Heathers: The Musical Cast - My Dead Gay Son Lyrics

You wait just a minute, Paul! It is ignorant, hateful talk like yours that makes this world a place our boys could not live in!

They were not dirty!
They were not wrong!
They were two lonely verses
In the Lord's great song!

Our boys were pansies, Bill!

My boy's a homosexual
And that don't scare me none...
I want the world to know...
I love my dead gay son!

I've been thinking. Praying. Reading some magazines. And it's time we opened our eyes!

Well, the good Lord made the universe
The Lord created man
And I believe it's all a part of his gigantic plan
I know God has a reason
For each mountain and each flower
And why he chose to let our boys get busy in the shower!
They were not dirty..
They were not fruits!
They were just two stray laces in the Lord's big boots
Well, I never cared for homos much until I reared me one

But now I've learned to love...

I love my dead gay son!

He loves his son
He loves his son
His dead gay son!

Now, I say my boy's in heaven!
And he's tanning by the pool
The cherubim walk with him and him, and Jesus says it's cool!
They don't have crime or hatred, there's no bigotry or cursin'..
Just friendly fellows dressed up like their fav'rite Village Person!
They were not dirty..

No, no!

They just had flair!


They were two bright red ribbons in the Lord's long hair
Well, I used to see a homo and go reachin' for my gun

But now I've learned to love...

And furthermore!
These boys were brave as hell!
These boys, they knew damn well!
Those folks would judge 'em, they were desperate to be free!
They took a rebel stance, stripped to their underpants!
Paul, I can't believe that you
Still refuse to get a clue
After all that we been through..

I'm talkin' you and me!
In the summer of '83!

That was one hell of a fishing trip

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
They were not dirty..
And not perverse..
No, no!
They were just two stray rhinestones
On the Lord's big purse!

Our job is now continuing the work that they begun!

'Cause now we love, love, love!
We love your dead..

They're up there disco dancing to the thump of angel wings!

They grab a mate...

And roller skate..

While Judy Garland sings!

They live a playful afterlife that's fancy-free and reckless!

They swing upon the pearly gates..

And wear a pearly necklace!


They were not dirty!


They were good men!
And now they're happy bear cubs in the Lord's big den!

Go forth and love each other now
Like our boys would have done

We'll teach the world to love...

I love my dead gay son!
My son! My son!

Not half bad, your dead gay son!
Wish I had your dead gay son!
Thank you, dad, for your...

Dead! Gay! Son!

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Heathers: The Musical Cast My Dead Gay Son Comments
  1. Kit Kat

    Kurt and Ram are in the front row with Heather C. Explain.

  2. Warmxhugs

    _I am shocked that there is a song devoted to gayness. This is why I was born._

  3. Aaron Burr

    *THEY WERE NOT WRONG* so I'm just hopping musicals at this point

  4. Sam King

    My boyfriend and I (I'm a guy, too) had our yearbook quotes be "I’m talking you and me, in the summer of 83'?" and "That was one hell of a fishing trip"

  5. Hanako Fukui


    I’m glad I’m an Ace

  6. Ryma Jallorina

    What I heard:
    Go forth and love eachother now like cowboys would've done

  7. Charli Jasmine

    Why is veronica the only one not wearing black 😂😂

  8. Yza Goyon

    so if kurt, ram, and heather chandler were seated next to martha, that means no one wanted to sit with her and the three opted there? wow holy shit

  9. Jimmy Donnelly

    Is it me or does bill look like Freddie Mercury from certain angles


    probably because of the lighting

  10. Annmarie Hill

    I can only imagine what the wives were thinking during this

  11. Isabella Yodice

    that riff at the end

  12. Isabella Yodice

    to The guy that said "Oh wow" after the dad spun around, i love you :)

  13. Illona Harahap

    Imagine the actors have to do this every time... love this

  14. Fifth Studiom

    Imagine seeing your dad telling almost everyone that you're gay even though you're (probably) not in the afterlife

  15. Undercover spy

    Я очень смеюсь с этого каждый грёбаный раз

  16. Queer Koi_F!sh

    You and me
    T h e s u m m e r o f 8 3

    That was one hell of a fishing trip

  17. Zaddy Phantom


  18. xx SweetKitty xx


  19. Emmaus The Great

    I never thought a funeral could turn into a disco in 4 minutes

  20. PlunderingDesire1

    Anthony Crivello (Bill Sweeney) has an incredible voice.

  21. Insert Witty Name

    Where are the wives during this? XD

  22. Amore and Akuma

    Veronica: ok, let’s just say that they were gay
    JD: ok
    Their parents: ok we gay now

  23. Pixel Pudding

    Veronica’s wearing her school uniform to a funeral Veronica what the hell

  24. Hercules Mulligan

    I swear to god if my funeral isn’t like this then I am going to haunt everyone i know when I’m dead

  25. Hercules Mulligan

    When Kurts dad did the twirl, someone shouted “OH WOW” and honestly that’s why I love this video so much

  26. Vampire Rev

    I love how bill subtly has the clone look...

  27. _vstrm _

    JD and Veronica? You make me laugh.

  28. Sean Diaz

    I love how they just dance at the funeral even Martha is dancing

  29. Alphasun

    This will be played at my funeral
    Even if im a girl.
    Im still gay

  30. Anonymous Animation

    No One:
    People in the comments:
    *aM I ThE oNLy ONe whO nOTiCed-*

  31. Kiki Watson

    That awkward moment when your dead gay son shows up to his own funeral

  32. Peggy Schuyler

    bill x paul

    Hercules Mulligan

    @Peggy Schuyler
    Kurt x Ram

  33. Maya Lily

    Every “Kurt” in every story is gay, (or a faked gay)

  34. Spaghetti_Is_regretti

    And the lights in the background are rainbows....

