Heathers: The Musical Cast - Shine A Light (Reprise) Lyrics

Stupid child proof caps!

Aww look, Heather's going to

Whine, whine, whine all night!

You don't deserve to live!

Why not kill yourself!

Here have a sedative

Whine, whine, whine!

Like there's no Santa Claus (boo-hoo)

You're pathetic because you whine!

You whine all night!

(Whine) Your ass is off the team
(Whine) Go on and bitch and moan
(Whine) You don't deserve to dream
(Whine) You're gonna die alone

Die alone!
Die alone!
Die alone!

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Heathers: The Musical Cast Shine A Light (Reprise) Comments
  1. 《Sophie Nanami》

    i cant really blame Duke, yes she is a bitch but we can't forget that she has bulimia. bulimia makes a person obsessed with losing weight, and with Chandler saying that her illness doesn't matter and McNamara was the only one that cared for her in that scene. That means Duke doesn't feel good about herself especially with Chandler not helping her when she was still alive basically bullying her for something she can't help. bulimia can include bloody vomit, dry skin, feeling faint, and what i think is the most important mood swings, so she also feels horrible about herself and also has depression since that's what bulimia can do to you. it's disappointing to see so many people forget that Duke went through some shit. if she's a bully that makes the chance go up even more of her hating herself since bullies usually pick on other kids to help their self-esteem. i honestly love her, it's unfortunate that she picks on McNamara, but she probably felt intimidated by Chandler, especially after that scene in Candy Store.

  2. Sofia Mazurek Queiroga

    The hug in the end is so sweet

  3. Ева Димитрова

    Damn we killed the wrong Heather

  4. ItsAydenOk?YT

    God I’m late but here we go.

    I’ve noticed a little thing.

    So when Heather C. Was alive, she’d always bully Heather D. However, Heather M. Was the one Heather C. Never bullied. Heck she never was mean to her. But when Heather C. Died, things began to crumble. Heather D. Started bullying Heather M. Since no ones there to stop her. Because of that, Heather M. Became depressed (that’s not leaving out the deaths). Since Heather D. Didn’t take any offence to whatever Heather C. Was saying, she’d think that Heather M. Wouldn’t think the same way. However, so much happened to Heather M. That year. The deaths. How the one girl who was there for her died. How she got easily manipulated multiple times throughout the musical. When Heather M. Came out about suicide, Heather D. Didn’t know what to do besides bully her because that’s what she knew best, but considering how unstable Heather M. Had become, when she was trying to kill herself in the bathroom, “shine a light reprise” is what she’s thinking about when it’s happening. Like everything would be better if she wasn’t there.

    Moral of the story. Heather M. Is sweetheart.
    Heather D. Is a total bitch .
    Heather C. Just wanted Heather M. To feel safe.

  5. Donut The Christian

    3:36 ‘rrronica saves the day

  6. Kitsu

    What did Veronica say when she ran to heather McNamara?

    Musical theatre fan・ω・

    Kitsune Animations NO HEATHER NO
    If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn’t be human you’d be a gameshow host
    Or Becoming a growing statistic is the least private thing I can think of

  7. Emma318 Kate

    How come she’s standing so awkwardly¿

  8. Suspects _29

    Me: *sees McNamara and Veronica hug*

    Also me: D A T E

    [yOu CaNt JuDgE mY sHiP]

  9. Suspects _29

    Heather McNamara needs more love *hugs her*

  10. Hakuna Matata


  11. Marie The Squid Kid!!! Splatoon and More!!!

    For everyone who wants to see shine a light reprise, it’s at 3:00

  12. Kittygurl1023

    I hate heather dukes character but her actress is my favorite like she really played the part amazingly

  13. Elphaba Thropp

    Duke: Heather, get back in line
    Ms Fleming: *pulls Duke back* Zip it

    I can't be the only person who laughed at that.

  14. Noodles

    2019 anyone??

  15. Ben McNutt

    I believe Elle McLemore played heather chandler is this version

    Ben McNutt

    Hope that answers your question

    Heather Chandler

    actually Elle played Heather M

  16. Dynamic Duo

    *How dare you hurt our cinnamon bun*

  17. Lei

    4:25 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  18. Kind Person

    *the audience is laughing*

  19. sadison 13

    heather macnamara: *breathes*

    the whole audience: w h e e z e

  20. LeeahTheWolf

    Heather Chandler - :|
    Heather Duke - :(
    Heather Mac - :)

  21. Aki Chan YT

    "You'd be a game show host"

    **Spits out pills**

  22. Aki Chan YT

    The sad thing is the part where she says "Jesus, I'm on the fricking bus again because all my rides to school are dead" meaning all the people who give her rides to school are dead now, and what's even sadder is that in "Candy Store", Heather Duke states; "get in my jeep" which means she has a jeep (it's true) yet she wouldn't even give Mac a ride.

