Heathers: The Musical Cast - Prom Or Hell? Lyrics

Dear diary:
I'm going steady
Mostly he's awesome
If a bit too "rock and roll"

Lately he's bumped off
Three of my classmates
God, have mercy on my soul

They were just seventeen
They still had room to grow
They could have turned out good
And now we'll never know

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Heathers: The Musical Cast Prom Or Hell? Comments
  1. Uvaia HD

    Just clicked on the video because we have the same name (Olivia) but, OMG you are incredible as singer and actress

  2. Blue Tortoise

    The dislike is from JD

  3. whyarisokewl

    this girl rocked as veronica

  4. BlueWatch Master

    Still the best Veronica in my books~ 😁😁😁

  5. Mary Aggers

    The one dislike was JD

  6. Isomer Mashups

    I think this is my favourite song from Heathers.

  7. eleanor shellstrop

    Love your dynamic! Stumbled upon this video upon searching for Prom or Hell and I’m glad I did! You owned Veronica!

  8. Priuel

    Love your Veronica, you really made her your own!
    I totally followed your Instagram! Looking forward to see any future work you do!
    Does the actor playing JD have public social media fans can follow too? Everyone in this production is just so good, it’s fun to see all the projects everyone moves forward with!

    Olivia Rose Michaels

    Wakeupjohanna thank you!! ♥️ Wendell doesn’t have social media.. he’s off the grid 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Olivia Rose Michaels Aww that’s too bad lol! It’s awesome to get to see what you’re working on though ❤️

  9. Kat Vs Dawg

    I want to see the full version with you in it soooo bad!

  10. Blake

    Such good singers and actors!!! I love it!

  11. Chip Nuts

    Yes!!!!!! We’ve waited soooo long

  12. Get Out Of My Spotlight

    im sorry- how and why am I crying????

  13. Courtney Michelle

    I’m still confused as to how I didn’t know this was a song until like 2 months ago😂

  14. Oliver The Bee King

    You have such a beautiful voice, you and Wendell have such amazing skills.

  15. maite fernandez

    Ok um one of my favorites versions tbh, Wendell’s acting 10/10, and I feel bad for laughing in “my teenage angst bullshit has a body count”. Honestly I’m going insane waiting to see the final performance of our love is god, I love the way you portray Veronica, and how she’s slowly changing, but still staying the same loving person, and you embody her so nicely I’m screaming, I’m sorry but imma binge watch all the Heathers videos (also by any chance, do you have more girlfriend from hell videos? Cuz I’ve replayed the two (I think) in your channel for a hot minute now)

    Olivia Rose Michaels

    maite fernandez you’re so sweet!! I miiiight have some more Girlfriend from Hell I can post (but there’s also a concert on April 6th in NYC if you live anywhere near!)

  16. Mapache Cósmica

    Still my fave Veronica

  17. Mira El Achhab

    Man, last time I was this early, JD had a mother

    Eusie Lynn

    I would say too soon but it's been almost forty years.

  18. West Boaz

    When are you gonna upload the entire show -_- I need to see it!!!

    Olivia Rose Michaels

    Ethan Berry ugh, the footage is so so crappy it’s almost embarrassing to post 🤦🏻‍♀️

    um bye

    too late, *_dO IT_*

    jocks proceed to get shot*

    RGBCovers Official

    @Olivia Rose Michaels I think everyone loves you so much as Veronica it won't matter :)

  19. maddie

    I love this. You're my favorite Veronica. 💕

  20. LollySinger MSP

    I wish I could see Heathers in person but I’ve gotta save money to travel to the US and then get tickets and a hotel and it’s too much lol

    adorecutebunny1 1

    Most tend to go on in the UK.

  21. Ellie Anderson

    Wait? What? When was this song a thing?!

    Olivia Rose Michaels

    Ellie Anderson at the beginning of act 2!

    Ellie Anderson

    Ahh thank you! wish it was recorded on the cast recording! Probably not long enough tho!

    Makaia playz

    Ellie Anderson yet shine a light reprise is on the cast recording

  22. leslie

    ugh i love your veronica sm!

  23. Charlie Wallhead

    Still one of my favourite Veronicas! <3

  24. rentl


  25. AceNerd

    JD flipping his trenchcoat behind him before he sits down is just so funny to me I can't even explain why but he's just like "ah yes let me adjust my coat for maximum comfort at the funeral of these two sons of bitches that I murdered".
    JD is a fancy boi who doesn't want his coat to get dirty.

  26. Fluffy Dev

    Such a beautiful voice. ❤