Heart - Cook With Fire Lyrics

This hot night wind is mine, I know
This gust of love ain't no liar
Steamed up, blown up, stoked from below
I'm a ready to cook with fire

She cattin' around to catch you, man
And butters you up to buy her
Darling, she's just a flash in the pan.
Don't you want to cook with fire?

I'm talkin' 'bout kickin' the role
I want to give you whole thing
Yes, she gonna burn ya
She gonna make you a fool
But it'll learn ya
Way, way better than school
That I got a soul that's got a spark
Oh, yeah, holdin' a real hot wire
You got a hungry flame in the dark
And Lord, we gonna cook it with fire

That I got a soul that's got a spark
Oh, yeah, holdin' a real hot wire
You got a hungry flame in the dark
And Lord, we gonna cook it with fire

Cookin' with fire, fire, fire

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Heart Cook With Fire Comments
  1. Simir Johnson

    Was waiting for “Good evening - welcome” at the end.


    And "please welcome for their first time in Memphis" at the beginning! LOL!

    Simir Johnson

    moviebuff Indeed!

  2. Donald Page

    The live recording of this song that appeared on the dog and butterfly album (I believe) was recorded in Memphis TN. If you listed closely you can hear me screaming.

  3. driftwood678

    Taylor swift just got some kind of a 10 year reward for.............?????

  4. darryl cole

    Feel real good about seeing Heart and alot of other bands with there Original members...Met Michael DeRoshier and Carmine Appice...at a Drum Contest...a friend of mine won a Brand new Ludwig set of Drums...!!! Me and my Girlfriend at the time did a photo shoot for Oui magazine...l mean she did the shoot...l was there and eventually we got married...but she is now my Ex wife but those were the daze...time flys...were both about 60 now...damn...Time does fly...!!!

  5. CatMan

    My first concert. Heart at International Ampitheater in Chicago 1978! Seen them almost 30 times since. Seen them with a couple girls from high school,one who has passed and one I didn't know,and one I dated. Good time!

  6. John Amberg

    Holy crap! Ann and Nancy are SUCH bad asses!!!!

  7. L S

    Janis Joplin is the only one, in my view, that matches Ann Wilson's vocal quality, raw power and charisma as a female lead vocalist. Dreamboat Annie is simply the best and next to Zeppelin, Heart is my favorite rock band. Ann Wilson has often been called the female Robert Plant and if anyone viewed her performance singing Stairway to Heaven at the Kennedy Centers Honors to Led Zeppelin, they will see why.

    L S

    I meant to add Aretha Franklin to that list as well. Joplin, Franklin, & Wilson: The Mount Rushmore of blues, soul, and rock.

  8. Scott Moore

    Gerber that's an understatment

  9. Scott Moore

    Had this footage on beta tape from Midnight Special those were good times,damn good times!!!

  10. Chris Drummond

    I have a red and white Strat like the one Nancy played.

  11. Robert Hanson

    It'll learn you, way way better than school!

  12. apollogroove

    The *real* Heart sound. Still a great band (late 80s can be forgiven!), but legendary in the 70s, w/Fisher/Fossen/Derosier — noteworthy in their ability to take a simple riff, pound it to death, make it great. Its here! Combined w/High Time, their epitome...

  13. vincent bondietti

    Still infatuated after all these years...marry me Annie 💍💖

  14. Pablo Cruise

    My favorite era of the band

  15. Rebecca Morris


  16. Infirmux

    Highly professional band, top notch performance.

  17. wolf30349

    This is so bad ass if someone asked me what rock n roll is, this would be part of my definition. The energy is intoxicating. I love this song & they're damn sure cooking with fire. Girl is my favorite female vocalist good lord @ their magic

  18. Aries Gemini Pisces

    No villa here

  19. Douglas Holste

    I don't know if anyone remembers this but at 2:03 to 2:06 the footage was also inserted into the "coffee achievers"  commercial campaign in the mid 80's.  It was a strange set of commercials that one did know if they funny or serious.  But it worked...

