Heart - Hijinx Lyrics

I just found out
It's been too long now
The word is out
Time before didn't they take us hook and punker?
Their "jive alive" lines
They were funk
They were hijinx, hijinx, hijinx tonight
We all know better but we just might

Pullin' this off it's gonna take some
Big time schemin'
A fast tap dance, our feet'll be steamin'
Hijinx, hijinx, hijinx, alright
Hi, hi, hijinx, yeah, yeah

You never know, behind the lines
Who's gonna show
Scandal high's been buzzin' through the mayhem
Tonight the word, we heard is
It might be them.
They were hijinx, hijinx, hijinx tonight
They all know better, but we just might

Pullin this off, it's gonna take some
Big time schemin'
A fast tap dance, our feet'll be steamin'

Hijinx, hijinx, hijinx, alright
Hi, hi, hijinx yeah, yeah
Who's who?
Who's who?
Hi, hi, hijinx, yeah, yeah, yeah
Who's who?
Who's who?

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Heart Hijinx Comments
  1. Mar Blox

    I L O V E you Ann Wilson.!!! The greatest female recording artist of all time.!!!

  2. Norma Gonzales

    Right on girls been one of my favorite for over 20 plus✌️

  3. Kevin McGiffin

    What's up SKH!! Haven't listened in a while .Just gettin my Wilson fix.

  4. 39thala

    The Roger Fisher years. Can't be beat. The 'real' Heart sound pre-1980's

  5. Gary Anderson

    love this

  6. Frank Snyder

    Never made it to a Heart concert. My loss. HOLEY MOLEY. They are still alive. So am I.

  7. Clarence Burkhart

    Who would dislike this ❤✌

  8. michele campbell

    i need seriously back up!!!!!!!!

  9. Forest Doesburg

    Amazing!!! ANN FAB AS ALWAYS AND NANCY ON THIS SONG...... GREAT!!!! Old fan forever

  10. vincent bondietti

    Still infatuated after all these years....Marry me Annie 💖⚘💍

  11. vincent bondietti

    Heart's best album...hands down...side two on a stormy night...give it a listen

    Lori Holman

    I have many nights,bc of that reason. 😘

  12. Kevin McGiffin

    Thank you Superkevinheart for all of these tracks! Brings back awesome memories of which i was still in. Once again thank you.😊

  13. john delisle

    love the beat in this tune and of course ann voice

  14. Adham Abaza

    One of their funkiest rock song ever, I can not stop moving when I hear at quality high volume, if you are a music listener you should enjoy all the album.. The dog side is Hard Rock, the butterfly side is romantic rock...

  15. Paul Ceasrine


    Basically a 'filler song' for the 'Dog and Butterfly' album released on October 7, 1978.

    This 'strutting song' was played at a few Concert Bills during the second-half of 1978
    and early 1979.

    A tone it down song, to give the band a rest period after a 'high-energy' set.

    Geetar Bear

    May be true, but it's still a great song.


    Not filler by my standards

  16. 301Pont

    Heart Rocks

  17. Aardz01 Rodriguez

    I'm willing to bet the intro was done on an old FENDER strat!!!! if i could ask Fisher 1 question this is what i'd ask him! gotta be an old black Strat..thats what i can vision..

  18. boopoopies

    Live nuded

  19. emily bryyson

    What a shit song.


    Get your ears checked

  20. Jolene Williamson

    How did Nancy do this guitar riff?

    Craig Cluckey

    very well

    charles berndt

    I would call it having nimble fingers and a good sense of music



  21. peterbstrong

    Their best collection IMO...more about the catchy funky hooks and subdued vocals than their later shit.

    Love this...straight ahead!!

  22. schlepworld

    That is a hot guitar lick.

  23. SuperNiki68

    Ann Wilson... vocal perfection

    Robbie Boyer

    SuperNiki68. Vocal perfectionism lyricism I love anything ever imagined by one and both of the of the most inspiering for me songsters ever.

  24. bassmanjoe

    The real Heart!! Not the 80's pop crap.

  25. househeadericmd

    kick ass lost heart tune!