Heather Headley - Why Should I Cry Lyrics

There's a time I felt I was blessed To be loved by you
But those blessings turn to regret from all the things you put me through
I remember at night you used to hold me till the sun rose the next day
Now you sleep and just turn away while my heart is on display

And I say...

Why should I cry one more night?
Why should I smile when it hurts inside?
Why does my heart say, get up and walk away
Why do I stay?
Why, why, why


There's a reason why I cry every day
There's a reason why things don't go your way
There's a reason why I kneel down in pray
There's a reason why I'm still around today
Can't you see that I'm hurtin' eternally?
I need affection and good Lord therapy
I need you know as an urgent delivery

[Chorus 2x]

Why should I put up lies?
Am I afraid to say goodbye?
I've loved you so, baby I can't deny
But now it's time to dry my eyes
It's Hard to think of what was changed when I feel like it was all in vain
Can't be right and feel this wrong
This heart of mine is just...

[Chorus 3x]

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Heather Headley Why Should I Cry Comments
  1. Mona D

    Keep coming back fa this and it's almost 2020💛

  2. Rashida Blackmon

    Why should one more night

  3. MrBlactye

    Such a gifted vocalist.

  4. Kia b.

    this song stayed on repeat it was my strength and I finally walked away from that situation

  5. Charlie Scott

    the merry go round

  6. longbranch11207

    love it love it

  7. alnisa allmond

    I need her to come back!

  8. thelibran11

    You're wondering if she's still with her 'caucasian' husband?You sound so disappointed that she did marry one..I guess you would have loved her more if she hadn't huh?!Your disappointment shows!

    Me Only

    Non of this interacial shite only Brothers and sisters STOP CROSSING THE LINE

  9. Stella Vaughn

    Love this lady where is she today.

  10. Bongi Koti

    Theres a time i felt I was blessed to be loved by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cherryl Brockenberry

    Why should I stay

  12. Cam Nelson

    I love it...

  13. EyesLikeBlues

    Best R&B

  14. Laportia Moon

    Still listening im getting better im going out now

  15. Laportia Moon

    Love it girl you are a Queen you know what a real woman pain is even though im going thru this pain now but your music keep me strong i can cry and cry to clean,my soul this is my favorite song i play this all nite

  16. Cislyn Stephenson


  17. C Adriano

    Adoro Heather.

  18. Cadillac Kimberly

    She's everything in person. Super cool. I wonder if she's still with her caucasian husband.

  19. Shi Shi c

    this song was my thoughts 3 yrs ago. Just what i needed to get some clarity

  20. Beautifully Created

    I'm can soo relate to this but I'm happy those days are over.

  21. Trendy Delano

    8,242 views and I'm half of that <3

  22. Silvia Pugnaloni


  23. adavis25

    OOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thanks for posting!!! I love this song!!!