  20. christopher james

    The Bo Diddley Beat.

  21. MrHandfromEbay

    Check out those legs on Ann, I'd spend 30minutes just lustfully peeling them off slowly right before the love making. A dream that requires a time machine and a lot of luck.

    Patricia Boyd

    Ooh what an imagination what nice things you said about me send me your phone number I will call you love Ann

  22. Kevin Grouleff

    Waouw! Such a high quality - '78 .. Mhm!

  23. Thomopolus Rex

    til Roger had to go fuck it up

  24. GaryG660

    Definitely at their peak in opinion! Everything afterwards was a slow decent....

  25. Jeff Molnar

    Annie, you r THE babe of rock 🖤

  26. skip win

    Where is the video of this, their best ever concert. Who owns it and why aren't they selling it?

  27. Abel Flores

    I saw them in either 77 or 78, at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, I was 13, best concert I have ever seen, amazing vocals and musicianship. The whole band was amazing.

  28. Linda Nickel

    This has to be from about 1977 because Roger Fisher left the band by 1978 due to being frustrated with his love life going sour with Nancy Wilson.

  29. david addison

    I've seen a few tracks from this show. Clearly someone owns the whole thing. Whoever that is, shame, shame, shame, for sitting on it. It should have had an official release long ago.

  30. Emma Lizabeth Gahn Basaure

    whats the name of the song in 0:15 ??


    It's the chorus from "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel (Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel). It's one of the duo's most famous tracks. Ann and Nancy were into folk music (among other genres) back when they first started their career and this song is a great one to play on an acoustic guitar so I guess it made a natural fit for them to play backstage before a gig.

  31. moskii 1958

    When music was pure and real...

  32. Gerber Bernstein

    Ann was so hot back then, holy moly.

    Jake Lane

    Gerber Bernstein Amen brother, so sexy!

  33. David Jeannotte

    This is from PIR (Portland International Raceway). Sat. September 2 1978. Opening acts were Randy Hansen, Little River Band and Bob Welch. Was there with about 25,000 others fans. GA ticket was $ 10.00 dollars! There is another video from this concert on YouTube. Straight On Live 1978. Pretty good deal for one of my first concerts.

  34. Raechelyn Dawn

    I love this!! Vintage, raw and intense energy! Heart!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Basseck

    Great footage! Why isn't there high quality DVD release of it? Roger Fisher, Ann Wilson and Michael Derosier bring so much dynamic to the band. Does anyone know where it was filmed?

  36. !mrdunn brucvald

    Steve Fossen looks like Rudolf Nureyev.....

  37. Martha Metz

    Rock and roll...This is casting a spell.

  38. Blue Bird

    this is when rock bands could really play as a unit and when good rock and roll was really on the map! how I miss the solid rock of the seventies!!

  39. DMLTiger

    What is this docu-whatever
    it is that you got this from?

  40. Scary Hobo

    Does Ann work it or what?!? Love her!

  41. Ernesto Sanchez

    this band kicked ass I went to a couple of their shows:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  42. rpont953

    These so-called girl singers of today need to take some lessons from Ann, they're just a bunch of bubble butted no talent hacks with their auto tune crap. Ann was also hotter than any of them could ever hope too be!

    moskii 1958

    I agree 1k % saw them on this tour  they opened w/ this tune  amazing band amazing time  too bad they couldn't hold it together..they should have taken cues from Fleetwood Mac and stuck it out for the band and the music..

    Zaire Lowery

    Ok so im all for classic rock. And Ann is a beast! However, im not for tearing modern music down. Sure its not everyome cup of tea(sure isnt mine) that doesnt mean, tear it down and call modern artist trash becuase you prefer a diffrent type of music.

  43. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Hottest sisters...ever? This songs bangs so hard! Deroshire laid down some of the heaviest grooves with them Ludwigs.

    Raechelyn Dawn

    Jeff Porcaro Groove I love the guitars in this song.. It wasn't played much on the radio but I played it ALOT cause it's one of my favorites! It's so unique, energetic and edgy!


