Heathers: The Musical Cast - Dead Girl Walking (Reprise) Lyrics

I wanted someone strong who could protect me
I let his anger fester and infect me
His solution is a lie
No one here deserves to die
Except for me and the monster I created
Heads up, J.D., I'm a dead girl walking!

Hey, yo, Westerberg!

Can't hide from me, I'm a dead girl walking!

Hey, yo, Westerberg!

And there's your final bell
It's one more dance and then farewell
Cheek to cheek in hell with a dead girl walkin'!

Come on, Westerberg!
Here we go, here we go now!

Veronica! Jason Dean told me you'd just committed suicide!

Yeah, well, he's wrong about a lot of things

I threw together a lovely tribute, especially considering the short notice...

Ms. Fleming, what's under the gym?

The boiler room

That's it!

Veronica, what's going on?

Got no time to talk, I'm a dead girl walking!

Hey yo, Westerberg!
Hey yo, Westerberg!
Tell me what's that sound?
Here comes Westerberg
Comin' to put you in the ground!
Go go, Westerberg!
Give a great big yell!
Westerberg will knock you out
And send you straight to hell!

Step away from the bomb

This little thing? I'd hardly call this a bomb. This is just to trigger the packs of thermals upstairs in the gym. Those are bombs.
People are gonna see the ashes of Westerberg High School and they're gonna think 'there's a school that self-destructed not because society doesn't care but because that school was society.
The only place that Heathers and Marthas can get along is in Heaven!

I wish your mom had been a little stronger
I wish she stayed around a little longer
I wish your dad were good!
I wish grown-ups understood!
I wish we'd met before
They convinced you life is war!
I wish you'd come with me...

I wish I had more TNT!

Hey yo, Westerberg!
Hey yo, Westerberg!
Tell me what's that sound?
Here comes Westerberg
Comin' to put you in the ground!
Go go, Westerberg!
Give a great big yell!
Westerberg will knock you out
And send you straight to...

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Heathers: The Musical Cast Dead Girl Walking (Reprise) Comments
  1. Metrocop

    This song is awesome and I adore it, but I much prefer this scene in the movie for its message (as I do in general). In the musical JD sacrifices himself at the end in atonement and out of love for Veronica. In the movie after Veronica shoots him she disables the bomb and walks out front. After a moment JD walks out too, they exchange a few words and he blows himself up with the bomb he carried out. Now, this means he clearly could've reactivated the bomb in the boiler room when he woke up and leave with a different exit. Why didn't he?

    -He recognizes and acknowledges he's the problem... And deals with it the only way he was ever taught how, by destruction.

    -He recognizes Veronica "won the game" and forfeits.

  2. Galaxy Space1664


    First world problems

  3. Hailey DiGirolamo

    Veronica: "I wish you'd come with me"
    JD: "i WiSh I hAd MoRe TnT!!!"
    Me:...there are two kinds of people.

  4. Angelica Schuyler Church

    JD: oh wait that’s a good idea.....
    Dead girl walking reprise: WAIT NO I DIDNT MEAN IT!!!

  5. Kia Bradley

    Who can not get over his laugh at 1:34

    Cause I cannot

  6. lily ryan


  7. Lee Crow

    This song makes me wish my school's name was Westerberg

  8. mary's world

    veronica: i'm a dead girl walking


  9. I'm Not Nyoom

    2:03 God, I love this part.

  10. ¡ Jupiter !

    This whole song in a nutshell,

    Veronica: _You ready to die?_


  11. MaJaHo 1111

    always when i hear any song from the musical i imagine winona ryder and christian slater singing

  12. joseph ness

    I wish that your dad was good! I wish grown ups understood!
    I wish we met before they convinced you life was war!

    The music tho..

  13. M Saldana

    When you tell your bf to make this whole town disappear but best he can do is a school smh

  14. Peyton Luna

    JD : We live in a society

  15. John Laurens

    Meant to be yours ending:

    JD: oh no your dead and now im alone...

    1 song later:

    JD: Oh hey babe! Your not dead! Cool!

  16. Ryland Adams

    2:24 👌🏻

  17. Ryland Adams

    Is it bad my favourite part is the school chanting bit!

  18. Deanna Hayward

    2:03 AWESOME 💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  19. Lucy Billings

    Someone tell Veronica that killing a killer doesn’t down the level of killers in the world
    See how she reacts

  20. Nanurine

    Is it me or is this song honestly the best (in my opinion.) It gets me so pumped up, and I feel the vocals are difficult, and done really well.

  21. Natalie Davis

    JD: This thing? I’d hardly call this a bomb

    Also JD: Not sure what this thing will do

  22. Hope π

    2:03 😔👌

  23. Sara

    Them singing: What’s that sound
    Me screaming: A BOMB
    Them saying it again

  24. Jocelynn Schoenlein

    Who else had their childhood of Liv and Maddie ruined when they found this and then found out Ryan Mcarten was JD?

