Heathers: The Musical Cast - Dead Girl Walking Lyrics

The demon queen of high school has decreed it:
She says Monday, 8AM, I will be deleted
They'll hunt me down in study hall
Stuff and mount me on the wall
Thirty hours to live
How shall I spend them?

I don't have to stay and die like cattle
I could change my name and ride up to Seattle
But I don't own a motorbike
Wait—here's an option that I like:
Spend these thirty hours gettin' freakay!

I need it hard
I'm a dead girl walkin'
I'm in your yard
I'm a dead girl walkin'
Before they punch my clock
I'm snappin' off your window lock
Got no time to knock
I'm a dead girl walking

Veronica? What are you doing in my room?


Sorry, but I really had to wake you
See, I decided I must ride you 'til I break you
'Cause Heather says I gots to go
You're my last meal on death row
Shut your mouth and lose them tighty-whities!

Come on! Tonight I'm yours
I'm your dead girl walkin'
Get on all fours
Kiss this dead girl walkin'
Let's go, you know the drill
I'm hot and pissed and on the pill
Bow down to the will of a dead girl walking!

And you know, you know, you know
It's 'cause you're beautiful
You say you're numb inside
But I can't agree
So the world's unfair
Keep it locked out there
In here it's beautiful
Let's make this beautiful!

That works for me!

Full steam ahead!
Take this dead girl walkin'

How'd you find my address?

Let's break the bed
Rock this dead girl walkin'!

I think you tore my mattress!

No sleep tonight for you
Better chug that Mountain Dew


Get your ass in gear
Make this whole town disappear!


Slap me! Pull my hair!
Touch me

There and there and there!

And no more talkin'


Love this dead girl walkin'

Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Yeah, yeah!

Love this dead girl walkin'

Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Wait, wait!

Love this dead girl
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!



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Heathers: The Musical Cast Dead Girl Walking Comments
  1. Broadway Bitch

    The reason we are not allowed to do this as a high school production😭😂😂

  2. Jadyns Space

    Shelby browns and my girl Barrett

  3. GaMiNg BrOs JL

    6:58 do just imagine having to play an instrument meanwhile the people in front of you are just pretending to have sex

  4. pentaholic21

    The fact that Thomas Sanders, the sweet innocent Hufflepuff cinnamon roll, played JD is just....
    Boggling to me.

  5. Detective_trash 97

    Pfffff- I just got a text saying
    “ Ok, don’t call me weird, but isnt JD hot af?”

  6. Awkwardlife 18

    Me- *reads title* oh, it's a climax alright

  7. Libby Rae


  8. grace rhodes

    overall favourite is Barret Wilbert weed 0:22
    but i also love the pg one 2:19
    and i absolutely love the YEAHS on the last one 7:48 (yeahs are at 8:15)

  9. Whitesita uwu

    B a r r e t t e i s a q u e e n

  10. Imdone

    Taylor (2nd one) and Olivia (last one) were the best vocally imo

  11. riley jenkins

    No carrie hope fletcher I see?

  12. claire k

    i’m nervous for siti...

  13. claire k

    i think taylor sang the last note the best

  14. Puella Maggie

    We all know it was Rod in the Avenue Q/Heathers crossover

  15. Singing Rainbow

    The Kerri George's JD was so hot, omg

  16. Välê Sandoval

    Barrett is definitely much better

  17. Sabrina McGovern

    Barrett wilbert weed lives and breathes this role

  18. Zach Santarcangelo

    My mom walked in on me watching this and said "we need to have a talk."

  19. ligia a.

    the pg one is so cute omfg

  20. Jack Cappadona

    Barrett Wilbert Weed: love me some BWW, but she was kinda sharp on "talkin'".
    Taylor Forsmo: really enjoyed this one. Also, I know this JD!
    Madeleine Pla: I liked the slur upwards at the end but the rest was just fine
    Loulu Luzi: loved the riff, liked the note jump at the end...good overall.
    Aliie Doke: ah, the dreaded PG version...she sang it well though!
    Siti Maznah: a bit too shouty for my liking.
    Erin Krebs: great, but she fell a little flat at the end briefly.
    Shelby Brown: good, but she sounded a bit sharp on the endnote.
    Jaz Flowers: terrific. Her additions were excellent.
    Hilary Cole: pretty good.
    Samantha Prentice: good.
    Kerri George: hehe, I see your mic pack ;) no but seriously, I liked both of hers.
    Annaleigh Ashford: didn't like the breaks between "girl" and "walking," but sung very well.
    Charissa Hogeland: hard to hear under the cheers, sadly. What I managed to hear was good though.
    Olivia Rose Michaels: really good.