  23. Wolfgirl

    Veronica is like “if anyone is gonna kill you it’s gonna be me”

    Princess Jasmine

    Wolfgirl umm no Do you know the plot?? Veronica doesn’t kill her


    Princess Jasmine yeah I know the plot I was just making a joke

    Hakuna Matata

    JD: wanna bet?


    Hakuna Matata haha you not wrong

  24. William Houghton

    I think I feel pity for Heather McNamara

  25. Betsy Mills

    Heather M: "ive thOuGhT aBOUT KILLING MYSELF"
    Audience: oH

  26. sapphic.wives

    i love Elle to death, but damn Alice slayedddd

  27. Grace Anne06

    were can i watch the full musical? like the talking parts to?? i rly wanna know! thanks!!!

  28. LeeahTheWolf


  29. cringe Trashcan

    Why is she walking like that?

  30. Alphasun

    That hug is adorable ♡

  31. Alphasun

    My favorite line
    "And im like jezus im on the bus again because all my rides are dead!"

  32. Dollar General Gang

    "If you were happy every single day of your life then you wouldn't be human.

    *you'd be a game show host*

  33. ariana me lene

    Heather c is Charissa Hogeland

    ariana me lene

    @Heather Chandler if you read the description you would know why I said that

    Heather Chandler

    @ariana me lene thats not what i meant.........ya dumb

    ariana me lene

    @Heather Chandler then why would you say it? And don't call me dumb you don't have a reason to call me like that

  34. Ligity Digity

    “Well who made her captan?” Gives me
    “We should totally just stab Caesar!” Vibes

  35. Purple nation

    What makes me mad the most is that someone with an amzing voice is playing Heather D


    You do know Heather Duke is one of the lead roles in a great and popular musical? If her voice was bad the whole musical could have been hated on and the musical might not be aswell received.

  36. superhuffpuff

    mcnamara suicide protection squad
    duke hate protection squad
    I'm in both of these, Duke deserves more love, she's just a jealous baby.


    Also Chandler getting killed protection squad, she's my fav Heather


    @Alphasun MHM ;^;

  37. obama obama

    as bad of a character as heather duke is.....

    she can SING

  38. Alyssa Hayward

    fri everyone who doesn’t know, shine a light reprise is a hallucination. it’s all inside her mind because of her depression. heather duke is in it because she pushed heather m to o far.

  39. Man Aw Creeper


  40. ariana me lene

    Ms Fleming is saying that cares about saving lifes but heather d has an eating disorder and saw her vomiting and didn't even ask what happened like what?


    You got a point. Ms. Fleming seems to only care about herself, thinking people will come to her when things like this happen.

  41. Nightgale Lullaby

    I just want to know what everyone is saying in the McNamara and duke fight

    shin ryujin stop making me feel things

    duke: what's your damage, heather? are you saying that westerburg's not a nice place? where's your school spirit? you don't deserve to wear our school colors! why don't you hopped in your little lifeboat and catch a gnarly wave over the remington?
    ms. fleming: all right, all right let's calm it down
    some girl: oh look heather's gonna cry

  42. 美波_5

    The fact that people keep laughing gets to me. Yeah it’s a musical so I guess it’s a bit funny at times, but here’s a girl being bullied and attempting suicide and y’all are just hahaha-ing away

  43. grey :O

    heather mac-aroni and cheese

  44. cadyyy

    heather mcnamara: * sings abt depression *
    jd: * COOL BOY STANCE *

  45. Charli Jasmine

    I know Heather duke is the worst, but Alice Lee is such a Gorgeous Angel 👼🏼 lmao 😂

  46. Grae Is Gay


  47. Baby Girl

    Why is she standing like that?

  48. The Luminous Yellow Diamond

    This gives me proof I am a total bitch

    Hey max your cool but

    Stop your embarrassing

    The Luminous Yellow Diamond

    Hey max your cool but


    Heather Chandler

    @Hey max your cool but how are they embarrassing?

  49. L.B. Love xx

    I hate Heather Duke, but I love her vocals. Like her personality in the play is bad, but her vocals are amazing like omg get the actor an award.

  50. Ghost Queen

    The comments are very mixed: either she's a cinnamon roll or she's manipulative and awful person. Let me see if I can settle it:

    She isn't a horrible person. Sure, she did do some bad things that there's no excuse for but some other things she did? She was being pressured by Heather C and Heather Dick--excuse me, Duke. This song shows the pain and despair inside of her. She can't be forgiven for a lot of stuff, but it's not like she deserves to die. Right?

  51. Eaglefeather21 #saveyoutube

    Heather Chandler is green Heather.

