Hear'say - Back Down To Zero Lyrics

Sat on a rainy day
Recalling a conversation
Didn't I hear you say
Nothing could keep us apart?
Nothing could stop us now, yeah yeah
Why do you put on me?
Seems your good intentions
Are blowing in the breeze
Each time we're close to the top
We hit rock

Back down to zero
Just how low can we go?
I aint gonna stick around
For you to bring me down
Gotta let it go
If it ain't real
I ain't dealin' with
Love on the flipside now
Yeah yeah

No place you'd rather be
Is all you can say as you
Open the door to leave
Me one more time wonderin' why
On one more lonely night, yeah yeah
Maybe I put on you
Seems my good intentions
I just can't see them through
Each time we climb to the top
Then we drop & we're in a crazy situation
Caught up in a habit we just gotta let go
No more going back

Back down to zero
Just how low can we go?
I ain't gonna stick around
For you to bring me down
Gotta let it go
If it ain't real
I aint dealin' with
Love on the flipside now
Yeah yeah

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Hear'say Back Down To Zero Comments
  1. BrandonGamer 921

    Spin the wheel brought me here

  2. John Randolph

    2019 anyone?

  3. HiGHnP753

    November 2018

  4. Razor Ramon

    I like the BPM Sirius XM satellite radio remix.

  5. Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 22 2010

  6. ifly2pdx

    I need my debts to go back down to zero

  7. Gabriele Morales

    December 2017

  8. TypeSly

    I can't imagine a voice could sound much more beautiful than this.

  9. dundee fever

    i heared this song in a tiesto club life then i can't find it :/

  10. Jo Vallas


  11. Gspadez tooreal

    This song should have more views

  12. Kreuz


  13. Jeffrey Cox

    Freaking AWESOME,, That's coming from  a 50 year old.

    jerold perkins

    freaking awesome, thats coming from a 60 year old

    A Pove

    Jeffrey Cox 💗💗💗💗

  14. Jonathan Osullivan

    Its all about the place it takes you and the way it makes you feel.... Love it!!!!!!!

    A Pove

    Jonathan Osullivan - YESSS!!! Agreed!!

  15. syther872007

    Omg luv this song heard it for the first time in cycling class lol

  16. Sonic

    jax ftw

  17. MBISOM89 axw

    this song rock wish pluse 87 would play it again

  18. Stellar Surfer

    I remember when I first heard it in August 2008 on some internet house/trance radio and it's weird realizin' that it was new back then. This track is definitely my fav and Sunset Mix and George Acosta Remix are really good. always nostalgic

  19. Mizzenmast54

    PULSE 87.7 in ny forever baby !!

  20. Romanini

    I love this songs reminds me NYC

  21. Jonathan Kelley

    while i like this song, especially how PVD used on his Cream complation i wouldn't consider this trance......

  22. DSdouble

    I love this song but in a way i hate it. no other song describes the feeling of relapse better than this one. I feel like it was written with that purpose, but im sure it probably wasnt. That feeling when you know the withdrawals are on there way, after youv been good for a while. Back to zero. Please someone tell me they feel me on this one. Realy i love this song though.

  23. Mac Ben

    I've been trying 2 find the,Armani Exchange-Here comes the night ,cd.Does anyone have it?If you do, please upload the whole thing! There are nothing but bangers on there!!

  24. Michael King

    This song still makes me smile, move, drive fast, happy, and everything good

  25. spyhunter112

    @redkissesyou thank you for the fav add

  26. jvjames1

    trance.......dance.....who cares? it's beautiful reincarnation possibly

  27. jvjames1

    trance.......dance.....who cares? it's beautiful

  28. MultiMuchacho

    Yo This is Wicked! I love this Music! Smoke a Spliff an listen to this an your Reminissing 4 SURE!

  29. LaSalviaBodysurf

    @Daniel1to é electro ou house?

  30. Lindsay Johnson

    this is bomb too.

  31. Green Go Carwash LLC

    this is the cut

  32. Amir Ash

    Everytime I'm BACK DOWN TO ZERO, first thing that'll cross my mind is this song... then i listen again.

  33. Jezz Befos

    @babipinay210 haha i just rolled a joint when i looked at this comment, lol

  34. karmen manukyan

    обожаю этот трэк!

  35. EmpressDinah12

    @ddeeaammoonn first of all Im not a dude I'm an Empress meaning Female Queen Second u can meditate 2 songs if u want i never said anything about analyzing lyrics ok so come correct. Bless

  36. Aleksi Karppinen

    This song.... so mutch good and bad memories :´( But so dam awesome track! <3

  37. david Last

    what a georgeos voice, who is she?is robbie a guy?yes?

  38. Robert Santacreu

    ooohh i have lost this song and i have not rembember it any more and now i have finded after 1 year ,, is a very very good song really . :D

  39. EmpressDinah12

    This song is deep if u meditate and listen you'll see wat im sayin........


    @hyerpower I agree

  41. Chynna Taylor

    yeah pulse was the best =(
    too bad they went bankrupt

  42. Thelastdragonfly

    i know me too!!! what happened to Pulse 87? they were gone overnight and now the new one suck really bad...:(

  43. hyerpower

    I miss Pulse 87 too.

    Party FM doesn't have the balls to play this.


  44. Mizzenmast54

    i miss pulse 87.7

  45. Enemerio Galvan

    This is An Amazing Mix of This Song!!! Great Job

  46. nomadsnapper

    just hold me

  47. palestinian2494

    pulse 87 baby<3

    love. this.song.

  48. Roberto Gonzalez

    This is Vocal Trance.

  49. Roberto Gonzalez

    Shivering song, VIVA TRANCE!!

  50. BlueBear

    when I hear this song i think of 9/11 :[


    very very very good

  52. Aleksi Karppinen

    Words are something... sad :<

  53. Aleksi Karppinen

    Really amazing song! 5 freaking stars!

  54. mc am

    § § § Back to Zero § § §
    § Estupenda Canción §

  55. gregg symonds

    ...I hear this track all the time lately....comin out of BoysTownLive from Chicago (internet dance station)...it seems to have resurfaced.... its an incredible song...something that never becomes tiresome to listen to....great lyrics...and Im sure we have all been there one time or another...

  56. deadredboys

    well I like this track whatever style it is

  57. Crisdor Deosa

    You've got a nice list right there!!!!

  58. Crisdor Deosa

    Whatever this song is i don't care I just love the beat and the lyrics. Awsome tune. Love it :P

  59. DBR00

    I agree. This is Eurodance cuz.

  60. dmk

    its house, trance has more bpm

  61. cosmicel

    It's neither, it's eurodance!

  62. Sushiela Rao

    This is trance... NOT house!

  63. Major9101

    That's a killer top 5!!!!

  64. ageahel

    i love this song!

  65. spyhunter112

    it is good thanks

  66. Francesco van Hecke

    i love this muzik very nice dude

  67. Fidel Bonilla


  68. Nuvia Flores

    awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Nuvia Flores

    awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. cheezenyc212

    addiction <3

  71. Matt Cac

    trance because it puts you in a "trance". Techno is repetitive beats

  72. Patricia Pallas


  73. Karin Abdallah

    iam addicted to this song...is kind of sad tho

  74. Karin Abdallah

    this song is orgasmic....!

  75. BLINnN


  76. Kevin

    im speechless =O