    Every time I hear this song I wanna get up dance and get crazyyyy YEAHHH

  45. cadirector

    Couldn't have picked a better song to begin the Dog & Butterfly album with.  I have loved this song since the first time I heard it and it still rocks all these years later.

    moskii 1958

    luv the tribal/war beat


    cadirector Right ??

  46. borgduck

    From a Limeys point of view, it's strange hearing Ann speak (would love to hear Nancy talk!).  It contradicts that Dreamboat look of  *down to the salt of the Earth, Little House On The Prarie, Hippy girl look*  they had on The Old Grey Whistle Test/Midnight Special video's.  *LOVE* the tough Rock-Chick accent though! :)


    This is interesting! Did you imagine her to sound, maybe, northern English? Just curious. I love hearing other cultures' (than mine) ideas/thoughts.

  47. Mark Cox

    This is a band at the top of their game. Roger Fisher, Howard Leese, Derosier - just a magic time in this bands long career. Hard to top them at this stage. A stunning performance !

    Mario Duran

    Mark Cox ..you too !! What about Ann and Nancy.... WOW !!!!

  48. OJ Gigging

    Ann marry me, I still love you after all these years.

    Patricia Boyd

    Send me your phone number and I will call you. I.lpve you top

  49. Juha Nousiainen

    I must ask this, has the Band Heart ever sounded better than this? I doubt that.

  50. Rhonda Palmer

    1978 Roanoke Va Civic Center...Amazing performance & crystal clear music !!!

  51. Gtrmanvintage

    with the advent of auto tune all the assholr record execs nedd is a pretty face. you are right ann is the best female rock singers ever..the music execs during the video age basically drove ann out of the business for her weight gain,hoping nancy wouldnt leave with her but she did.hey dumbasses family comes first

  52. Davin Gladwell

    Most powerful female singer on earth--Ann Wilson. No woman has performed as many live concerts as Ann Wilson has AND performed them so exceptionally well. The media promoted so many talentless hags over the last 25-30 years  but none had the talent and stamina Ann Wilson had.


    Amen...to that; I saw them Three times and all shows were pure energy, amazing vocals and great music.


    I see your Ann Wilson and I raise you Chrissie Hynde!

  53. charles berndt

    tough girls gotta love em

    charles berndt


  54. RachelC71 Call

    Thank you this is a awesome upload

  55. andreaneilcmc

    ........   and the moral of the story --------- enjoy your youth!!!!!

  56. robert owen

    I've been a huge fan of Heart and have been following them since the begining(I'M IN MY 50'S) and I have to say they keep getting better and better..especially Ann...her voice is incredible and as much as I've always loved her, I prefer to listen to her from the 80's on..(except the live version of Down on me in 1980--fantastic).you can hear her voice just keeps getting better and better..she is one of a kind and I hope they keep making records because I'll keep buying them..We love you Ann and Nancy!


    @robert owen I like "both Anns," but prefer the original line-up of Fisher, Fossen, Leese, Derosier. Current back-up band can't hold a candle to these guys.


    +ChartreuseKitty Agreed, but Craig Bartock did a nice job shredding tonight. I was impressed and that's not easy since I was a guitarists wife for a bit.


    @MrsCaptJack Craig sucks

  57. Paul Ceasrine

    Saturday ~ September 2, 1978

    'Portland Jam 78' ~ Portland International Raceway

    Attendance ..... 25,000+

    Headliner......... Heart
    Supporting....... Bob Welch
    Supporting .......Little River Band
    Opening Act .... Randy Hansen {Seattle guitarist who performed a Jimi Hendrix Tribute}

    Set List
    * Cook With Fire
    * High Time
    * Heartless
    * Devil Delight
    * Straight On
    * {Keep} Love Alive
    * Magazine
    * Mistral Wind
    * Dreamboat Annie
    * Crazy On You
    * Kick It Out
    * Magic Man
    * Barracuda

    * White Lightning and Wine
    * Rock and Roll {Led Zeppelin}
    * Without You {Badfinger}

    Reyes Montanez

    I heard it first in March Cal Jam 78 250.000 people Ontario Motor Speedway

  58. Paul Ceasrine

    Heart-I-Fact >

    This was from the  ........... Portland Jam 78'

    Saturday ~ September 2, 1978 @ The Portland International Raceway

    'Heart' was the headliner for this outdoor concert, where 25,000 attended.