  25. Jazmine Fiore


  26. Tipsy Gypsy


    Tehe nice

  27. Amelia Kadinger


  28. • Wolfy •


    *ignore me* qwp

  29. Camryn JJ

    Ok being very random but for any ATLA fans at 2:04-2:24 imagine Katara saying that to Zuko like somewhere around the time they were underground in Ba sing, I feel like it works so well!
    I generally want to make an animatic for it

  30. • M I L A •

    0:00 - 0:43 IT'S SOOOOO GOOD

  31. Quaking Chip

    Watch Blue
    No Tiktokers and Riverdale Lovers

  32. Rosey Tribe

    Dead girl walking: Wanna bang
    Dead girl walking reprise: No bang

  33. WubbiePlays

    Listening to the reprise after the Dead Girl Walking is iconic

  34. k k

    "I threw togheter a lovely tribute"
    Is she... Sad cuz Veronica's alive? 😭😭😭😭😭

  35. Candid 50’s

    Veronica *not dead*
    Me Fleming *oh my G o d ugh*

  36. alyssa jonah

    veronica: I wish you'd come with me!
    me: oh honey he already did

  37. Hey it’s me Genesis

    First song I’m listening to in 2020 and I’m not complaining

  38. Verbum Mallum

    Veronica: make this whole town disappear

    JD: kind of a weird request but sure

  39. Wraynn

    Dead Girl Walking: Veronica!? How'd you get into my room?!
    Dead Girl Walking Reprise: Veronica?! How are you ALIVE!?

  40. Kyra's Gaming

    Why is no one talking about dat A5 at the beginning! Seems so easy!

  41. DDLCLover34

    Is there a such thing as a Yandere guy?
    If you don’t know what Yandere is, let me explain.
    Yandere is an anime type used to describe someone who are so in love with their crush that they would do anything, even kill someone who tries to get to their loved one, to get them to love them. It usually described in females, but I think this would be a good time to put JD into the mix of Yanderes.
    Who else agrees?


    Ryukiki Gasai

    *JD is a yandere.*

  42. memesicals

    connor murphy in fan fics

  43. Vicente isaac Lopez valdez

    "The only place where Heathers and Marthas can get along is in heaven"
    So you admit they aren't bad people?

  44. Marie Faulkner

    I think this is my favorite song from the musical after Lifeboat

  45. Hellø Jello

    Is it just me or does 2:03 sound like Todoroki's past

  46. Knee-suH

    2:03 GAVE ME C H I L L S

  47. Cool Dude McGee

    I feel one point in the song the Westerburg chant becomes Heather. C, Kurt, and Ram taunting JD as he knows Veronica is going to stop him.

  48. Catalina Hendrickx

    Veronica's pleading at 2:03 makes me sad

  49. Strawberry -San

    Veronica: I wish ur mom stayed a little longer

    Jd: this, Veronica, is why we can’t have nice things..

  50. Liana Porelo

    "Veronica what's going on?"
    "I'm a dead girl walking"

  51. KC Perez

    My classmates keep making fun of me because I have a class mate name J. D and my name is Veronica 😂😂

  52. Nicole Brock

    Am I the only one who can recite the whole J.D speech ?????

  53. Totallyahooman

    Off topic, but I wish the pep rallies at my school were as cool as the pep rallies in this musical.

    Also "I wish I had more TNT" is me trying to blow up my brother's Minecraft world

    If you said "There's your final bell, it's one more dance and then farewell" with no context, people would think you're about to shoot up the school.

  54. jennifer delong

    that moment you realize te reason ms. flemmings doesn't bat an eye, is because veronica's response sounds like a girl who just had a frustrating brake up, and she knows jd is that vindictive

  55. morgana carrington

    I stg all i can hear when i listen to the og is WESTEND JD EGEBEHDJDHDNND WHYYYY

  56. Broadway Cosplays

    Veronica; “Make this whole town disappear.”
    JD; *tries*
    Veronica; wAIT-

  57. Wyatt Davidson

    Mrs. Fleming is honestly a mood...

  58. Isabella Drakos

    please play this at my funeral

  59. Abigail Hope Lee

    same i also wish i had more tnt

  60. Halla

    I am so for the was Veronica seems kinda choked up when she asks Ms Flemming about the boiler room

  61. Remy Rochelle

    Veronica: i wish you'd come with me

    JD: wishing isnt very scientific son

  62. e d e l w e i r d o

    *i w i s h i h a d m o r e t n t*

  63. Shadowy_Blizzard

    Who else thought J.D was a cute pshycopath?

