Heart - High Time Lyrics

Inside out again
I had to spread it a little thin
I work and work and try
And try
And try and try to shine
That's fine but

It's high time
Break and take the freedom
My time
To live like I feel
To let down and let myself be
It's high time for me
High time for me
High time for me

Darling look at you
I can see what you been through
You been bought and sold
And pushed and rolled
And rolled
And rolled gets old

But it's high time
Break and take the freedom
Your time to leave like you feel
So get up, you know what to do
It's high time for you
High time for you
High time for you too

I know you know
All about a fool
Who is where and where is
What is cool to you

I'll go underground
With the ones I've found
Put your ear down
You can feel us shake
Way down way down
We're making a break
Making a break
Our ship is in
You know it is
It is high time
It's high time

Don't we feel fine tonight
We got the fire hot alright
The feeling is clear
You better be aware
It's here
It's all here

And it's high time
Break and take the freedom
Our time
To live as we feel
So come on feel the buzz
It's high time for us
High time for us
High time for us

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Heart High Time Comments
  1. Journey

    I play the drums to Heart, I Love playing this song!!!!

  2. BubbaZen10

    I was 14 and went to the Kansas concert. This guy gave me a hit offa his pipe. I looked down when he loaded it (it was like an old grandpa pipe too) and i saw white flecks alll over what looked like shitty shake pot. After a few hits, i started floating, then i got tunnel vision and had to leave. I was right in front of huge speakers and this song was playing. Nver forget that night. (figured out later it was prolly angel dust) When that beat and those echoing guitars came at me? Coolest thing i've ever heard, to this day.

  3. drummerfella 55

    What a time it was.....it was "High Time'. Killer Track here by this amazing outfit....

  4. Clarence Burkhart

    It's high time !

  5. Max King

    i have this album on vinyl its one of my favorite heart songs

  6. Erin Coley


  7. heapbigtalk

    when i was 18 years old ...i purchased the 45 rpm record at marietta booksore in gastonia north carolina. i am amazed hearing this album for the first time ever :o) ~