Healy - Overgrowth Lyrics

Out of all the things I've lost
Well I miss my mind the most
Not the dog, not the girl
Not the weight of the world
But the head that played the host

Oh long the men
Don't touch my overgrowth
Don't take your jaded blade
Across my forest of...
They've let be
Leave me be

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Healy Overgrowth Comments
  1. Phiwokuhle Ndaba

    Didn't know this was a tape, just had the song ✨❤️

  2. crabfoot

    dirt poor or filthy rich. either way we all sucio, so id rather be beautiful

  3. Vast Loaf o' Garlecc Bread

    It says that this song is playing but I see and hear pain by Lil nas

  4. Erin Dodd

    Healy is the most underrated artist, just sayin.

  5. SoggySkull

    Srry for yesterday that was my cousin I still love the music doe

    Mellow Mood

    It's all good bro!

  6. SoggySkull

    Ur so damn wrong for adding ads MF

    Mellow Mood

    I don't put ads on my videos the owner of the music does that


    Oh Mk my bad

  7. david alberto

    Grant me the ©

  8. Nicholaus Kagile

    Came here for one track,now I like the whole tape

  9. Billy Mcmasters

    Love it

  10. ultragreenmario

    You should upload subluxe, the only one on YouTube ends No Vacation / Outside 4 minutes too early (so there’s only like a little bit of no vacation, no outside part)


    But it honestly wouldn’t matter to me since I have SoundCloud, but for the people that don’t.


    Healy the beest

  12. SNoCappidona

    I'm jobless like Macintosh.

  13. BewArEobliVioN ISatHand

    Checking in from Cincinnati vibing wit it

  14. Jerry Whitmire

    Exactly the chill shit I be looking for 👌🏾

  15. Alex Chain

    In the last song healy basically turns into a modern day beethoven

  16. Alma Marof

    albumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazo mal. tiene a felly y todo- 👌

  17. Patrick Moraru

    the universe told me to click and I am not regretting it :)) this that shit!

  18. Era de telepath

    bumping this from south africa

  19. bright Water


  20. Jack Coltrane

    That big smile when you found healthy sane music that freshes up your spirit!!! :) So great.. 👌 👌 👌



  21. Daniel Laffranchi

    Why is this not on Spotify?

  22. T T

    This all needs to be on Spotify

  23. Kalani Fusco


  24. Jj Bujuke

    Probably my favorite shit right now 👌🏻

  25. Gaston Dana

    lots of different sounds, i dig it.

  26. Street Judge

    I just listened to this whole joint dope af def can hear some Chance Influence beautiful Muzik all the way from top to finish amazing yo

  27. Fire Theft

    Thanks for the upload!
    01 Phantoms [prod. PLC] 00:00
    02 $150 _ roll widdit {prod. PLC} 03:50
    03 life like (An illustration of delusional) [ft. tyler coolidge & BrainTrust] 06:52
    04 MONTANA (feat. LMNO P of BrainTrust) [prod. The Deli] 09:58
    05 Overgrowth [prod. AJMW] 14:04
    06 The Iambic Cleaning Song [prod. Soulstruck, Breeze] 17:18
    07 winse (feat. YOG$) [prod. YOG$, Felly) 19:46
    08 LFTM (feat. Felly) [prod. nepo] 24:03
    09 azulejos {prod. AJMW} 28:13
    10 saturday blues (despicable me) {prod. Chris McClenney} 30:19
    11 Suite_ Virginia 34:42
    12 A Galaxy With Skin [prod. Definition] 39:43

  28. Max O’Deezy


  29. Joel Weaver

    420 blaze it

  30. Blake Franklin 88

    Good shit I'm gonna share this on Facebook

  31. Yassin Bobot

    Nice Vibe

  32. mya smith

    I like this