Heart - I've Got The Music In Me Lyrics

Ain't got no trouble in my life
No foolish dream to make me cry
I'm never frightened or worried
You know I always get by.
I heat up
I cool down
Something gets in my way I go around it
Don't let life get me down
Gonna take it the way that I found it

I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me

I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me

You say that life is a circle
But that ain't the way that I found it
Oh...Gonna move in a straight line
Keeping my feet firmly on the ground
I heat up
I cool down
I got words in my head so I sing them
Don't let life get me down
I can't hold onto the blues so I play them

I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me

I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me
I've got the music in me

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Heart I've Got The Music In Me Comments
  1. catalina SAUTIERE

    Ann Wilson 👍👍👍👍💓💜💙❤

  2. Bob Schneider

    One word: *FIERCE.*

  3. thespeez spezio

    That picture disc must be worth some money!

  4. Anthony Davella

    Yea, and an all you can eat buffet too

    Bob Schneider

    Just die already.

  5. Guy Herman

    Yeah My, Philosophy.:) "If something gets in my way i go around it" Thank you.:) Peace.:)

  6. Just Crickett

    Thank you for posting this Kiki Dee re-make, but Ann Wilson voice isn't as strong as Kiki Dees version, not quite as convincing, nice try though, Her voice sounds too forced, Kiki Dee's came naturally.

    Anthony Davella

    The rolls of fat are blocking her vocal chords

    Jeffrey McCormick

    You childish dick.

    Bob Schneider

    @Anthony Davella Fuck you, ass-wipe.

  7. Joe Largo

    Totally forgot this track. Ann fucking Rocks. Kick. Ass.

  8. Rochester Swift

    Magazine is my favorite Heart album and I often have it on repeat; there's only one track on it I dislike, and it's a good cover of a song I can't stand no matter who sings it. I don't think even Pavarotti could make "Without You" palatable to me.

  9. john burnett

    Da' best cover of all time!! Ann & Nancy Wilson sisters

  10. Steven Abent

    Steamboat Annie can chrip!!!!

  11. john delisle

    Ann is the greatest

  12. bert maanders

    Ann Wilson kicks Ass....she always does....and i love her for it...KICK SOME MORE,ANNY!!

  13. swearty203

    'Just think your hands are gonna go down in history'
    Oracle Ann :)

    Andrew Vail

    +swearty203 I always thought the same thing... and they did go down in history. :-)

    Harriet Kilgore

    swearty203 thank you for being you

  14. kenny P

    her voice is quite outsanding

  15. The Write In President

    Love Ann Wilsons Vocals!!! I got it in me too!!!

  16. Paul Ceasrine

    "I've Got The Music In Me"


    Recorded at 'The Aquarias Tavern' in Seattle, Washington in mid-1975.

    Found on the 'Magazine' album.......... re-released on April 22, 1978.

    A 'staple' in Heart's set-list in 1975 and 1976.

    'The Kiki Dee Band' had a 'big hit' with this song in 1974.

    Written by Bias Boshell {Keyboardist} for 'The Kiki Dee Band'.

    Ann Wilson wanted be a stage entertainer like Kiki Dee, who was a vibrant
    English Pop-Rock artist.

  17. Jes Fez

    Rock on ~ as did Kiki Dee in Pye #1   happy daze

  18. GOFLuvr

    Great cover. This isn't the sort of song I'd expect Heart to cover...  But then again, the first time I ever heard this song, it was a cover by a Punk band!

    Excess Email

    I only recently realized this was a cover. It sounds 100% like a heart song, even though it isn't. I love both versions, with a slight preference for the Kiki Dee version.

  19. Deb Hernandez

    Ann Wilson Rocks!

    thespeez spezio

    She kills it here!!!!!

  20. Robbobrcc

    great song ann sounds so good

  21. 211bill

    Hell yeah !!!

  22. zarozinia1985

    and rightly so. :)

  23. Sherri Asaro

    This was in boston mass .. live

  24. TheLesmared

    Thanks for posting! Damn it got my soul going. My mom used to play this album all the time. Feel good memories!

  25. Dustin Dunbar

    The vocal performance was SO SUPERB MY LORD.

  26. 211bill

    Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013

  27. Lane Crooks

    Yes! Sing it Ann!

  28. CygnusX1Timbo

    Sounds like they're playing to a couple dozen drunks in a bar but they absolutely raise the roof with this cover. I need to get into the habit of listening to this every morning to get me in the right frame of mind for the day.

    Mark Sproha

    sounds like a CAPITAL idea!

  29. Molly Maguire

    This is my anthem of life & I personally love Ann's vocals & Heart's rendition~ just sayin'...

  30. Dunwyche

    I hope they get it! Everyone go to the rrhof website and vote!


  31. Jimmy Hill

    @JFinSD2 .....I don't believe this one is as good as Kiki Dee's. I saw Kiki Dee perform this when she was Elton's warm-up act back in November of 1974 at Madison Square Garden. When she showcased this song in her set she had the whole Garden up on their feet, jumping and moving to the beat. Perhaps this is why I may be biased but you have to be there live to really get the full enjoyment of this song. With that said, this is a good cover of the song, but as I said, not as good as the original.

  32. julesverne81

    She sounds like Janis in this song.

  33. Sergio Garcia

    beautifuls womens , and singing very good !

  34. Gillian Barker

    And, Magazine was never supposed to be released. They were making a break from their then label Mushroom. The label had partially recorded sessions, and released it. Eventually, Heart filed a lawsuit, stopped the production, and went in an re recorded :)

  35. John Fuentes

    Damn.....this is damn good cover. May even say it's as good as the original and I loved the original.

  36. litledevel15

    these are the songs people need to listen to realize how great Heart they are