Heathers: The Musical Cast - Never Shut Up Again Lyrics

[Heather Duke:]
No, veronica! you shut up!

[Heather McNamara:]
Hey! that's heather's scrunchie!

[Heather Duke:]
Ha ha ha ha ha! not anymore

Heather choked
Bought the farm
She could not hack it
Now we need a strong arm
To run this racket

Heather's out
Who will rise?
Gotta fill that vacuum
It's my turn
It's my prize
I spit lightning
Crack, boom!

I bit my tongue so long
I learned to count to ten
My silence made me strong
I did my time and then
A house dropped on her head
The witch is dead! ding dong!
Move bitch, this my song!

I will never shut up again
I will never shut up again
Brand new day watching dreams come true
Well for me, not you
Cause I'll never shut up again

Girls like me don't climb high
Can't crack that ceiling
But now I scrape the sky
It's you who's kneeling
Heather's pet, you're old news
Look at you, you're busted
You think you'll fill her shoes
Too late I just did

Now I don't mean to brag
Once I was one of you
But now I am the flag
You pledge allegiance to
I am the dream you chase
I'm your amazing grace
Yo, party's at my place!

I will never shut up again
I will never shut up again
Brand new day
Now we're finally free
Free to worship me
'Cause I'll never shut up...

Shut up!
Don't judge me
Little miss innocence
Your hands ain't clean
I've seen your fingerprints
You act so uptight
So virgin white
But I heard from the boys
What you were up to last night

Veronica's my wet dream

Veronica likes to scream

Veronica took one for the team

She took two for the team

[Kurt & Ram:]
That girl was on her back
That girl was big fun, big fun
We smoked her crack
That crack was big fun
And that's when things went south
We had a swordfight in her mouth

Dang diggity dang-a-dang
Dang diggity dang-a-dang
Dang diggity dang-a-dang
Swordfight in her mouth!

[Heather Duke:]
I will never shut up again
I will never shut up again
I'm on fire and you're my fuel
You should find a new school
'Cause I'll never shut up again
All hail the queen
I wear the red
The scrunchie's on my head
You can't run
You can't hide
I am a crimson tide
Better mind what you do
Big sister's watching you
Can I get an amen?
'Cause I will never shut up again

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Heathers: The Musical Cast Never Shut Up Again Comments
  1. Heather Marie

    T'shan fucking owns this song, but I also wanna hear Alice Lee sing this. I think she would rock it as well.

  2. Chinita MoMito

    Imagine Alice lee singing this 💕

  3. Crystal Meme

    I just realized this is another version of blue reprise, but actually is a song based on Heather Duke.

  4. Braylin

    Shut up HEATHER!!!!

  5. TheFoxFan

    I wish there was a karaoke for this song I need it for an online cast recording :(

  6. Jaden Lyons

    Who else thought this would be a good candy store reprise

  7. Mate 2209

    F**k me gentilment with a chainsaw!! This song is cachy!!!

  8. Rito CP

    The best new song so far

  9. Narnia _ Eclipse

    Glad H. Duke got a song but I don’t really like the UK version overall. The beats are not the same as the original broadway version and the accents are too... strange

  10. Queen Eliane

    “We had a sword fight in her mouth” glad they kept this line lol

  11. Ashley Kane

    Heathe Duke sounds 40 years old

  12. Gokufan 2029

    After this song, I'm literally thinking Kurt and Ram, and Heather Duke deserve to die, not just Veronica and the monster she created (Yeah, YEAH!)(Thumb up if you get the reference)

  13. Random Yeet

    I’m seeing this in Milton Keynes in July on the 18

  14. Purest radiance Yt


  15. Pixel Pudding

    This song is honestly genius, because:

    The main melody is a more aggressive version of Candy Store and possibly Yo Girl, then the chorus is similar to Shine a Light, and Shine a Light Reprise. (Maybe even Dead Gay Son if you look for it) There appears to be of Lifeboat, and maybe even Dead Girl Walking and Freeze Your Brain, sprinkled in little bits of the song. too, although they’re more aggressive then the original. Then, at 1:45 she’s talking with the instrumental of Seventeen, and then, when Kurt and Ram talk it’s Dead Girl Walking Reprise, then when they sing, it’s Big Fun, with Blue and Blue Reprise lyrics, then, as the students are doing the “dang dang dignity dang” line, (which is supposed to be for the Heathers) people are saying lyrics from Beautiful.

