Heathers: The Musical Cast - Seventeen (Reprise) Lyrics

Listen up folks
War is over
Brand new sheriff's come to town
We are done with acting evil
We will lay our weapons down
We're all damaged, we're all frightened
We're all freaks but that's alright
We'll endure it, we'll survive it
Martha, are you free tonight?


Um, my date for the pep rally kind of blew-...me off.
So, I was wondering, if you weren't doing anything tonight, maybe we could pop some Jiffy Pop and rent a video, something with a happy ending

Are there any happy endings?

I can't promise no more Heathers
High school may not ever end
Still, I miss you, I'd be honored
If you'd let me be your friend

My friend

We can be seventeen
We can learn how to chill
If no one loves me now
Someday somebody will
We can be seventeen
Still time to make things right
One day we'll change the world

But let's kick back tonight
Let's go be seventeen
Take off our clothes and dance
Act like we're all still kids
Cause this could be our final chance!
Always be seventeen
Celebrate you and I
Maybe we won't grow old

And you know
You know
You know...
We can be beautiful
You know
You know
You know...
Cause this could be our final...
You know
You know
You know...
We can be beautiful
You know
You know
You know...

And maybe then we'll never die
We'll make it beautiful
We'll make it beautiful

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Heathers: The Musical Cast Seventeen (Reprise) Comments
  1. Going Overboard

    Why doesn't Duke get a happy ending? That's not fair, she deserves one too!

  2. Travis Himebaugh

    "Hey Martha, remember that guy you were desperately in love with who might someday have gotten over his issues enough to admit his repressed attraction to you? I murdered him."
    "... wha-"
    "So, you free tonight?"

  3. Lizzie Flores

    THE END HARMONY HNG- **dies of astonishment**

  4. AttackTheRainbowCake

    Sorry but why isn’t anyone talking bout how Veronica kissed heather duke

  5. whyarisokewl

    listen closely u can hear my heart breaking

  6. Kat

    1:48 when she puts her hand on her cheek aww

  7. Stitch

    Notice how heather M actually cared bout Veronica and heather duke was like we know people you committed suicide but gurl you look like shit

  8. Chi F.


  9. Lauren G.

    God, you can hear Barrett's voice cracking as she speaks with Martha. This whole thing isn't just emotional to the audience, but to the cast itself. They did a spectacular job with everything. Our 2 girls, and Mac as well finally get the happy ending they deserve after all the bs they endured. It's just perfect.

  10. katie nance

    *rolls up and almost kills veronica*

  11. Angelina The Penguin_27

    Honestly, it would have been so much better if Veronica gave Martha the red scrunchie bc let's be honest, SHE. DESERVES. IT.

    That Agender Kid

    Angelina The Penguin_27 agreed!!

  12. Alphasun

    "I cant promise no more heathers"
    When you find a new fandom

    Raspie Berry

    I laughed way too hard at this😂
    So relatable

    Cocobell Silver

    I’m literally looking at your profile pic and I know what you’re saying is absolutely true

  13. Antonio Felipe Araujo

    The 2 dislikes were from Heather C and the scarf guy from illegal heathers

  14. The Fandom Club!


    Sliding into dms be like:

    That Agender Kid

    Habari Jackson Animates! Pfft 😂😂

  15. Pixel Pudding

    Why wasn’t J.D. up there with Chandler, Kurt, and Ram?

    That Agender Kid

    Pixel Pudding 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    Jordyn Good

    maybe it’s cuz Heather, Ram and Kurt went to heaven and J.D went to hell.

    No offence to J.D cuz I love him. Just a thought.

    Dollar General Gang

    Well when they're on the stage they look like how they died.

    So there would just be bits and pieces of blown up J.D...

    Mack Riddell

    I think it’s because those are the people who kind of haunt Veronica?

    Bianca Agiomavritis

    Jd willingly died the other did not causing them to haunt and torment her. Maybe? Idk

  16. MrsPotatoSack

    I kinda wanna know if J.D. is dating Veronica Sawyer in real life, I WANNA KNOW

    Tyler Dunn

    The answer is no

    Tyler Dunn

    I think

  17. Julie Marie

    Why wasn’t JD in the final song? 😭

    Bruna Luanne

    bc hes in hell


    He should’ve joined heather, Kurt and Ram

    That Agender Kid

    Aerial Agreed x

    Dora , thats it ok.

    He blew up so there would be just peaces of flesh beacouse kurt,ram and heather look like what they did when they died

  18. Tammy Benjamin

    Martha is such a cinnamon roll I just wanna give her a hug

  19. Galaxy_Paws! {Gaming, Animation, and More}

    *cries at 3am*

    Parent Walking in: You OK?


  20. Sarah Streiff

    That one dislike was JD he salty he’s not in the final song

    That Agender Kid

    Sarah Streiff pfft, true 😂

    F r x s t e d F l a k e s

    Sarah Streiff the other one was betty because shes salty she wasnt in the musical

    Sarah Streiff

    CrystalCrunchGacha lol yeah

  21. jamie kennedy

    So many *chills*

  22. Starel J

    "My date kind of blew..... " UP "me off" oh..

  23. Marissa Terminates

    The high note at the end. Making it the octave higher just makes me wanna cry from happiness :p

  24. Totally Not Gothic Peaches

    I’m still angry JD wasn’t in the final song... he is my favorite character, followed by Chandler.

    Julie Marie

    E.O.A 04 Yeah but in the final song all the dead people come back but he didn’t show up 😭

    Julie Marie

    Gacha Peaches Same. All the other dead people came back, so why didn’t he? 😭

    Animal Lover

    @Julie Marie
    Because he was blown up

    Insert clever name here

    @Julie Marie because those ghosts were manifestations of veronica's guilty conscience. jd chose to die, so veronica wasn't guilty.

  25. Ella Williams (Student)

    All the final song of musicals make me want to cry in a pillow. Even six

    Ella Williams (Student)

    ・Don’t Mind Me ・ but like they all deserved so much better

    ・Don’t Mind Me ・

    Ella Williams (Student) True I see where you’re coming from

    That Agender Kid

    Same. I love SIX. 😍❤️

    Sayori - Chan

    I saw you on a different video!!


    I'm not so sure about "the guy who didn't like musicals"

  26. Mario Pie

    “We can learn to be chill”
    **years later**
    *Be More Chill the Musical*

    That Agender Kid

    Mario Pie 😂😂

  27. st Maria

    This song makes me SO emotional

    That Agender Kid

    st Maria same 😩

  28. dnavp

    that high note at the end is so beautiful i cant

    That Agender Kid

    dnavp Agreed x