Heaton, Niykee - Starting Over Lyrics

Mm, why do you crash my party?
How do you always call me
Right when I start feeling like
I'm strong enough to let it all go
How do you always show up
Right at the perfect moment
As soon as I'm forgetting all about you
You end up at my door

How do you know, how do you
How do you, how do you know, how do you
How do you, how do you know, how do you
How do you, how do you know

If you really love me then let me go now
Find somebody new and take 'em home now
I look at you, won't miss you when I stop from starting over
So can we stop from starting something that we know that we can't handle?
Find somebody new, a different angle
I look at you, won't miss you when I stop from starting over
And we need to start all over again
And again and again and again and again

Why do you call me only
Just 'cause you can't be lonely?
Stop begging me, can't you see
I finally got back on my feet? (On my feet)
How do you find my weakness
Just when I think I'm free this?
As soon as I'm forgetting all about you
You end up at my door

How do you know, how do you
How do you, how do you know, how do you
How do you, how do you know, how do you
How do you, how do you know

If you really love me then let me go now
Find somebody new and take 'em home now
I look at you, I miss you and I stop from starting over
So can we stop from starting something that we know that we can't handle?
Find somebody new, a different angle
I look at you, I miss you and I stop from starting over
And we need to start all over again
And again and again and again and again

Why do you crash my party?
(And again and again and again and again)
Why do you always call me?
(And again and again and again and again)
Why do you crash my party?
(And again and again and again and again)
You need to let me go
If you really love me then let me go now
I look at you, I miss you and I stop from starting over

If you really love me then let me go now
Find somebody new and take 'em home now
I look at you, I miss you and I stop from starting over
So can we stop from starting something that we know that we can't handle?
Find somebody new, a different angle
I look at you, I miss you and I stop from starting over
And we need to start all over again
And again and again and again and again

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Heaton, Niykee Starting Over Comments
  1. Aliseia Luehmann

    I sent this to my ex boyfriend and it hit him hard💙❤

  2. Mixed V

    What a nice song..i kinda like this one..thanks for this..your editing skill is so great and awesome..

  3. ocha ocha

    Love you still

  4. Barbie Burns

    Wait, Thats really weird...
    There are 392 blind people that watched this video.
    They must dont know anything XD
    (aka the people that disliked the video)

  5. Natalie Bartram

    Listening Dec 2019. Still have him in my bed next to me but he has broken a piece of me that I'm not sure can be repaired. I want to let him go but the pain is soooo deep.

  6. Anime Is dope

    My female really posted this shit after we argued bruh this is not lookin good for me

  7. cheyenne glenn

    Wow this really hit me hard😢 that one person u wanna sart over with but u know u really souldnt ....i miss him so much but I cant go back to that situation again💔

  8. Jennifer Rucker

    My divorce song. Let me go now

  9. Aubree Holley

    My boyfriend after 4yrs of being together just up and vanished a little over 3 months ago. I got a text from him saying goodmorning and havent heard anything from him since. But everytime I'm okay flashbacks of us haunt me it really hurts. I love him and now I'm in so much pain

  10. Cody Leek

    This hits so painfully good

  11. Destiny Blair

    My ex just texted me and has been pushing to meet up and threatened to send stuff to my dad and brother if I didn’t respond or meet up with him, and he has had a girlfriend for 2 months now I believe. I don’t know what to do. Going to have him tell his girlfriend I think if he really wants to see me and let her know who he is seeing and why he want’s to see me. He can’t lye or sneak behind her back. Should I do that?

  12. Kaitlyn Aston

    This song is my new boyfriend lol

  13. Believing Poet95

    Step one: grab some alcohol! Step two: drink and put this on repeat

  14. Maria J Villacarlos Lima

    This song makes me so sad but I love it so much

  15. Paeten Wolfe

    I will never forget the mistakes I’ve made for the love of my life’s heart to fall from me...I will forever be sorry for what I’ve done to u...