    Appearing Bands
    * Heart
    * Bob Welch
    * Little River Band
    * Randy Hansen {A Seattle-based guitarist who did a 'Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show'}

    Ann Wilson opens up on stage by saying >
    "We're going to start off with something new."

    The band started playing 'Cook With Fire' in June 1978, and used this song
    for their how opener throughout the rest of the 1978 year, and into early-1979

    This song was the opening track on their album 'Dog and Butterfly' which was
    released on October 7, 1978.

    This may have been Heart's most 'edgy' hard-rock song, as it employs raw-power
    with an energetic Lead-Guitar from Roger Fisher, a power-beat from Drummer Mike DeRossier, and Harmonica from Nancy Wilson.

    Ann Wilson, was 'awesome' as usual.

    It goes without saying, that 1978 was probably the best year for Heart, as the
    band was at it's tightest on stage 'live'.

  59. Paul Ceasrine

    'Cook With Fire'

    Tuesday ~ June 5, 1979

    This was at the 'Mississippi River Festival' in Edwardsville, Illinois.

    This was the 1979 Festival Opener, which ran from June 5th thru August 19th,
    and held every Tuesday Night.

    This was part of the 1978/1979 ~ 'Dog and Butterfly Tour'.

    Heart was touring with the band 'TKO' , who also were out of Seattle, and were managed by Mike Flicker, who produced the Heart albums.

    As for the song on the album. 'Cook With Fire' was recorded in the studio, but
    the 'live audience' was overdubbed from an earlier {1978} show in Memphis, Tennessee

  60. Vader

    what's that song hummed at 1.11 ? can't seem to recall

  61. MsCygnusX1

    I'd sell my soul to sing like that.  She's so damned excellent!!

  62. JohnAllanification

    now  wasn't it better when they didn't play led zeppelin as much


    JohnAllanification this was the sweet spot

  63. Bob Cooksey

    Ann never sounded better than this! And that's saying a lot! By the way, Ann and Nancy's memoirs are out and the book is amazingly good--you Heart fans will love it!

  64. effsixteenblock50

    Fantastic. Chemistry! Alchemy!


    I lo ve this song

  66. din dins

    kicks so much ass

  67. 327bladerunner

    Ann said she suffered with a weight problem all her life, well, if she handled it now like she did in the 70's, we wouldnt know she had a weight problem, cause she looked fine then.

  68. Neal Van

    One of my all-time fav Heart songs which was only played for one year during the Dog & Butterfly album tour. THIS was the first live performance of this song as the album had not yet been released. But they kicked major butt at the Cal Jam II in 1978!! This is the original Heart band at its finest!!!!!

  69. uselessjoe

    nice wardrobe switch Ann ...before coming on stage... :)

  70. uselessjoe

    ur dream is answered...they are now in the R and R Hall of Fame

  71. John Young

    The bEST!

  72. Deus 22


  73. ChartreuseKitty

    I agree that the band members who were "let go" gave the band the hard rock edge, which I miss. But Ann, Roger, and this "keeping in line" thing? Nah.

  74. Judy Kirkman

    Good times!!! Thank you so much for posting this for all of us to feast on!!

  75. Cicc Corona

    2:14 Sexy motion Detected! I love Heart :3

  76. bmcart1

    It wasn't Ann that was effected by Zepplin...it was Fisher..he had those Jimmy esk minor licks as well as some pre-Eddie Van Major licks and some of that classical stuff as well. He was the guitarist...and when he left the band was never the same. Its not putting down what Howard contributed but if I had to pick I'd take Ann with Fisher and the drummer. Ann should have dated Fisher not his brother...I'm sure she could have kept him inline.

