Heathers: The Musical Cast - Our Love Is God Lyrics

They made you cry
But that will end tonight
You are the only thing that's right
About this broken world
Go on and cry
But when the morning comes
We'll burn it down and then
We'll build the world again...
Our love is God

Are you okay?

I was alone
I was a frozen lake
But then you melted me awake
See, now I'm crying too
You're not alone

You're not alone

And when the morning comes

When the morning comes

We'll burn away that tear, and raise our city here...

Raise our city here...

Our love is God


Hi, Kurt, it's Veronica... how did you know it was always a fantasy of mine to have two guys at once?

Wowuhh... lucky guess?

Well, if you want it to come true, meet me at the cemetery, at dawn

Free pussy!

And we don't even have to buy it a pizza!

Punch it in! Whaat?! Hahaha!

We can start and finish wars

We're what killed the dinosaurs
We're the asteroid that's overdue
The dinosaurs choked on the dust
They died because God said they must
The new world needed room
For me and you

I worship you
I'd trade my life for yours
They all will disappear
We'll plant our garden here

Plant our garden here

Our love is God

Our love is God

Our love is God

Our love is God

Whoa. Is that real?

Yeah, but we're filling it with "Ich Luge" bullets

Ich Luge...? What?

My grandad scored them in World War II. They contain this powerful tranquilizer.
The Nazis used them to fake their own suicides when the Russians invaded Berlin.
We will use them to knock Kurt and Ram out just long enough to make it look like a suicide pact.
Complete with a forged suicide note:

"Ram and I died because we had to hide our gay forbidden love from a misapproving world."

And when the morning comes
They'll both be laughing stocks

So let's go hunt some jocks!

Hi... Veronica

So do we just whip it out or what?

uh… Take it slow, Ram. Strip for me


Okaaay...What about you?

Oh, well, I was hoping you could rip my clothes off me, sport

Yeah, we can do that

Count of three

One... two...


Holy crap!

Stay there! I’ll get him
Kurt! Kurt!

You killed my best friend!


Why are you chasing me?

Ram? You're just unconscious, right? Ram?

I was just kidding about the XXXX


Get off the fence! Get off the damn fence!

I don't understand!

We can start and finish wars
We're what killed the dinosaurs
We're the asteroid that's overdue

Stop being a dick!

The dinosaurs will turn to dust

What does that mean?!

They'll die because we say they must

What the fuck have you done?!

...I worship you
I'd trade my life for yours
We'll make them disappear
We'll plant our garden here
Our love is God
Our love is God
Our love is God

Our love is God...

Our love is God...

Our love is God...

Our love is God...!

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Heathers: The Musical Cast Our Love Is God Comments
  1. Morgan

    Should I be worried...my bf name is JD...

  2. Junko enoshima

    wait is that the person who plays diggy in liv in maddie or someone else because he looks different

  3. DoodleDoes Stuff

    Kurt voice after Ram dies makes me cry. It's so sad.

  4. Lavender’s Studio

    Someone give me the timestamp for the call?

  5. Critical Sheep

    Imagine watching this without any knowledge of the plot.

  6. Raing Grace TwT

    Its a pity tho JD killed himself.

    5:33 this still hurts me

  7. Hola Senorita

    The worst part is that he only killed them b/c they hurt her

  8. Maria Gayle

    Is it just me or do I her Veronica saying “Our love is GONE” not god at the end 🤔


    It sounds like it here but in the official recording it's God.

  9. Kate YT


  10. akobilarov

    LoL 😂

  11. Karen T

    Out of context= hella extreme
    In context= hella cute....until they start the uncontrollable murder

  12. The Bandit Queen

    Is it just me, or does live Kurt sound like the Cookie Monster

  13. Hello Starlight

    Veronica said "our love is GONE"?

  14. A J

    I’m confused, is he the original JD? Or is it Ryan McCartan?

    gomez; loml

    ryan was the l.a. jd and the oobc jd. dan was the understudy for jd (and ram and kurt) in the oobc.

  15. Kimberlie Payne

    Let's just say Kurt and Ram were the dinosaurs

  16. Emma

    why is he holding her in a chokehold though?😂

  17. IT Fan

    My family:sleeping at 1 in the morning

    Me:watching heathers and eating chocolate

  18. Suspects _29

    J.D is a shipper confirmed

    Chocolate :3

    This made my day

  19. Suspects _29

    *o u r g a y f o r b i d d i e n l o v e*

  20. Ninjago_ Person

    If all they did was throw pranks instead of kill 3 people, they’d actually be a cute couple, but if I was Veronica I’d just ask to get me involved in as little crimes as possible then I’d call the cops

  21. Karen Ruiz

    This shit gave me chills

  22. Elizabeth

    I would be freaking out if my boyfriend or friend and I murdered someone I'd be crying and running home

  23. Fame Plays

    Imagine the parents out there watching their sons strip till their underpants then getting killed.

  24. LawlessHell

    bro those screams at the end where instead of saying “our love is god” she says “our love is gone” and JD’s twisted version of a hug from the back where it looks like he’s choking her and she has a tiny attempt to get his arm off from around her neck is fucking perfect

  25. Rumi flawless

    The dislikes are Kurt, Ram and their dads.

  26. lilygracesings13

    Where’s the “get off the damn fence”

    MacKennah Rollins

    It’s at like 4:53 to like 4:55 it’s really quiet it’s kind of hard to hear but it’s there


    "Get off the fence get off the DAMN FENCE!!"