    Lizz Tuttle

    Not sure what you got going on but I feel the exact same way....it's like what have I done 😣 sending hugs your way because I feel like sorrow & death

  16. Infinity Butterfly

    Starting over! I hate we doing this right here! Just let me go!!! You don't really care you just can't take it without me in your life

  17. Trish Hernandez


  18. Chad Phillips

    An we wonder how they can,do,it to ya , you've gotten old an they wanna fuck someone else , an they never really wanted u for too long at a time seems

  19. Brie Smith

    I can remember being in this cycle with a person I thought I would be with forever, no matter what they ever did, everytime I finally got to a place where I was ready to move on, she showed back up, apology in hand, and I fell for it everytime. That was my life for 5 years. It's been two years sense I've broken that toxic cycle, I'm now engaged to the love of my life, the most amazing human being I have ever met, I can still connect to songs like this, but I can appreciate them from a different perspective, especially a perspective that isnt controlled and run by pain and heartbreak. Years ago, I never thought I would ever get through that hurt. If anyone out there is going through something Similar, just know the change starts with you, and even though it probably feels like the worst pain imaginable, pain you feel like you have no control over, or you're in a situation that feels like you have no control over, even though it might feel like a heartbreak you will never get through, you will, and someday you will look back and realise just how in control you actually were, it takes time, and effort and discipline. I hope you heal, whoever may be reading this, whether it be healing from a toxic relationship or a situation that feels like there is no end, either which way, I hope you heal and grow and find strength through it all, and someday, weeks, months or years from now you will look back and you'll realise why it was necessary for you to experience whatever it was you had to experience, it will make sense. For me, personally, meeting my fiance, was what made me realise why no matter how hard I tried to make it work with her, it never did. She wasnt who I was supposed to be with, and at the time, If someone had told me that, I would have laughed in their face, now I get it.

    Tasha Rowe

    Thats helpful some...ik ill heal with time, but why does tge wrong feels better than the ground i stand..bc i have a lot of stress from normal things n than my relationship adds too nuch n i make mistakes n i always have an attitude..but ive been told to leave bc its not healthy anymore..we argue too much n we rarely even fix it at all or any.. but the guy i think im still loving from a far in the things we do. I feel n am seeing he always treayed me right n y we broke was bc of my attitude from hard times he was the right man but the right man in the wrong time...n idk what to do or anything an its so f*cking stressful an things are rough for me in general rn..but the guy friend, he still is here for me an everything an idk if things will imlrive stress wise if i was to get out of this relationship i love my bf i really do but the stuff gling on between us is too much for me to handle now an i cant bare all that weight an have things b my fault everytime...an idk if im right to stay or im wrong for staying...i just want guidence from someone who has insight on these types of things..just to be told its not always my fault for things or something..or anything would b helpful...

  20. Lungyizeule zell

    Why do I always end up listening to sad music when I know I don’t even have a boyfriend now, I have gone through so much. I feel the pain in her voice and it shatters me. ❤️ yourself!

  21. Ashslay Christine

    Wow my fav song by her

  22. Klady 80

    That 1 person that makes you feel these lyrics...

  23. Diane Campion

    Love it

  24. amber clayton

    Please fix all the mistakes. I love it but some of the mistakes are huge

  25. Bethany Tuma

    You can definitely hear her pain in this song. I felt this for a long time. I’m now getting into a good place again. 🥰


    Still there. Except this time, I will only give what has been given. I will only love equally from now on.

  26. Abby Killion

    At least i have Nancy Atkins

  27. Abby Killion

    It's not my fault I have unfixable problems. That's why i need an older woman.

  28. Abby Killion

    This song hurts me everytime. It's not my fault I want a lesbian cougar. No 1 seems to notice me and it hurts my heart too much 😪

  29. Mecjor Lee

    On repeat!

  30. just girly02

    im not gonna stop from starting over this time. Tired of all the hurt everytime. How do you know? One day you will!!! 😉💗

  31. Jdesiree Duplessy

    Beautiful voice!!!

  32. Michelle L

    My best friend sent this to me a week ago and my ex hit me up a week later this song came at a perfect time he always come back but this time i won’t go back

  33. Ro Sun

    The thumbs down on here are the jerks that keep showing up at their Ex’s door hoping to start over

  34. Elizabeth Merritt

    Please let me go 😭

  35. Desiree Vanee

    Song says it all 😍

  36. xocya

    This song relates to me so much. I’m breaking my own heart...

  37. Svet Lana

    im debating on letting him go... 1 year strong so many promises made but , he isnt treating me like the queen I am... and I cant handel it no more...


    Svet Lana My Ex of two years didn’t treat me right, it hurts soooo much. I’m literally heart broken to the max right now. But it’s all for you, you’re worth 10000 times more then you think. Find YOUR happiness.