    Honorable Mention: Barrett Wilbert Weed (if we're judging just by these recordings)
    Bronze: Taylor Forsmo
    Silver: Olivia Rose Michaels
    Gold: Jaz Flowers

    claire k

    Jack Cappadona actually the second one was Nicole Visco but that was just a mistake

  21. hannah reed


  22. Uchiha Sakura


  23. Veerle Van De Laar

    I love that they are all different but I still like all of them. Don't think one is better..

  24. Teresa

    This musical sounds like a lot of fun but I’ll never be able to do it...for obvious reasons 😬

  25. Maddie

    3 was really good

  26. Alexis Mitchell

    There were two climaxes that’s all

  27. Rish Mata

    *jd is pregnant*

  28. Mica Young

    in my opinion, it doesn't have the same power without JD's riff... original ftw!

  29. NevaehPlayz 4U

    1st girl

  30. AngelicRoyalty

    Is no one talking about how uncomfortable Thomas would be?

  31. Grace Anne06

    Me I think the real winner here is me

    My friend: wtf do you mean

    Me again: ya know in my fantasy

    Her: you nasty

    Me: tehehehehehehbebebebebebebsjebsjsnsnz djdjhendkebenzb sjdbeje my ryzz as kydtidptt u

  32. Lexi Chan

    Honestly though, no one can beat Barrett for the world

  33. Kim Brewer

    *Who sang the Climax climax the best*

  34. Ella Williams (Student)

    I can't even imagine how awkward this must be for the actors😂

  35. hi um

    One just was auido because it's I think p*rn

  36. Ivy Collins Poitras


  37. Nina Sitouah

    More like who said “o w” better

  38. Freya Peachey

    Defiantly Barrett Wilbert weed.

  39. That Little Channel

    Me: *wants to do Heathers for my school musical and wonders why we can’t*

    Heathers: *dead girl walking*

  40. First Name Last Name

    This part had me shocked. I was just in the backstage like, *"WTF I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY I GOT CHANDLER!"* Like I got accepted for the two roles and I had to choose, good thing I chose Chandler instead.

  41. Todoroki Wolf

    Fking love when JD says ow

  42. Holly MAHA

    when I watched the freeze your brain video I could not imagine Thomas sanders playing JD...Listening to this I CANNOT IMAGINE THOMAS SANDERS PLAYING JD

  43. Sky_Łeå the føx

    First one duh!!!

  44. Gacha Heather

    Alt title :

    Veronica and jd having sex for 8:27 minutes

  45. nightcore creations

    My favorite part of the video is where only the audio plays honestly

  46. Gasoline Diamond

    Barret is the best of course

  47. Ava Sings Music

    I really wanna do this in high school but it’s too sexual and stuff

  48. Emily Stephens

    6:20 I CAN HEAR YOU THOMAS!!!!

  49. Scarlet Wanda

    I’m not innocent anymore

  50. win montgomery

    that awkward moment he pops a boner on stage and she just has to keep singing and roll with it

  51. Will Coleman

    3:26 why were there lockers in his bedroom?!

  52. Cola LOL

    Ok I am sure Veronica is a top

  53. ariax

    tbh, the third one of JD screaming “Ow!” was low key cute-

  54. evy evy eva

    those jd runs thooooo

  55. Thistle Studios

    This is a *sin*

  56. Gacha GLR Cookies


  57. Sidonie

    I’m sry but Barrett is the best

  58. Yeetus

    Some are saying they want to play Veronica, but this is stopping them.

    I want to play Veronica, and this is why.

  59. Ansley M.

    6:21 Thomas sanders!?!??!?!?!??!?!