  27. Queen Eliane

    4:28 “this is the best!!!” Aww they’re actually little boys😭😂

    Awesomspirit cat21


  28. kiana nombrefia

    this could be me being biased but damn Dan's voice here just hits you right in the feels

  29. Hehdhebd Snndjehdhdhdh

    Evan trying to to skip over when he is running in socks is a full mood 4:43

  30. Chelsea Jean




  31. Nesus Janessa

    Our gay forbidden love

  32. Grace Anne06

    See what I always say *never spread rumors that you slept with the psychopaths girlfriend* then this could all be avoided

  33. John Eli Calugcugan

    Veronica and Jd: Our love is god

    Kurt and Ram: Our love is gay

  34. Amelia

    is this Ryan Mccartan as JD


    Amelia No

    Grace Anne06

    Amelia no It’s dan

  35. Whygodwhy

    I'm going to see heathers I June and all o can think about is how much I'm going to cry

    Hehdhebd Snndjehdhdhdh

    Whygodwhy I have a feeling it’s at Sheffield


    @Hehdhebd Snndjehdhdhdh I'm going on the 27th June when are you going

    Hehdhebd Snndjehdhdhdh

    Whygodwhy not sure what day I’m June I will find out

    I'm a cupcake

    how to make friends 101

    Hehdhebd Snndjehdhdhdh

    I'm a cupcake haha

  36. •Sugar Diamond•

    K in this song before he kills Kurt and ram look how cute hey are ! Like look at 2:14

  37. Ligity Digity

    My boyfriend: exists
    JD: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  38. smartguy458

    You know, I just thought of this: If Veronica had taken German class, she would've avoided this.


    @Simography oh alright lmao

    Strawberry Gacha

    i’ve been speaking german since i’m was a baby and the first time i listened to this i immediately noticed

    Chezié Chezo

    well in the movie he did a check (she said she takes french not german), so he could say i lied in french if she took german


    I have a German background but I don't speak any except counting 1-10. I managed to figure it out immediately.

    e s t h é t i q u e •

    honestly he was telling her the truth, but in a language she didn’t understand lmao

  39. Alexandra

    Can we talk about Kurt and Ram of this production? Theyre incomparable.

    Green Lemonade

    Duh, cause this is the original


    @Green Lemonade hun, og cast ≠ best cast

    Green Lemonade

    @Alexandra Yes, that's what I said too.

  40. Evan Bean

    At the end is JD strangling her?

    Bern Everything

    Himari Gacha ehhh sorta it’s supposed to represent a twisted version of the behind hug that he gives her of the beginning because his true colors are coming true

    KJ Dubs

    @Bern Everything It really represents the hold he now has on her. He also has a gun.

    Green Lemonade

    Heheh 69 likes >:)

    Cookie Creates

    Green Lemonade heheh 96 now

  41. Evan Bean

    It gives me chills when Veronica says ‘What the fuck have you done?!’ in the soundtrack it’s not that good but it sounds amazing here

  42. Ella Rodrigues

    I kinda agree with JD
    These two deserves to die

    Evan Bean

    I don’t believe anyone deserves to die but I’m sure they deserved to be arrested for sexual assault


    @Evan Bean exactly

    RoBerry TV

    Himari Gacha thank you

    Ella Rodrigues

    Himari Gacha yes, you’re right

  43. The Luminous Yellow Diamond


    Alex The Glitch


    The Luminous Yellow Diamond


  44. Melanie Munoz



    i like ryan’s part the most but it’s ur opinion


    Well most people did not get to see Ryan's part. But yeah, among all the productions I have watched Dan is one of the few who played the role of JD nicely.

    drink with grantaire

    him and jaime muscato are superior

    • Čîphēr • 15 Years ago

    *f i g h t f o r m e*

  45. rose nishikino


  46. Kane Keefer

    Are we related?

  47. Lily 1664

    Kurt and Ram are the two dislikes.

    lydia Murphy

    Lily 1664 the third one is heather c


    @lydia Murphy I think it's Heather Duke since things didn't go her way

    - Krystal subs

    Heather Chandler is the 3rd

  48. Shoto Todoroki

    I thought Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs


    Shoto Todoroki was that a Jurassic park reference because if so I loved it

    harper - i do music


    • Čîphēr • 15 Years ago

    Their love is god
    God killed the dinosaurs
    JD said “Chaos killed the dinosaurs”
    So.. their love.. *is chaos*

    JD Chris

    They are the chaos, that’s the idea

  49. Ever Shine YT

    Kurt made us all laugh until his own untimely death

  50. Kaylie 24

    When he says “they made you cry” my heart breaks every time

  51. Polarfox - Art & Cartoons

    Friend: what is your religion?
    Me: its complicated


    This sent me-

  52. Fredrick Burnes

    i looooove that

  53. Ava Jo Marchesan

    Am I the only one thinking how hard it would be for the actor for Kurt to hold that freeze for that long


    True tho

    golden zucchini

    in Beautiful, everyone is freezing for a long time tho

    big smelly rat trash person

    @golden zucchini fight for me*

    Hey it Is Aidan

    Charlotte Swindell both*

    Xandria Page

    Dude he must have a lot of strength cuz damn, in fight for me... oh my gosh

  54. Charlotte Campbell

    Barrett's tortured screams hurt me deeply😢😢

  55. Charlotte Campbell

    This is so precious until they start murdering people

  56. did i stutter

    Kurt and Ram day our love is gay

  57. Izzy The Lily

    Veronica says our love is gone

    Isabella Pastore

    Although she doesn't say that in the official lyrics, you are correct. It does sound like she says our love is gone.