    Black Buick

    Ann was dating Roger, Nancy was dating the brother. Ann dumped Roger and Nancy dumped the brother and started dating the drummer.

  77. John Jackson

    First time I have seen this or heard this song. Freaking awesome. I loved it. "Like".

  78. lennomenno

    Rock and Roll...played the way it was meant to be....

  79. Jeffrey Prosser

    Zep worship.

  80. wvufreak56


  81. Lab444

    This really was the best lineup! Roger Fisher is half the show, Love his tight jeans. If only Ann and Nancy would let them back in it would be perfection.

  82. fernman23


  83. fernman23

    JUST LIKE when I saw them here in Vegas....stage, costumes...it's like being there all over again, thanks for posting this!

  84. DJKEOS1

    @Laury: Yep this also is the version that appeared on Dog and Butterfly: no studio version ever appeared,

    Black Buick

    DJKEOS1 - - - COOK WITH FIRE is a studio recording...........see last paragraph below.

    From Wikipedia,
    Dog and Butterfly

    Dog & Butterfly is the fourth studio album by American rock band Heart, released on October 7, 1978 through Portrait Records. Heart rebounded from their legal dispute with Mushroom Records over the release of the platinum-selling Magazine in April 1978, as Dog & Butterfly was certified double platinum,[6] spent 36 weeks on the charts, and peaked at No. 17 on the US Billboard 200.[7] The album was the 'proper' successor to 1977's hit Little Queen in terms of musical development and direction, and contained two hit singles: "Straight On", and "Dog & Butterfly".

    As Heart themselves noted on the album's release, side 1 was the "Dog" side, and was the more "rocking" compared to the "Butterfly" side 2, which was all ballads, with the exception of the closer "Mistral Wind", which, in many ways, epitomized the trademark sound for which Heart would be remembered: folksy ballads shifting into searing hard rock explosions.

    Though the first song, "Cook with Fire", sounds like a live recording, the liner notes to the 2004 CD say that it was actually recorded at Sea-West Studios along with the rest of the album. Audience sounds from a live performance were overdubbed on the studio recording.

  85. reidall23

    the absolute best vocalist that there ever was and will be...ann still sends shivers up and down my spine...wow

  86. eldoradoreefgold


  87. James L Ward’s Annoyance

    It's really cool to "see" them doing this song live. As far as I'm concerned, Heart are equals to any of the top (male) heavy hitters in rock history. Also I must say, Anne Wilson is a fucking powerhouse! Her and Nancy are rock icons! I fucking love them!

    Patricia Boyd

    Love it send me your phone number or address I will get in touch Ann

  88. beatiloogie

    Awesome! No other line up could make this kind of magic. Thanks for posting!

  89. jambass66

    as Eddie Trunk would say "The Rock N Roll Hall Of Shame" Unfortunately another Cleveland joke. No Heart?? No Rush?? No Iron Maiden>>>BLECH!!!!

  90. jamminjeff8566

    Ann Wilson = perfection ( 'nuff said )...

  91. Master Debater

    Fisher class on guitar, Nancy class on guitar. Ann, the best female rock vocalist of all time too. All brilliant in fact

  92. taypax

    Mike Derosier was the closest thing to Bonzo, this entire band was killer

  93. jjeg84950


  94. DullTorpor

    Sheer awesomeness.

  95. DullTorpor

    F**K the R&RHOF.

  96. meme c

    Honestly... it shouldn't even be questioned. It should have just been, HEART'S IN! Plain and simple. You know? Lol.

  97. meme c

    I don't even want to ponder what's wrong with people. Everyone knows Heart kicks ass and is one of the best rock bands of all time... even if they aren't in the Hall of Fame... but still, what's with these pricks? Give them the recognition they deserve and SOON!

  98. schlepworld

    Is this part of a film/available on dvd?