    Duke is taking over Westerburg High, the same way she’s taking over the ost in this song.

  16. Tommy J Scribbles

    Zeus: Ares your in charge we're going on vaca.

    Ares: *this song*

  17. Leah Davis

    Oh my, the new songs they've written are lovely and much better than the changes they made to the originals

  18. Chris Neufeld

    Despite getting a little cringey when Kurt and Ram come in with their reprise of Big Fun, it’s still not a bad addition to that musical. And that’s just my opinion.

  19. Lena p

    While i absolutely love that they gave duke a song and its really amazing, but i also liked the symbolism of heather duke, the jealous one, only singing reprises

  20. Makaia playz

    *Heather.Duke:I will never shut up again*

    *Veronica:Takes Scrunchie from Heather Duke*

  21. Pardoxia

    Hot-take: I love the call-back to Big Fun in Kurt and Ram's part.

  22. Bbq Sauce

    If you ask me, Duke didnt deserve a solo because stated in "Beautiful" Duke has no discernable personality. So she should try to take over over songs


    True... it would make sense. However, this song itself is does still match Duke. It 80s rock song that gospel feel with pop chorus which somehow turn into big fun reprise. It cant even stay focus on what it talking about, start with talking about the leadership to Duke praises herself as leader to outright attack veronica, spreading the rumor and ending how no one is going to hold her down anymore.

    The song in general is very hard to pin down, just like Duke has no discernible personality to speak of.

  23. Yeetus


  24. rhiannonbway

    Why does she sing everything staccato?

  25. Bella Scavo

    I prefer the original heathers but let me just say... this song a bop

  26. Ophelia Mary did it

    The heather duke song we all wanted and got

  27. Maddie Fennec

    10 seconds in, my gayness activated

  28. 。.。 elysiqn 。.。

    0:42 when someone tells you to shut up

  29. Sam The BAM!!

    “I am a prince of time”
    What is this homestuck trash doing in my heathers musical

  30. sashii stans beetlejuice

    I'm wearing a yellow scrunchie rn

  31. Piper The Baguette


  32. Gabby Gail


    I pity any siblings that girl might possibly have.

  33. Kim saves the world With music

    Someone at school: SHUT UP!


  34. maximlddavid

    Anyone know who sings the line ''You should find a new school''?


    Duke i think

  35. Tallyn Idk anymore

    Sorry but why aren’t more people talking about the Blue (Reprise) part? Kurt and Ram sound so good together in that part ngl

  36. Ntando Mkhize

    Sister Snapped...

  37. Anything. Lucy

    Heather Duke is the best singer on the soundtrack

  38. Silver Star

    Love this.

  39. Crysta Dawn

    When the introvert in class gets a question right that they thought they were gonna get wrong

  40. R.A.C Corp Studios

    I like the song but this doesn’t make me hate heather duke any less


    yeah this doesn't really add anything to her character, she just has one character trait throughout the whole musical. Mean. Its bad writing.

  41. matthew mccambridge

    0:00-0:03 *top ten anime plot twists*

  42. matthew mccambridge

    i’m gonna sing this every time someone tells me to shut up

  43. rhiannonbway

    I cannot stand these new songs tbh. They're unnecessary and don't fit in with the rest of the show. They seem cheesy, clunky and out of place.