  35. Official Lila Cos

    also what kind of funreal like damn

  36. Official Lila Cos

    I'll take your gay son he seems fuckin cute

  37. Sean Diaz

    My son just died let's all sing happily about them

  38. milk bag

    How do they sound so much like the recording oml

  39. Hulu Juju

    I ship them so hard I can’t even—

  40. Ravenclaw_4Life

    *stage erupts in rainbow* I just love that part.

    This is by far the most hilarious song I've ever heard. if you took the dead part out you wouldn't know it was at a funeral

  41. Stella

    Kurt and Ram sporting matching outfits while attending their funeral

  42. musicals, wow!

    JD doing that lil' dance omg please

  43. Mario Pie

    Kudos to these two actors. Must have been hard to do all that disco dancing

    Elliott Bread

    Also I wouldn't have been able to do the kiss, I'd have been laughing hysterically

  44. L I L Y P A R K E R

    Well, adult life is already so goddamn weird, this may as well happen.

  45. ickythump333

    This shall be played at every funeral.

  46. Ella Williams (Student)

    This is the weirdest funeral I've ever seen

  47. jenna lees

    T H A T. W A S. O N E. H E L L. O F. A. F I S H I N G. T R I P.

  48. Park Chaeyoung

    Omg that’s Dan cooney, I do shows at his company🤭🤭🤭

  49. •biscuit_bisquicc •


  50. Ballisticwaffles The third

    I love how Veronica is singing and acting happy after having killed their kids.

  51. Laura Xx

    This makes me the happiest person alive

  52. Mjqlaughy Jackson

    i'm re-watching the movie and I needed to watch this again when the scene came up in the movie!

  53. Kyla George

    ThAt WaS oNe HeLl Of A fIsHiNg TrIp

  54. S T O N K S B E A N S

    If u don't like homo u probably are one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  55. Chayenne Oosterveld

    JD in the left corner looks way too happy about this all xD
    The rainbows in the back are amazing though. This is the most gay musical number I know, and I love it.

  56. Pancake Bird

    "Oh Wow!" The person in the background yelled

  57. Naovbcool

    The best of this is Kurt and Ram discovering their dad's fucked in the 83' aka when Ram and Kurt were only six... and being accepting and dancing along with everyone in their own funeral.

  58. Lavanderose

    I'm a straight woman, but play this at my funeral


    Same but 1 hour version

  59. Lauren Victoria

    welcome to my new ship💘💓💕💖💗💝💞💟💌❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  60. GachaExpress

    Lol i love this

  61. A J

    This must've been the most upbeat song that's ever been played at a funeral.

  62. Gacha_Gurl07

    The 2 ______ _________ in the lords great _________ just keep getting gayer and gayer and I love it HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!

  63. Eaglefeather21

    Kurt and Ram’s spirits are dancing in the front.

  64. Kelwyn YNWA

    This is the only instance I can think of in modern media where they bury the heterosexuals to give a happy ending to the gays. Gotta give 'em credit for that.

  65. Lindsay Ann

    happy pride month everybody! 🏳️‍🌈

  66. Firstname Lastname

    Don't you love making out at your dead gay son's funeral?

  67. _whitewolf 000

    happy pride month

  68. Otaku Turtle

    I like how the person who murdered Kurt and Ram is a backup singer and dancer at their funeral

  69. Sakura-chan

    I want my funeral to be like that

  70. BiedroBomba

    when you forget it’s a funeral

  71. Noah

    *OMG They really liked the kiss*

  72. Maria Cecília Dias

    I honestly love this song so much 😂😂😂

  73. UwU Master


  74. Kermit the - MOOD

    that was one he'll of a meme

  75. Beth Shea

    *oUr BoYs WeRe PaNsIeS bIlL*

  76. Beth Shea

    their facial expressions are astounding!

  77. øllie

    Paul goes from *”no homo”* to *”oh, homo!”*

  78. Aliese Johnson

    I need a musical based off of that fishing trip

  79. L Moore

    Probably the most bomb-ass funeral anybody ever went to

  80. Lauren Victoria

    i love your dead gay son too

  81. Tonks Trash

    When I first heard this you should have heard how loud screamed

  82. Altheia Vixen Todd

    In all honesty, this was the first adult gay relationship I've ever shipped in my shipped life....I just love them XD

  83. eat my nose hair

    Okay but low key doesn’t that make Kurt and Ram kinda brothers

  84. Hannah Fortenberry

    *casually attending your own funeral*

  85. Laureen Dudink

    Two guys kissing likes video

  86. Mary Hough


  87. Curlz

    I count this as Christian music and will play this at a conservative Christian church. Lol

  88. Anna Ketchup

    I hope this happens at my funeral.

  89. issa hatdog

    R41nB0w B4ckGr0und

  90. issa hatdog

    ;-; (YAOI????)

  91. Maria uwu

    **homophobics have left the chat**

  92. Mamasita The Doge :P

    Rams Dad sounds exactly like he does in The soundtrack *0* (in my opinion)

  93. Tyler the Animator

    *passionately makes out at sons funeral*

  94. CJCroen1393

    Ram's ghost: OH MY GOD, DAD STOP ;A;
    Heather C's ghost: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You two losers are gonna have to live with this for all eternity! Have fun XD

  95. Shaylee Scribbles

    I live for this song!

  96. Shaylee Scribbles

    2:58 That was one hell of a fishing trip!

  97. Ashe Toashesjc

    Where is the whole thing🙏🏾

  98. Marisa Diaz

    Chandler is Charissa Hogeland (I think)