    Mirna Mehmedović

    @Dearbhla is super cool I get you there, you are right, I hate how ppl misjudge and romamtise it tho, sorry if I came of harsh, I just hate how much ppl misjudge mental illness, most ppl when they say psychopath think psychotic and it's not the same
    Thank you for understanding haha

    Dearbhla is super cool

    Mirna Mehmedović Nah you’re good man you weren’t harsh at all!! :))


    @Mirna Mehmedović I know, but in the movie nit musical

    Mirna Mehmedović

    @Shadowy_Blizzard commenting on musical version doesn't go in your favor haha
    Would say something about JD's characteristics there but I am not that well versed in the movie, so I'ma just say he is probably sociopath in it


    @Mirna Mehmedović yeah, I was just listening to this and thought of the movie haha. In the movie he is pretty much an insane sociopath, so yeah

  64. VELutke

    This reprise simply gives me chills. 'Dead Girl Walking' is about a girl who sees losing her reputation in high school as death. The reprise is about a girl knowing she might actually die in stopping a crazy guy who takes high school reputation as seriously as she once did.

    Dearbhla is super cool

    VELutke or.. she just faked her suicide in the last song. Much more literal interpretation but it works both ways


    @Dearbhla is super cool True. But I always assumed that she knew JD was so far gone that trying to stop him would likely kill her. And in at least the musical version, she was willing to drag the bomb out of the boiler room and to a safe place at the cost of her own life.

  65. •Berry•



  66. Yunachi O.o

    This whole song you know the school is about to blow up and it's a serious matter, than theirs JD "I wish I had more TNT"

  67. greeneggspider k

    wait so is veronica still in love with JD?

  68. Wyatt Michaels

    I love this motif and how “Dead Girl Walking” means something totally different and new. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MOTIFS!!!

  69. WeebOfLIfe ANIME

    Veronica: fucks JD
    Veronica: fuck JD

  70. I know but I ship them

    I have been watching a lot of musicals but wtf does 'reprise' mean?


    I know but I ship them it’s when the song makes a comeback with a different meaning behind the change of lyrics- for the first time in forever from frozen is a good example of it

  71. Zorua The Team Skull Danganronpa Fan


  72. Trisha Lennex

    I was singing this song then a high note came up and I was like hahaha nope u think I can do that

  73. HoloWolfZane

    ...Wait. If he just blows himself up anyways why is she stopping him? In Damaged are they outside like in the movie?

  74. eNat

    We live in society

    Angelena L

    Literally jds whole mood in one sentence

  75. hanna cave


    Gives me chills-


    Who come from riverdale?

  77. MultiStan Edits

    "There's a school that self-destructed not because society doesn't care. But because that school was society. The only place Heathers and Martha's can get along is in heaven."

    *ok boomer*

  78. That_Random_YouTuber64

    In the description, you forgot the ‘i wish I had more TNT!’ part

  79. Valentina Rose

    This is why you don’t trust anyone

  80. Ben

    Any girl wanna sing the whole musical with me? It's hard to sing as Veronica n JD at the same time and Veronica sounds oddly manly when I sing her parts.

  81. yEeT YeEt

    Mrs Fleming: Wait I thought u were dead
    Veronica: No
    Mrs Fleming: Well I made a lovely tribute so can you go die please?

  82. igising orsomething

    Jeeezzussss the chops on this girl Veronica

  83. abi c

    jd lowkey isnt the same without christian slaters voice


    pp head

  85. jules4903

    2:03 chat blanc vibes

  86. leoni cooper

    the better dgw

  87. Amalie Rydahl

    I always thought this was from Beetlejuice

  88. Mary Large

    bold of JD to assume heather is going to heaven

  89. 12 C

    If any of you came here from tik tok ur here for 2:03

  90. A B

    Imagine just listening to the playlist and being all like, "Didn't she just die?"

  91. Oggy chat

    "I wish I had more TNT"😂

  92. Ava Ort

    Don’t mind me making a time stamp to learn the beat 2:17

  93. Dearbhla is super cool


    Oh my god. Before the sequel to persona 5 (persona 5 royal I mean, not scramble) I always saw this song as Ren talking about how Akechi’s plan to kill Shido was unhealthy and how he needed to stop him. It doesn’t help that I am damaged fits really well with Akechi’s death in the boiler room of Shido’s ship.
    I can only ever see this song as Akechi in the royal getting so enraged with Takuto’s fix all for everyone’s problems. He knows that everything, including himself was fake and he was ready to die (AGAIN) for Ren to get out of this unhealthy coping mechanism. Goro Akechi is literally a *dead man walking*. He’s dead, he’s a breathing corpse and he is fully aware of it. He doesn’t try to stay in the reality where he is alive, he actively works to destroy it and himself along with it so that Ren can move on from his death. Fuck man.

    It makes me happy that this is the closest thing we ever got to a true romantic relationship between a protagonist and a character in a persona game. I’ll forever be mad that after all that, after Akechi dies for Ren and ends the dream world, Ren seemingly forgets about Akechi and never mentions him again. Bury your gays.

    edit: let’s not forget that 2:09 could be said by Ren word by word in game and it would fit perfectly

  94. Nemmet X

    I just poked myself in my eye. Ow.

  95. Madison White

    The Westerburg chant gets me HYPED!

  96. HalfANote

    J.D is so hot

  97. m0nz.x

    Who else has TikTok ruined

  98. m0nz.x

    Who else has TikTok ruined