    This Clownery

    Bitch u are chunky,cheesey and unesccassary

    This Clownery

    And u out of place


    @This Clownery lmao someone's feelings are hurt

  44. Tyler Nazario

    I'm gonna say in the og duke was super underrated and I disliked her because she lacked umph but I love her after this song

  45. that bitch

    I like everything about this song... except the chorus. Idk it's to poppy

  46. Anything. Lucy

    This is the best Gretchen Weiners audition song. Just replace Heather with Regina

  47. a l p h a c e n t a u r i

    As much as I’m not really a huge fan of the new songs; this song is extremely good!!!!

  48. Devoted Cetacean


  49. laura de wit

    You go Girl!

  50. Hunter Greenwood

    I would rather if Heather Duke stayed without a song. It was poetic: she had no personality, only singing reprises and stealing Chandler's lines. It kinda loses the authenticness of her character, or the fact that she doesn't have any

    what ok

    Nah the musical did Heather Duke dirty. She was 3 dimensional in the movie who was mean at first, but you could empathize with. And as the movie progresses, she becomes more horrible, but the musical just made her in a jerk all throughout.

  51. Sophia Rowley

    This song was really needed for Heather Duke I always felt something was missing

  52. Jacob Pettit

    Shut UP heather

  53. musicfam lol

    I'm playing Heather Duke in my college's production of Heathers but we're using the Off Broadway version so unfortunately I won't be able to sing this. Sad times.

  54. Woop Macaroon

    Okay. Duke has always been my least favorite Heather, mainly because she wanted McNamara to kill herself. She also seemed sorta out of place, like there was just something missing about her. This song gives her so much character and explains her so well! I love it, but she is still my least favorite Heather. I'm just glad she's more included, now.

  55. nba_kaatheriinneee

    *”Veronica likes to scream” yeah, for her life > _>*

  56. Zed ow

    Q U E E N

  57. Velarized


  58. mutilfan 2000

    00:40 when someone sing along to the song you are singing

  59. Gacha_Gurl07

    Wait... is this only in the West End shows?


    Yes it replaces blue reprise


    Jello MSP There’s a repreise???😐

  60. Noémie Claire

    I looooove this song, though I preferred when there wasn't a full song for Heather Duke, because she was always just a pale copy of H Chandler, and I love how she doesn't have more than Shine a light reprise in the original production, showing that no Heather, you'll still have to shut up... Tho this song is awesome, and it's interesting to give her her own song !!

  61. Moritz Monaghan

    Honestly this is so on the nose I really and truly hate it


    i agree

  62. GeorgeOfAKind

    Move bitch, this *my* song!

  63. tdnthehost


    LK Sings

    They didn't "turn her into a slut". Listen to the soundtrack.

  64. Crusty Pig

    Wow, Heathers a little annoyed, huh?

  65. Kam Hall

    What’s better blue reprise (the one where it’s sword fight in her mouth) or this?

  66. Shiny minun The theatre geek

    I ... Wow this is good

  67. SpotifyDoggie44

    I feel like someone should mix the songs from the original and this one with best songs

  68. Journey M.

    Is it just me or does this song sound like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough?

  69. Batman's parents

    I'm so glad west end added new songs, especially I'm happy for this one. H. Duke never had her own song, she only got Shine a Light reprise, but it's about H. Mcnamara's anxiety

  70. Kellie Bean

    I actually love this so much, I felt Duke was missing her own little diddy

  71. moni


  72. Zoe Colquitt

    Aria : adigio chocked bought the farm she could not hack it now we need a strong arm to run this racket adigio's out who will rise gonna fill that vacuum it's my turn it's my prize i spit lightning crack boom i bit my tongue so long I'd learned to count to ten my silence made me strong i did my time and then a house dropped on her head the witch is dead ding dong move bitch it's my song i will never shut up again i will never shut up again brand new day watching dreams come true well for me not you cause i will never shut up again