    Svet Lana

    @xocya thank u

  38. Mantreece Wilson

    My Story for the last 5 years...💔2015 💔2016 💔2017 💔2018 💔 2019

  39. Bowman Hath

    The start is exactly the same as Rels B ft. Dellafuente - Buenos genes

  40. Lashorna Washington

    Goodbye don't. Know you with t0hat negativity

  41. Brandii Hope

    Apart of me is always gonna miss and love you. When I hear your voice I just wanna go back but I understand now that that's not a good idea. And we need to go our separate ways. You keep trying to pull me back and it hurts everytime you say you miss me and you say you made the biggest mistake of your life leaving me , you know it hurts me. But you've always known all the right words to say...and I'm sorry but just let me go. I don't wanna hurt anymore

  42. Pat brooks

    Very good song

  43. Aity Warjri

    One of the best song 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Willow Lunn

    Somehow this song is me talking about my crush and me talking to myself idk how to feel about it

  45. Jordan Mckay

    yah right ♥♡♥

  46. Jenna Collins

    Love this song

  47. Random Thoughts

    Luv Niykee!!!💓💓💓💓💓💜💛💚💙❤💋👄

  48. terri dillon

    It makes me fill bad because I reminds me of my dad and I don't get to see him

  49. James Montoya

    We cried together and left each other listening to this song.

  50. himani thakur

    No matter how many times you listen this song, it will a special place❤. It's so good n her voice😍

  51. Shina Smith

    To Zackary for real this us!!

  52. amber rose

    Hits hard ❤❤💯

  53. Anisha Upchurch

    The songs makes me wanna cry

  54. Veronica Cruz

    Loving this

  55. KatRoman2485


  56. Shean Marie Casoco

    I love this song, beautiful lyrics 👍 over all composition the beat ❤❤❤ Relate much 💔 keep it up 👍

  57. PhilipXyooj

    Guess you’re starting over.. @L.C
    Goodbye my Love

  58. eli lmao

    "as soon as i start forgetting all about you you end up at my door"
    😞 please, just let me get better i cant keep breaking my own heart like this.

    Brie Smith

    I'm so sorry you're hurting. I hope you arent anymore.

    Holly Nations

    same here

    Kloe Cox

    @Holly Nations same

  59. KJS

    Feeling this.......beautiful voice

  60. Thinkb4uspk BAM

    Love so much!

  61. Pamela Thomas

    Loveeee it🖤

  62. Lecent Tyrrell

    Guitar chords sound like Bad Intentions

  63. alana vidov

    please make an instrumental !!

  64. anonymous

    I'm so tired of being made fun of, everyone picking on me, no one caring about me, everyone leaving, silent crying, faking a smile, pretending to be happy, fake friends, being stabbed in the back, lied to, led on, being alone, trying to make friends and failing, trying to be normal and failing, everyone giving up on me, no one noticing if I am dead or alive, no one caring, being judged everywhere I go. Tired of the abuse, tired of the hurt, tired of the pain, tired of doing SOOOO much for everyone, tired of crying for so,many people and no one gives a fuck. Tired of no one noticing when I am crying for a friend for help, when I am too depressed to ask for help, when I have too much on my shoulders to bare it all. I just want the pain to stop. I am tired of caring about the ones who hurt me and still always being for them. I wanna scream FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY but at the same time wanna I wrap them in my arms and let them know I never wanna let them go until I know they are better. Most,importantly I am tired of being tired. Why am I never enough? Why am I never good enough for anyone

    Mandy Lindal

    I am here to tell you that no matter what your going through and no matter the pain and feeling of not being enough YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! You are LOVED! If you dont feel like the people around you love you please know that the Lord does and that you are strong and you are a warrior and you have a purpose. I feel all those emotions all the time and have to keep reminding myself the same thing. My husband who was my childhood love and my best friend and father of all 3 my kids past away. My so called friends robbed me and intentionally hurt me and caused me to quit my job and lose our home of 9 years. Everyone i have ever helped has hurt me and not one person was truly here for me when i went through the hardest pain in my life and let me tell you i have been through more pain than 5 people deserve in a lifetime. If they were there they had other intentions. So please dont stop being kind and dont lose that love you share cause people need it and there isnt many like us that love without intention and the world needs more of us and the pain and loss is a way for evil to try and discard of us. Dont let evil win. Be that warrior that the Lord knows you can be and continue to try and win this battle with me. Our true and everlasting happiness will come. I have hope and faith that it will. This life cant be it for all the good one gives.

    ocha ocha

    You are loved the almighty loves you ❤️🙏

  65. Odwa Poswayo

    What I am currently goibg through,everytime I tell myself am done,he comes back and I forget about leaving him.I know he's not good for him but I love him.I wish unloving someone was easy

    Wolfie ;3

    I agree with that completely hun... Me and my ex of 2 years know were not good together... But we always end up back together... Because nether of us really wanna let go but we need to...

    ms gummy

    I let mine go finally... Because I deserve someone better

    Wolfie ;3

    @ms gummy completely boo 💕 I'm glad you realized it even if it hurt like hell .