    Hey max your cool but


    Heather Chandler is Red
    Heather Duke is Green

    Heather Chandler

    i am pretty sure i am the red one

  52. Tyara Oliver

    Heather: *tries to commit suicide*
    The audience: *laughs*

    Hey max your cool but

    Cause it's comedy lmao

    Tyara Oliver

    Yeah but I feel like there are times to laugh and not laugh. I'm not saying they can't laugh but I feel like this was a pretty serious point in the show

  53. Ghost Queen

    can I adopt Heather Mac

  54. such a x capricorn

    the way elle can switch from scared head voice to passionate chest voice is so impressive

  55. L I L Y P A R K E R


  56. rose nishikino

    this made me love mcnamara

  57. L I L Y P A R K E R

    Honestly this scene is the one that sickens me the most.

  58. Eloisa Santiago


  59. Lucky Lycanite

    Heather Duke has VOCALS!

  60. Ian's toy channel


  61. Bailey’s Life

    Ok but can we appreciate heather dukes voice ? It’s so strong an powerful I love it

  62. Ruriko Melnikova

    Is it sad I know all the lyrics

  63. Katie 1172

    Heather D is a bitch but damn is she freaking good at singing. Alice Lee I applaud thee.

  64. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

    *_"And I'm like: Jesus I'm on the fricken bus again cuz all my rides to school are dead."_*

  65. shy shy shy, bitches

    the hug 💔💔💔❤️

  66. Cherry Animates

    why did I cry for Heather M-

  67. smaple

    Just going to leave this here

  68. DJ Awesomeness

    As much of a bitch Heather D is, she can fucking sing. Like it sounds just like the studio recorded one. She’s an amazing singer

  69. hurricane tortilla

    The actress who portrays Heather Duke is so great at singing wow

  70. Brianna rodriguez

    I love the acting especially Heather Duke’s/Alice

  71. Miss Marple

    You know I freaking love this musical, for me everything is prefect except one thing, the public. It reflect so much the Westerberg students, they laugh at some times where it almost mockery if you imagine they were students and they were in the school (just my opinion probably wrote with mistakes because I'm French sorry >.<)

  72. Charlotte D

    does... veronica say “young lady”... or am i just dense

  73. Elise Bauer

    I’m playing Heather M I’m so excited

  74. •FātâlThøůghțs•

    o h

  75. Ella Murray

    are we going to ignore the "whine whine whi-ine" bc DAMN ALICE THAT WAS GORGEOUS

  76. xoxozozo


  77. OceanCloud Gacha

    This is how temmie from undertale was created. Blue and yellow hugged and now we have temmie

  78. Heather Duke

    w h a t s y o u r d a m a g e h e a t h e r

  79. Kyra Inay

    Bro I love Heather M so much. She's the nicest Heather

  80. Rose Sweetcake

    Why the hell are people laughing in the crowd

  81. Keelin Kelly

    Nooo Heather M looks genuinely terrified during lifeboat

  82. Jonathan Monaghan

    Ok but can we just appreciate Alice’s talent like WOW

  83. Miss Salt

    look i know everyone hates heather duke because she's so rude to heather mcnamara, and i admit she's a terrible person. but i love her. i'm sorry, i just always fall for the bitch.

  84. Alyssa R.


    and i’m like JESUS i’m on the freakin bus again cuz all my rides to school are *dead*

  85. Coffee Wolf

    The scene where Veronica talks Heather M out of it is simultaneously the funniest and one of the most heartwarming things ever.

  86. you clods

    Honestly Heather D is a really good actor.

  87. molly

    okay but im OBSESSED with alice lee's voice

    Princess Jasmine

    molly yeah same

  88. Raton Zafiris

    If I were JD, I would have killed Heather Duke for what she said to Heather McNamara. THAT *BEING* ALMOST KILLED THAT POOR LITTLE DEPRESSED GIRL!

  89. Northern Lights

    Why is the audience laughing during this...?

  90. That Theater Nerd

    I genuinely wonder if the ensemble singing Shine A Light Reprise are voices in H.Mac’s head or the real ppl......

    Artzee OwO

    That Theater Nerd in her head 🙂

  91. Kayla Ryan

    3:00 Shine A Light Reprise

  92. BrihMoment

    shine a light reprise always gives me INSANE shivers. its such a short song but its so crazy. all those horrible emotions in only 40 seconds

  93. laly owo

    Ik ik soooo late but y does it look like she has face tracker pro on

  94. Jaysa Hunter

    The 'suicide is a private thing' is actually really sad when you think about it besides the obvious reasons. It shows that Mac really intended to die alone which would be depressing for anyone but it's made out to be a point of horror through the entire musical because they regard it as something only 'losers' would endure. If she had gone through with it she would have gone out thinking she was a loser.

  95. grunge

    Why am I crying

  96. trinity

    duke is a bitch but i love her voice