    Girls like me don't climb high can't crack that ceiling but i now scrape the sky it's you whose kneeling Aria's pet your old news look at you your busted you think you'll fill her shoes too late i just did now i don't mean to brag once i was one of you but now I'm the flag you pledge allegiance to i am the dream you chase i am your amazing grace yo party at my place i will never shut up again I will never shut up again brand new day now we're finally free free to worship me cause i will never shut up shut up ! Don't judge me little miss innocence your hands ain't clean i see your finger prints you act so uptight so virgin white but i heard from the boys what you were up to last night
    Bulk biceps: sunset likes to scream

    Timber : sunset is my wet dream

    Bulk biceps: sunset took one for the team she took two for the team

    Sunset shimmer what ?
    Bulkk and timber: that girl was on her back that girl was big fun big fun we spoke her crack that crack was big fun big fun and that's when things went south we had a sword fight in her mouth

    Aria blaze and ensemble: : I will never shut up again i will never shut up again I'm on fire and you're my fuel you find a new school cause i will never shut up again never again all hail the queen i wear the purple the scrunchie on my head you can run you can't hide i am a crimson tide better mind what you do big sister is watching you better say amen cause i will never shut up again

  73. Fran Sherrie

    I want to see the quick change

  74. Shota Aizawa

    Shut the fuck up Heather.

    Julie Roberts


  75. Teeda Entertainment

    Heather Duke snapped in the original musical, but not this hardcore. I’m glad this was added, because she never really had her own song.

  76. veronica hummert

    I half expected, do hear do you want an easy miracle from Brooke windam in the beginning.

  77. guitarheroziplock

    I love the verses but the chorus doesn't do it for me

  78. Lawliet the Panda


  79. AvaGates

    Yes another comment from me:
    Duke:no Veronica you shut up!(music starts playing)
    Me:I feel a song coming on!
    Also me:(danceing and singing to this song over and over again)

  80. AvaGates

    Omg they added big fun in this?my new favorite song :)

  81. AvaGates

    Chandlers wig has officially been snatched

  82. Deerla_dere

    Is this bad that I’m such a duke XD

    Julie Roberts


  83. Danny Vladi

    Omg Danny, can you listen to a different musical? I'm tired of Heathers

    Me: 2:48

  84. Anime Lover

    I wonder how Alice Lee would sound like in this song

    Julie Roberts

    I don't think it'd suit her tbh

  85. Shiny Bluejay

    This doesn't fit the tone of Heathers AT ALL. I like the sound of it, though

  86. Tiago Filipe

    T'Shan slaying it, daaamn

  87. Nicole


  88. aqlan -ALSannor

    When exactly in the song does she change from green to red

    Julie Roberts

    In the crack boom
    It's super quick

  89. Macaroni and Cliches

    "We smoked her crack" Dude, ew

  90. Ayu gamboa

    This is not oficial no?

    Fluff Whiskers

    Ayu gamboa it’s the west end version , they changed some lyrics of some songs and sometimes just changed the song entirely (like this song)

    Julie Roberts

    Yes it's an official recording

  91. Jasmine

    Heather Duke gone sicko mode

  92. CJCroen1393

    "It's my turn! It's my prize! I spit lightning CRACK! _BOOM!"_
    I love that line!

  93. Cole’s Compilations

    me before seeing uk heathers: meh, heather duke’s kinda boring.

    t’shan williams: mMoOvve biTtcH this my song!


    can we appreciate t’shan’s riffs?

  94. Kawaii Fox

    Unpopular opinion: WEST END IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL! Bam it’s out there

    Fluff Whiskers

    I believe both the original and the west end have parts that are better than the other

    Comments I Guess

    I'm liking yee-haw JD.

    Miracle The Neko

    I agree except for freeze your brain and candy store :p

    yEeT YeEt

    Now this is a actual unpopular opinion. Im glad that you actually now what the meaning of unpopular is and thank you for being smart

  95. Caden Allen


  96. Anon Ymous

    anyway i would kill to hear alice lee or kristolyn lloyd sing this 👀

  97. vale

    NEW SONGS???