  66. Jeanette Handy


  67. Krooked Kevin

    Madison, if your listening to this, turn this song off!! It motivates you to try to start over with a man who your no good with. Some songs are great to help let go, but then there are songs like this that try to convince you to try starting over which isn’t the best option usually ! Love you girl stay strong!

    Madison Green

    Yeah well sometimes starting over is worth the try

    Krooked Kevin

    Madison Green trust me.. if you knew the situation that the girl I was talking to was in, your understand. Some people are worth the extra effort and sometimes you just have to move on

  68. Jolynn Otto

    This song is why people tell me not to let my love for music become a connection to any situation of life...... yea that’s not possible. Music is my outlet and this one speaks directly to my core 👍❤️

  69. Liv Chambers

    This sounds so much like what my ex has done to me

  70. Jacqueline Mapstone

    Exactly couldn't have said it better myself

  71. Maria Ybarra

    OMG this song I was in a three and a half month relationship with someone who lied the whole time and every time I was trying to move forward he would show up until I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time this song is spot on how I feel ☹️

    Tiffany Cox

    Same thing here only it went on for 6 years and now that I'm D.O.N.E. he suddenly cares. This song tho ❤❤

    Maria Ybarra

    @Tiffany Cox I am so sorry it's such a hard situation... I got sucked back in to his web just to get hurt again I wish you all the best

  72. Fikx Nasir

    0:48 always get me chills 💔

    Ashlynn Ellis

    Fikx Nasir ikr!!!

    Fikx Nasir

    Ashlynn Ellis right! 😩

  73. Bree Kenyon

    This is amazing. Explains my situation perfectly

  74. Daddeez lil-WHOR3

    Freddie THIS IS YOU

  75. I'm Cooler then you

    If he really loved her, why would he let her go?!😞

    Wolfie ;3

    Because sometimes , a relationship is toxic and the best way to show them you love them is to let them go... I didnt understand this song to my most recent break up...

  76. Val love love

    If you really love me let me go now.

    And find somebody new take they home now

    note this is on repeat

  77. Val Uribe

    Really started by listening to “bad intentions” to convince myself I was the one for this boy and now I’m here convincing myself to let it go


    Same. Except I am reminding myself, that we was the dream team. We are. If I can find a piece of myself I lost long ago because of him.

    Bethany Rivera

    Damnnn felt that 🙁

    Angel Capps

    I felt that right along with bethany. I was in a 5 year relationship we were even engaged and we have a lil boy together he the only father my oldest daughter knows but he decided when my ex best friend from jr high walks in that I'm not good enough even tho he was the 4th or 5th guy she slept with in less than a month. She controls him and try's to control what happens with our kids. But yet still sneaks over here whenever he gets the chance even told me that he misses our sex lmao I'm just done mentally but yet my heart keeps saying but you love him you can still make it work but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna listen to my brain on this one

    Kayla Lindsay

    lmao fr

    Mixed V

    Yeah broo

  78. Christina Tubbs


  79. Samantha Conklin


  80. im weird

    That voice😍😍😍

  81. Leticia Coronel

    "How do you know" i know i LOVE this song.

    Edit: thank you so much for the five likes, have a great day 💞

  82. Denise Jacqueline

    Yassssss beach! I love this song!

  83. Keishia Decker

    Repeat buttonnnn 😍

  84. Abbey Calkins

    I love this song

  85. Samantha Bowling

    I legit cannot stop this song

  86. Megan Smith

    This song always gets me in my feels 😔

  87. Samantha Wells

    Yes I'm not going to stalk to Skies so yeah so if he knows text me so that means he's not the right guy for you okay there multiple for you out there

  88. Savanah Ackerson

    I really love this song. Its everything im going through and the emotion is real

  89. mobile gaming

    I love this

  90. Tatiana Hernandez

    Got this song playing again, and again and again and again

    I'm Cooler then you

    Tatiana Hernandez bust down thotinna

    Ashlynn Ellis

    Tatiana Hernandez same

    Brittany Combs

    Tatiana Hernandez same here I’ve listened to this song 110times I can’t stop

  91. Cynthia Nelly

    New Obsession 😍😍

  92. Lacie Thibault

    Beautiful song love it😍❤ reminds me of my family that I can't see