  60. zimzalatte

    omg the more pg one was so cute!

  61. Puella Maggie

    I'm obsessed with Shelby Brown's performance. Her raspier vocals kinda fit the song better to me?

  62. Just A Noodle

    it must be so awkward to do that song on stage

  63. SlimySnekBoi ÙWÚ

    My asexual ass couldn’t do this crap

  64. ¿stranger tea?

    siti was probably only there to hump a hot guy lol

  65. Random Yeet

    The fact that this is a climax- imma leave

  66. trulygreg dumphead

    barrett and Ryan are the best

    _they just are_

  67. Linda Li

    Barrett is a queen so

  68. Marylin.

    This first one sounds like a teapot

  69. Marylin.

    I did this in theater in 6th grade ._.

  70. Tara

    i think i might be partial to barrett but they're all incredible, god the amount of talent

  71. So Confused

    Obviously Barrett willbert weed the part was literally written for her

  72. LudaMeri

    I am concerned that I watched 8 minutes of grinding on stage

  73. Project Sad

    is no one going to talk about how JEREMY JORDAN IS SINGING FOR JD WITH ANNALEIGH ASHFORD

  74. Itsisaiahwatson

    Don’t u mean who disappointed their parents the most?

  75. Idiot Sponges

    How do you not get hard..?

  76. Chrus!

    everyone’s talking about how the PG one is cute but I’m just wondering how you make Heathers PG?

  77. riley hietla

    Barrett all the way and not just cause she’s freaking amazing, but the original is always so electrifying and they were keeping an even tempo the whole time and didn’t sound like they were rushing it or anything. It was genuinely amazing🤷‍♂️😍

  78. Jirzey Morris

    Fuck this poisoned my waterhole.

  79. Anastasia Soboleva

    The best by far was Carrie Hope Fletcher, who sadly is not in this video

  80. Sophie Luvs Books

    Part of me secretly wants to play Veronica (I’m much older than my profile looks)
    Only problem(well one of them): I’m blond

  81. basicallyit t

    guess you could call it an actual climax...


  82. mangoeyelashes45 Inc.


  83. yourlocal_ weeaboo


  84. piper whit

    2:54 why do I feel bad for them most

  85. Jess Johnson

    I wish Carrie Hope Fletcher was in it

  86. Simone Pinto

    Just imagine their parents in the audience😂😂😂😂😂

  87. Bloorp Bloorp

    It didn't say Nicole's name and I heard Thomas's voice and instantly knew it was her

  88. Peepee Poopoo

    imagine being veronica and feeling a boner

  89. •LYNDA•

    2:55 that was so bad not oven the singers voices but what was the piano even doing it was just so messy and voice cracks and the timing was wrong just my opinion🤷‍♀️

  90. Cyndiac

    Barrett Wilbert Weed is hands down the best

  91. Charlotte Cameron

    Barrett is the only good one

  92. Rhea Eris

    "make this whole town disappear...JD, NOT LITERALLY :O"

  93. deerwind

    dear God even her bras are blue in some of these

  94. party poison

    This is 8 minutes and 27 seconds of grinding and all JD actresses getting boners

  95. Ari B

    Olivia's was the best by far

  96. alexzandernugget

    One of the pros of most of the drama nerds being gay there won't be any accidental boners

  97. Ever Shine YT

    im sorry i can’t hear thomathy gettin it with a girl... lol

  98. Sani Sushi

    This is so cringy omg .

  99. Ghostly Studios

    I wonder how I'm going to convince my school to do Heather's

    Gacha Limons

    Convince them to do the PG one. It doesn't have many cursing, it makes this song mainly a kissing scene and there's less mentioning of drug use.

    Ghostly Studios

    @Gacha Limons thanks dude

    Dirty Kokochi kinnie

    Just dont mention this scene

  100. Mister Golightly

    Idk what to say.. JD's cute, bye

    K Christine

    For the girl at 6:20 her name isn’t Kerri George, Her name is Nicole Visco. Idk if it was an accident or something but I’d thought I’d let you know.


    Yup, that’s enough😆

    just some dude online

    *O U C H*

    Starlight Kun Gaming

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 YES