work.


    +Andy JS

    Andy JS

    +softladification I did a similar thing in about 2008 with Temptation by Heaven 17 from their Christmas 1983 appearance. I had to remove it from my channel but someone else has re-uploaded the same thing. They must have downloaded it when I had it on my channel.